Keep America Great

Keep America Great is President Donald Trump choice of slogans and in my view, keep saying it, be patriotic to your country. Being a proud American, or in my case a proud Canadian, or whatever your country of origin, stand proud.

But not a day goes by that we don’t hear President Trump saying that America is tired of being taken advantage of, pointing his finger at everybody and or every country, and the last part of that sentence would be “Keep America great “

President Trump pointing a finger

President Trump pointing a finger at the Free World

He seems to be blaming other countries for what?

That’s where he keeps loosing me.

The NAFTA deal seems to be a thorn in his backside and I personally think he’s upset because he’s not getting his own way.

But that’s outside the box looking in.

Put it in perspective. Buying Canadian steel or aluminum pose a national security threat to Americans and if so HOW?  Or, are we taking their jobs away from American steel workers? If that’s the case call a spade a spade, but Canada is far from a security threat to the Americans.

How silly is that, a poorly informed President.

But, is it true; are all their friends and allies taking advantage of the United States of America? Are the Canadians doing cross boarder shopping, putting a dint in their economy? How about these Canadians that spend their winters, spend their pension dollars at a loss of 25%, just for the luxury of the sunny south, (which happens to be in the U S).

Maybe our Canadians should stay home, dress a little warmer and enjoy our seasonal weather. We have everything here, except, ‘that sunny warm weather’, DARN.

Those Canadians should be ashamed.

Canadians should also be ashamed of themselves for spending their hard earned money/dollar at a  loss, just to be accused of taking advantage of American hospitality.

Are the rich and famous from around the world going to Las Vegas for a vacation, spending millions of dollars?????   Are they taking advantage of the U.S.? I guess so, but only if they win?????

Just a note,

Why do you think the Canadian dollar is so low in the first place? Do you think our government wanted it that way? “It’s just that way for some unknown reason?”

The current President said, these countries that the US has been helping out financially and militarily, is now going to a stop. We’re not being taking advantage of anymore, no sir, not any more, nope, nope.

Lets “Keep America great” … I like it and I’m Canadian

But what if, behind the scenes, the US always gets something in return for their … “Generosity”. Which is a subject that is never talked or written about. What does the US get in return?

I read an article a while back that during WW 2, and, yes the US did help with the war effort, but in return for helping England out, England had to share very sensitive top secret information in return. Now at the time (as the story goes) the US didn’t worry about Germany or the war itself. Most politicians thought there was a lot of water between the war arena and America and who cares what happens over there.  But rest assured the US didn’t give arms away free, just because they liked England or  cared so much for their allies.

There was a smell of money to be made.

So after the Pearl Harbor attack, they were forced into the conflict and not before and not by choice.

If we’re talking manufacturing jobs, up to date, their jobs were lost due to (I believe greed), more profits to be had abroad. To employ somebody in another country, you just unemployed somebody here.  As the story goes, Trumps own companies manufacture products abroad, so why do you think that is?

It makes good business sense. That’s the bottom line, “money”.

His companies are no different than most others and I do understand making profits, make a company healthy and viable for all concerned. Just makes good business sense.

But “Walk the talk” stop blaming all America’s friends and allies for your unemployment problem or whatever you think everybody is doing to America.  You be the leader and bring all your manufacturing home.

These counties are not the cause, but they sure will remember.

“Keep America Great” is a good thought, employ your own, keep jobs at home,  I get it, that’s what a good Politician/ President does, look after their own people. But I smell another reason?

There is no pointing of fingers. Who did what to whom, but if you had to ask me my opinion, the American government has always taken advantage of or got something in return for their help, “generosity”

But, President Donald Trump says, “America is tired of being taken advantage of? “ Eh!

This is only my opinion and with very little research but only years of observation.

I rest my Case. EhCanadian Flag


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Canada the Day after NAFTA

 The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTAwill be wrapping up soon, and for all intents and purposes, looks like it’s going nowhere and that’s only what I see and what I read. This will happen to “Canada the day after NAFTA”.

Canada and the United States have always been Brothers.

Canada and the United States have always been joined at the hip, brothers, trading partners. We always helped each other out through thick and thin. Our economies have intertwined as far back as, forever. In our early Canadian existence, we bought more product and probably still do than we ever sold to the US.

Americans and Canadians would always cross the borders like we were going to the other side of the street, an inconvenience at best to go through customs at the border.

The commerce that goes back and forth to our Nations are beneficial for both countries, and I don’t think it’s like President Trump has proclaimed, “a one-sided deal.” In Canada favor. “Like Canada is going to put a Big Dint in the US economy.” Riiiiight.

The North American Free Trade Agreement

Napa deal is about a trade agreement between 3 Countries and it will have major consequences for all concerned if the deal falls through. There is nothing worse than a brother turning against brother and them of all people should still remember those dark days in their history (1861-1865)

Trying to bankrupt Canada or Mexico will not work.

President Donald Trump must realize that by trying to bankrupt Canada or Mexico, it will in the end, majorly affect their economy as well; They will not go unscathed, the mental attitude and friendship from there north and south neighbors they will lose.  We are too close to trading partners and friends to withstand the sudden shock of his one-sided “decision” making of his administration.

President Donald Trump is years behind the times in his thinking and I think he’s sending out a dangerous message to Canada and the World as a whole. There is more than one option today of survival and certainly different from other years gone by. Our Countries, Canada and Mexico will still survive this “one-sided, take advantage of America MENTALITY”.

Real friends you cannot buy.

“Not everything is wrapped around money, real friends you cannot buy”. … Choose wisely.

And, I do think we have been dependent on our neighbors to the south too long. YES. …. But, do I think the American government always wanted to control Canada economy, YES.

Canada has all the know-how, resources, people to sustain us as a great country, a Nation!

If by chance this Napta deal goes down the toilet, (And I’m sure it will) there will be a lot of unknown factors that will follow afterward. The US decision makers will set Canadians back a few years in the restructuring process, but survival without NAPTA is NOT impossible.

Noticing this past year U.S Donald TrumpTrump seems to want to penalize all nations for not doing their fair share and that maybe seems understandable, but I have to wonder, why is “He” is going to penalize all nations.


NATO- members are not paying their share.

Environment- not everybody is doing their share.

NAFTA- Maybe President Trump is trying to teach Canadians a lesson like a bunch of school kids.

In the grand scheme of things, we are two different Nations/Countries. Our laws are different. Our way of life has changed differently.



NAFTA Most likely will be disbanded and maybe another will be written in its place and, and probably in the U.S is favor. I hope not, but if it does and after Canada 150 years of our confederation, #it’s time for us to be less dependent on other nations. Be more dependent on ourselves, or this can and will happen again and again.

We are an independent Country and should act like it.

All these years, we were influenced by the United States, greatly influenced by the Monarchy. Schooling, and beliefs by the Catholic Church, US-made books, and materials.  We have been molded to think and act like other nations and maybe #its time. In the long run, U.S. President DonaldTrump indirectly might be doing Canada a favor.

We are an independent Country,  we should not be so greatly influenced by others for our own well being and growth. Our system is all wrong and needs a complete overhaul /updating.  I’m not just talking about the NAFTA deal.  We have every resource known to man in Canada. We have the intelligence, manpower, and if all of our “brains” come back from living abroad, Canada could be an unstoppable force.

 Change is good, so I say, bring it on!

I do not have to cross the border into the United States

Do I have to buy another Chevy,  NO …  BUT THAT WILL HURT

Do I  have to buy, .. “I AM Canadian”  beer when it’s owned by the US, brewed in the US, profits go to the US. … No, I can buy local beer.

But, I will miss my Chevy … Bring on a … Toyota

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