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author with a coronavirus on maskSo Donald Trump says to the genie, “I only want one more wish” The genie looks over and says, “Donald, Donald, you already have fame, glory, money, what more would you want.”  He says ─

I want to become the Supreme Leader of the United States of America.

Genie, given it some thought, says, “If you play your cards right, excuse the pun, the way your popularity is going with your followers, you will be the supreme leader of the world (I mean the United States) by the end of your term.”

Can you picture it, U.S. Donald Trump smiling from ear to ear as he’s reading this article? Supreme leader of the United States of America, Has a ($#@*?)  “Tone” about, Eh!

Gun Rally in the US    link

“Donald,” the genie says,” you know how you look up to the Chinese President Xi Jinping and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, you can see how fortunate they are, they do what you want, they say what they wish, Supreme leader of their countries, life is good.”

“That’s what I want,” Donald says, “ONLY ONE MORE WISH.”

Now I don’t know about you folks, but watching the Donald Trump drama unfold in the US,  I have to wonder, is that a possibility? Looking outside the box, looking in, Yeah, it’s probably a strong possibility.

The United States Government and its people have removed better presidents from office one way or the other, for doing less. They, in most cases, had more potential at being a “SUPREME LEADER.”  But:

Not a day goes by those people on both sides of Canada, and the US border is being charged and punished for crimes going back decades. They, no matter how powerful a people they are in real life, they are not, supposedly above the law.

Do the crime, do the time.

In case you haven’t figured it out, this is all a joke, right!  I mean that couldn’t really happen, SUPREME LEADER of the UNITED STATES ─ right?

So now the President’s last few months in his term, a twist in fate unexpectedly comes true. Four years in office, he has already organized the government like it is his private kingdom. He has single-handedly changed the judicial system to his liking.

Donald Trump has permanently alienated all his friends and allies. His followers in the US think their leader is just doing a fine job. Trump has cushioned up with the world’s notorious arch-enemies of the US, he says, I want to be just like them when I grow up.


And now, US President Trump said, “I Donald Trump, appoint me as the SUPREME LEADER OF THE WORLD, I mean, the United States of America.”

Moving to Canada Eh  ( link )

From now till I die I will rain over everybody like no other.

You, the reader make no mistake; it is a genuine possibility and a scary thought to boot. If that thought becomes a reality, it will change things around the world as you know it.

Supreme Leader of the United States, WELL,  only God and history will be his judge.  Eh



Canada 51st State of America


Signing of USMCA

Complements of CNN NEWS

It’s finally over. The NAFTA is a done deal. I think it would have been simpler to make Canada 51st State of America. But the old term “NAFTA” is signed, sealed, and delivered, or is it?

Donald Trump calls it a new and improved USMCA deal and changed the old version of the outdated NAFTA to something more to his liking. Of course, Mexico calls it MCUSA, CANADIANS call it CMUSA. In case you haven’t figured it out, the “C “stands for Canada. Eh!

(link) Day after Nafta.

Whatever they call it, the deal is done, RIGHT ??

Now if it wasn’t for the Donald Trump bad-mouthing all of his “past friends”, trading partners. I would never have gone down this dark alley.

After doing research on my new book “Untold Story” of Avro Arrow, Avro Arrow Untold Storywhich is due out shortly, I would not have known to what extent the rocky history Canada and the United States has had, (well )  I suspected?

Still to this day, things haven’t changed much behind the scenes. As a Canadian, yes we have heard rumors of past US, Canadian dealings, and yes everything you read in this country is American produced. But Canadians always looked the other way. As the saying goes, “swept under the carpet” Some of our Prime Ministers tried swaying away, ever so slowly from that US bulling and mentality but, it is SLOW and then there is sloooow. So as the new  NAFTA deal is in place, you know behind the US Canada deal, it will be in the US favor.

At one point Europeans thought we were the 51st State of America, and that was many years back.

Now, why would anybody think any difference of our two countries? Our societies are intertwined like 2 peas in a pod. We all have relatives on both sides of the border and our economies have been linked forever. We all know when the US sneezes, Canadians come down with a cold. Many of our Canadian citizens have to duel US passports. A big part of our Canadian government is run by politicians born in the US, so why would the rest of the world think any different?

That’s the problem. People around the world must question why is the US treating Canadians this way? How can we trust the US if that’s the way they treat their “brothers”?

In the beautiful city of Amsterdam Netherlands, I ask a shopkeeper to send me a box of those fine cigars that he was selling “Where you would like them sent?” he asked. Canada, I said. He thought for a moment and said we don’t send anything to AMERICA. I assume he was referring to the United States. “No you got it wrong, CANADA I said.” “It’s all the same to me.”


So doing some research on my upcoming book, and we all know, one door opens another, and then another. It was taking me down a dark alley of the shady, behind the scenes dealings with our “brothers” to the south. Maybe Trump would chalk it up to “That’s only Business.” Eh!

I’m starting to realize that only Canadians think of the US as our brothers. I’m not sure if they consider us the same way. We’ve all heard these jokes … “Canadians still live in Igloo’s” And here is a good one, “Canada is where all the cold weather comes from” I can take a silly joke like everybody else, but I’m starting to see that maybe it wasn’t a joke. The Americans do think we live in Igloos and are pushovers, with a “lead the lamb to the slaughter” mentality.

Americans through the years have very subtly steered and pushed Canadians in a direction of their choosing. As I said, we all have seen changes in our world and it’s mostly in the US favor. The funny thing is, when Donald Trump says to his followers, “Canadians are taking full advantage of the United States of America “Hospitality” That’s total, false.

The US President with his threats is a wake-up call, that all Canadians need to hear or we could just consider the #2 option.

#2 OPTION, Canada the 51st State of America.

In order to write the “Untold Story” book with as much accuracy as possible, I had to go back at least 70 years in history. Times were different then, the mood on both sides of the border was different. Like I wrote in one of my other posts, crossing the border from either side was an inconvenience at best. So yeah, things have changed.

But the story just keeps getting better.

Today the NAFTA or USMCA as Trump calls it is like déjàvu with two rocky personalities, Trump and our Prime Minister Trudeau. One titan clashes against the other, the US does not like to lose, or being pushed around, and … the US wants to do the pushing.

In my research,  (link) John F Kennedy, showed in public, his total dislike for our former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.  JFK ridiculed our former PM most times, every chance he got and not behind the scenes, but in public no less and that was 60 years ago. He JFK & J Diefenbakerridiculed our former Prime Minister in one hand and asked for help to ward off his arch enemy over the Arctic in the other and in the same sentence. Very few people in this world have the knack of doing such a thing and with a straight face. Apparently JFK had that talent.

“The rumor goes, the bitterness came from John Diefenbaker German Heritage no less, which I really found interesting, knowing the JFK Ich bin Berliner speech..

So, its official, President Kennedy, sad to say, is off my list of favorite Presidents list, and it’s getting shorter. So, does history repeat itself, or maybe things have never changed?


Canadians are starting to be aware and certainly, some of the ugliness would never have come to the forefront at a dinner table if it wasn’t for the US Leader Donald Trump’s unprofessional rederick with Canada, which surely is not becoming from any world Statesman.

We would, like all Canadians “and were really famous for doing” swept the rederick under the rug, and, let him be, he’s just having a bad hair day … Eh!

Yes we have been trading partners, “brothers” forever, and maybe like Donald Trump said, the gravy train is over and it’s time for Canada to step up to the plate.

But maybe Canada should start thinking of different options. I am relatively pleased with our PM Justin Trudeau. He, at face value, looks to be fighting for the rights of all Canadians and if he and his government would stop giving away Millions of dollars to all the (LINK) Omar Khadrs in this country, we could perhaps have enough money left to design, implement, build and learn new ideas for Canada’s future. Maybe we can be leaders on the world stage again. Or maybe he in the end is a follower like most of our other Prime Ministers. You be the judge.

Niagara Falls

Canada is Open For Business

If you see a wolf at the door in sheep’s clothing and he whispers sweet nothings in your ear,

“We will take care of you good buddy”, close the door in his face.

Canada, the 51st State of America.

And for the rest of Canada, GOOGLE  “NonProliferation Treaty”  interesting read on how Canada’s hands are tied by the U.S.

One last note on some of our woes in Canada, Yes I believe that we have been pushed around and yes our Prime Ministers have fallen under the spell of the United States and kept us under their mercy as long as I can remember. But that’s OK. We are brothers. . . RIGHT?

Canada being the 51st State of America would save a lot of cross border problems, but I think the U.S. should be our 13th Province or Territory of Canada. That sounds even better. Eh!

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