Medical Reincarnation Carry Over

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this Covid-19 mask is not to protect me, its to protect … YOU

Do you believe in Reincarnation? (Being Reborn again, that you never die, you just pass on)  If you do, you must know a term called “Carry Over” condition?

Dictionary .com explains it something like this “that which is carried over, postponed, or extended to a later time.”

That explains it then … “well not really.” But you have to somewhat agree with the start of my post, or you wouldn’t have read it this far in my article. You have to at least keep an open mind to what I’m going to say, because, your health may depend on it. Continue reading

Canadian Born Adam Macleod, The story of Miracle Healing

My name is Adam

Canadian Born Adam McLeod, The story of Miracle Healing

daves-post-time photoThis is a product review of a DreamHealer Series of five  SELF-HEALING BOOKS. Canadian Born Adam McLeod and the story of Miracle Healing.  This review should be a no brainer because I believe in what he shares with the public. The five books are written in a way to make people aware of their own self-healing powers through “intent.” These books can make a difference to their own well being and, the product review on these self-healing books, STARTS HERE.

Adam Macleod was born in British Columbia Canada and is a world-renowned lecturer and author of five bestselling SELF HEALING BOOKS, DVD, and e-books. The subjects include Self Empowerment and Natural Healing through Intent. Continue reading