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Dave is my name. By trade and for 40 years I was a truck and heavy equipment mechanic I took up blogging as a pass time because it was something different. And different --- it is.

Why Is Housing So Expensive In Canada Part 3

house just sold signs

Why are houses so expensive in Canada? This article from New Canadian life SAYS, “Houses are so expensive in Canada because there is a higher demand for homes than there is a supply of homes.”

Low-interest rates, immigration, and the increase of foreign money coming into the country are reasons for the rise in the prices of homes in Canada. “And that was a quote.” Continue reading

UV Light Kills Germs and Bacteria.


Ultraviolet (UV)  light technology is used in deli’s, food stores, hospitals, and … it purifies your drinking water at a water treatment plant.

Why not use this same technology on Coronavirus or Omicron Variant?

On Earth Day, our city had a free public open house and viewing of all of its government facilities. Of course, the one I was most interested in was the water treatment plant.  However, we’re due for the hundred-year flood topic was kinda cool.  I took in all the free events but the water treatment plant was the one I found most interesting. Continue reading

Bullying at School Is Alive And Well.

 Stop Bullying header

Bullying is NOT Acceptable

So, is bullying at school alive and well? I say yes, and I believe bullying behavior has been around ever since man has been standing upright. There is always one that has to challenge authority or…authority over another person.

And there are at least two ways of looking at this epidemic and why there is Bullying still today. This post is part one of two, the second part will be on the effects of Bullying, and why people bully one another … with an unusual perspective.

Some would think murder, thieving, or other crimes against humanity was high up on the CREATOR’S BLACKLIST. (Some things a person should never do in this lifetime.) But I believe it’s something entirely different.

So, is Bullying at School Alive And Well?

I read this bit of wisdom once, and it goes like this: —— Continue reading

Climate Change is Real

life saving skills school

Learn To Be There, When Needed

Climate change is real, and I’m afraid to say, it’s here to stay. We’ve noticed a drastic change in our weather system and scientists predict and will likely get worse. Flooding, out-of-control fires, droughts, and the list goes on, but my question is? “Are we prepared?”

Yes, we have always had bad bouts of weather, but they’re getting more severe and staying longer.


MY QUESTION IS, In case of a catastrophic event, and this is our average future weather, is our Country prepared, “are we as people” prepared for such events. Well, SORT OF, and a big …maybe.

We have an emergency broadcast system to tell us, in case of an emergency, we should either move to higher ground or lower to the basement. Sirens go off to tell you something is happening, and you should, at least … DUCK.

∞∞ Yes, the government’s research on climate projection data, effects of climate change, and climate change organizations give you more data. They have the training and regional workshops on CLIMATE DATA collecting. Thousands of dollars were spent on data information but nothing on real skills.

Skills for when it gets bad, but when the weather gets worse.

If such a catastrophic event happens, are we trained in REAL LIFE-SAVING skills, or, ANY survival skills? Chances are, I would say NO.

Climate Change Real

As we speak, we have ‘out of control fires in British Columbia. We put out a call, and hundreds of trained firefighters from every part of the globe come to our help. In some small way, should all Canadian citizens have some form of training in firefighting? With all the forests and greenery in our Country, I would say a definite “YES.”

My point is if these catastrophic events keep happening, and this is the typical weather pattern here and around the world, and global warming is “Real.” We as a country and citizens should prepare ourselves “IN REAL LIFE-SAVING Skills.”

We should implement a “National LIFE SAVING PREPAREDNESS PROGRAM, and WORKSHOPS ACROSS CANADA” for young and old.

In Ontario, Canada, we are prone to:

Winter in Canada
Winter in Canada

∞ Floods
∞ Droughts
∞ Heatwaves
∞ Severe Winds
∞ Severe snowfall and cold
∞ Tornados
∞ Fires

“State of Emergency Act”

Reading the State of Emergency Act, the government that first declared it has every right to pull you out of your car and force you to help.

But do they? NO. Most people do not have any real disaster-saving skills to help in such tasks, but WE SHOULD.

♥ Trained skills such as: ♥

∞The Heimlich Maneuver.
∞Preventing Hypothermia.  flooding
∞Using an AED.
∞Controlling Bleeding.
∞Escape from a Sinking Car.
∞Exit a burning building.
∞Fire Fighting.
∞ Ice Rescue.
∞And many more to suit your area!

OR, How to Deliver A Baby in an Emergency.

When called upon learning basic survival skills in an emergency would be an asset to you, your family, friends, and your country. And, I’m not talking about stocking up on food or toilet paper. I’m talking about real life-saving skills.

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Is Canada at War


wild fires in BC

Map of all the fires in BC

Is Canada at war? NO! but Canada should have declared war on these 600 wildfires in  British Columbia, Canada. These fires are plaguing one of Canada’s most heavily wooded provinces in our country. Our Prime Minister should call it for what it is, a natural disaster of epic proportion. We should use everything, and I mean everything at our disposal to control this devastating event.

Declare war on these 600 wildfires IN B.C., well, maybe that’s going too far, but “The State of Emergency” YES.

In my estimation, the federal government took far too long to send in extra help from our Armed Forces.  The feds. should have declared  “A state of Emergency” much sooner to fight these out-of-control forest fires. We all know that fires are unpredictable and dangerous.

construction equipment

construction equipment on the flat car

Major hectares (acres) are burning by the hour and everybody is waiting for paperwork to be shuffled from one desk to the other. Bureaucratic Diplomacy, that’s what they call it.

By the time the extra help arrived,

  •  thousands of acres had been destroyed.
  • 18,000 people affected.
  • Wildlife just, “gone”.

Just in case anybody is watching, time is of the essence. The fire and smoke are now crossing borders and still out of control. The last time I checked the smoke has reached approximately 3300 kilometers east.

By law, the government declaring the emergency has the authority to direct any and all resources at their deposal to put this catastrophic fire out, “including manpower”.

heavy equipment

Heavy equipment on a rail car

When the State of Emergency is declared? 


  • In some cases, conscript citizens to help with efforts to manage the emergency
  •  In others, to authorize qualified citizens to assist in emergency management efforts
  •  Confiscate equipment and property that will assist in emergency management
  •  Make goods and resources available for distribution to those areas impacted
Honda Water Pump Ad

Honda Water Pump Ad

Round up every able body, heavy piece of equipment, high pleasure water pumps, anything, and everything. Bring them from across Canada and let’s put out that fire. BC has approximately 20,000 lakes and that’s a lot of water, and we have a lot of water pumps. Drain all those lakes if you have to.

Everybody’s health is at risk from the smoke.

The smoke is now going global, and the long-term damage it will have on the health and welfare of all Canadians breathing these fumes will be second to none.

Undoubtedly the extra cost in finding and moving this equipment from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean would be great. But it would justify the long-term problems that a lot of Canadians will inherit inhaling all this smoke from these fires.

Put this fire out.

High-Pressure water pumps

high-pressure commercial water pumps

These water bombers and all the aircraft equipment are tirelessly working day and night to put out these fires. I haven’t read anywhere that the water being dumped on these fires may, in fact, be evaporated before it even hits the fire.  This means we need more of something to help with these fires.

As with most forest fires, you see a form of fire retardant is being used by the aircraft, which is on its own is not a good environment alternative.

Get more bodies and equipment to that Province and put that fire out!

Through all fairness, the B.C government has brought in many firefighters and equipment from around the globe, but they are still losing this fire.

Read this  article by President Joe Biden on Fires 

CanSpace Banner

Canada’s Best Hosting Service with Speed

Best Truck Pull Event in Canada

Notre-Dame-du-Nord Truck Rodeo

Photo complements of Truck News

Calling all truck drivers to The Best Truck Pull Ever

Grab some of your trucker comrades or buddies and go to the best truck pull/show in North America and it’s in Quebec  Canada …  (10-4)   This is not an advertisement, not a  paid endorsement, hell, I’m not even getting any brownie points.

Notre-Dame-du-Nord truck rodeo is calling us… Beg, borrow or steal an RV, and if all else fails, “Rent a MOTORHOME “ (RV).

I personally have been to this truck rodeo with a bunch of my trucker buds and did exactly that, rented a big RV motorhome, zoomed up to Notre-Dame-du-Nord truck rodeo.  And the address, you guessed it, is in the village of (Notre-Dame-du-Nord, QC. Canada). Park the RV, open the door, and there you are, parked in the most serene, peaceful part of our country, well until the truckers roll in.

This beautiful tucked-away village of Notre-Dame-du-Nord is on the top end of the Ottawa River and has hosted these semi-truck pulls as far back as I remember. It just gets bigger and better, not to mention all the large prize money that they give away to these silly truckers to do what they do. (Legal drag racing) Nothing finer.  Eh!


These silly truckers drag race their perfectly good and in some cases, brand new highway trucks up this big hill, that’s at least a 30 % slope/grade.  Now for you trucker want-a-bees, that’s an awful grade. Think about it. Two trucks standing side by side, just torquing up their engines. Black smoke just pouring from exhaust stacks, the frame just twisting as these two silly “BOOGERS” drag race up this hill, approx 700 ft, (213.36) meters, and these trucks are loaded with 45,000 tons of sticks/lumber… That’s a site of good, skillful driving.

SORRY, “It’s called a “TRUCK PULL”, not drag racing”?

THAT’S NOT FAR UP THAT HILL, YOU SAY? …… You tell your boss that you’re taking his brand new Peterbilt and drag race up a 12 % hill with fully loaded B Train, and he will tell you exactly how far that is, and how far you’ll be going looking for a new job … (10-4 … RUBBER DUCK).

When I learned about this event in Notre-Dame-du-Nord, I thought it would just be a fun getaway for the boys. It was a challenge to talk some of my trucker buddies into going and on their day off no less. But nobody ever regretted going that extra 6-hour drive from our home-20 and seeing this one-of-a-kind truck pull and show. It was worth it.

Spectators come from all over North America to see these guys.

I SAID, Yeah RIGHT ….. Two fully loaded trucks, drag race up this hill, this I have to see. There are going to be parts and pieces of drive shafts, engine parts flying everywhere. Maybe, I better take out a little more life insurance, just in case I get a little too close to the action, getting hit by flying truck parts, (debris).

But, I have to admit, watching these skillful drivers torque up these big trucks and watching their frames just twist. These drivers knew exactly how to drive them without even breaking anything. I was somewhat disappointed though, not even seeing a driveshaft falling off or something, anything that I could fix, but “NOTHING”. I did see a lot of skillful drivers behind the wheel though.

PLEASE, check out their website at this LINKtruck rodeo

Notre-Dame-du-Nord  Truck Rodeo …. “I will be back”.

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