Learn About Collecting Vintage Costume Jewelry


The Least you Should Know about collecting vintage jewelrySo, you want to Learn About Collecting Vintage Costume Jewelry, and you’re not sure where to start. Well, you come to the right place.

daves photoWhen collecting vintage, antique costume jewelry, cosmetic jewelry or as some people just call it junk jewelry the question is, why should I collect it anyway?  Besides the looks, there are never-ending styles, colors, and popularity. Well, that wouldn’t be a good enough reason to collect costume jewelry, or WOULD IT?


Learn About Collecting Vintage Costume Jewelry could be a lucrative business when you learn what to look for.

Before the 20th century, women wore jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones and metals. They did IT as an expression to flaunt their wealth and their social standing in the community. Today it’s not so much a social symbol for the wealthy as it is an extension of you, they say, your personality.

** Did you know a Real Diamond would only be set in an expensive high quality setting such as white gold, platinum or yellow gold?

In the early part of the 20th century, things did change. Industrialization brought experimentation to new forms of jewelry, new materials. The sole purpose was making beautiful styles availability for the ordinary person rather than just the rich and famous. Much of this costume jewelry was made of a hard plastic resin and other known material such as Bakelite, which was invented around 1907.

The ordinary, general public now had access to this fine inexpensive high end looking glitter.

Wikipedia’s article explains costume jewelry just perfectly, along with these other websites. The links at the bottom will also explain how to go about Identifying and cataloging your little beauties. Some will tell you how to even identify the famous artists that designed these colorful beauties.

THE LEAST YOU SHOULD KNOW series is about collecting cosmetic jewelry or collecting…anything.

When going to an estate auction, garage sales or any place people are setting up to liquidate their leftover items, you’ll always find tables with a mixed gaudy looking cosmetic jewelry. It’s everywhere you look, and some all mixed together in a big lump. You find people meticulously sorting through the pile.(but you never know!)




Why should you collect cosmetic jewelry? A ring was found at garage sale worth ½ million dollars, and one lucky customer is cashing in on a major find at this High-End Auction House in England.                                          

 Their auction advertisement states: We will auction off a sparkly cocktail ring that in the 1980s a woman bought at a car boot sale. The starting bid is £250,000 (roughly $325,000). The owner revealed, “I thought for decades it was costume jewelry and wore it without a care in the world.”

In my series THE LEAST YOU SHOULD KNOW, I try to explain simple things to look for in Collecting Costume Jewelry

So this is why you should start collecting Costume Jewelry, whether you’re buying, selling or just, want to keep it scenario. It’s the most popular item to sell for an entrepreneur at Flea markets, farmer’s markets, garage sales, and any free-lance markets. Who do you think is the busiest of all the vendors at these places? …. Jewelry Vendors.

THE LEAST YOU HAVE TO KNOW about collecting cosmetic jewelry. Get to know the difference between real gold and fake, polished tin for silver.      “DO YOUR RESEARCH.”

Always Remember . . . . “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”.

You tube video on fake jewelry.

So learning simple tell-tale signs is a must and these simple tools,  I never leave home without.gold is not magnetic

1- Flashlight

2- Pocket

3- Magnet Jewelry Loupe                                                                                                                                (Did you know GOLD AND SILVER are NOT MAGNETIC?)

Here is a #1 asked question… What is the proper way to clean my jewelry? A proper way of cleaning your diamonds, precious stones or even cosmetic jewelry, best to use a noninvasive Ultrasonic Cleaner, that will do the trick and there cheap to purchase.

TIP  . . . Because of a diamond’s large price tag, a real one will only be set in high-quality jewelry. For example, a real diamond will be set in materials such as white gold, platinum, yellow gold, pave or side-stone setting and halo setting rings. Precious stones are NEVER glued in and are always secured with 4 or 5 clasped.

TIP , , , Very few people look hard at a mess old vintage Jewelry; and like I said, some can’t be bothered in most cases. But in and among that mess could just be gold, could even be real gems. This hand full of whatever in most cases go for a very reasonable amount of money at auctions.  Old jewelry boxes full of whatever and you end up buying the lot for mere pitons. (small amounts of money)

If a diamond is already placed in a ring, look at the type of setting and mount that’s used.

Because of a diamond’s large price tag, a real one will only be set in high quality jewelry. For example, a real diamond will be set in materials such as white gold, platinum, yellow gold, pave or side-stone setting and halo setting rings. Precious stones are NEVER glued in and are always secured with 4 or 5 clasped.

Tip . . . Magnet Test Neither gold nor silver are magnetic so if you hold a piece of jewelry to a magnet and it sticks, then it is fake. However, this shouldn’t be the ultimate test to confirm that a piece is real or fake. Some counterfeited pieces are made from materials that aren’t magnetic either.

These are general rules of the trade, comparing real stones to fake. Check out a reputable Gemologist in your area.

Here area few links to knowledgeable Costume Jewelry websites. Knowing the difference between stones and materials used for making expensive to cosmetic jewelry, that would be an asset.

I:\Diamond 4 C’s, Precious Stones, Gemstones, Gems Jewelry.mht


Youtube video 12 Tips on How to Spot Fake Jewelry

Youtube video on fake jewelery ………..    https://youtu.be/7oMdfyOxig8

Remember, “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”. And, Happy Collecting Costume Jewelry.

And, Happy Collecting Costume Jewelry.

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Is there a difference in an auction? Yes, there is a big difference auctions and here are the 6 most popular auction platforms and their differences.

Of course, we all know what an auction is “RIGHT”?

Wikipedia says. The word “auction” is derived from the Latin augeō, which means “I increase” or “I augment” … just in case you’re interested. Auctions are a process of buying and selling of goods and placed items are up for the public to bid on; and in most cases, the item is then sold to the highest bid.

Here are the 5 most popular categories and how to participate. There are Online, (link) Storage auctions, Absolute, Reserve and Sealed Bid. So they are the different types of auctions, and now, this is how to go about bidding on them.

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Online Storage or Live Auction.

A real slump in Auctions

storage auction and flea marketThere’s been a slump in our regular live auctions lately and I guess the baby boomers. aren’t retiring and downsizing as they have in the past. There’s been a good run of quality items for that very reason … well…  I” ll just have to wait for the second wave.

Plan B

So, I’ll go to plan B, that’s what I’ll have to do, go back to my favorite, the Storage Auctions.

You know the reality show that you watch on TV. You know, where the auction junky finds a fortune by sticking their bare hands into an unknown container?

That part is just silly, Eh!

For a blog writer, if you are ever in a slump for something to write and you need inspiration, check out the storage locker circuit. Some of the lockers have a lot of good, bad or ugly stories to tell.

Open the door to a nice, neat looking boxes, and a couch and chair which are surgically wrapped in plastic Or, open the door and it’s as if somebody stood in the doorway and just threw the items in. (Now there is one upset person)

Taking the fun out of the auctions

A lot of these locker auctions are now being sold online with only a couple of terrible looking pictures to go by.

So, buying these lockers is not for everybody.

Live storage auctions were bad enough before with only a flashlight to find your prize, so, number one rule at those auctions is to bring a really good flashlight and a good imagination.

Now,… how do these companies expect you to bid on something with a blacked-out picture that’s taken upside down?

You have to be either stupid or nervy.

Must be a lot of nervy people out there,  the online delinquent storage business is doing good, so, call me “Nervy”

But, these delinquent lockers could be a lot of work, and did I say … you’re bidding on these lockers with very lousy photos.

As we speak I spot this large locker with skids. Why would they pay $700? rental a month to store skids? And why would somebody buy these skids? No money in skids! So. Call me stupid.

“I just bought a job “

I did find some gold once…  I think?

“Future POST” Finding gold in a storage locker.

Anyway, …

It’s not for everyone.

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Please check out my first posting of storage auctions

Olympic Athletes on a Natural Adrenalin High

good luck gesture

“GOOD LUCK Gesture “

Can Olympic Athletes be on a Natural Adrenalin High Can the Olympic Committees check for natural body creating energy? We all know that adrenalin rush can’t be measured, the vigor …  it can’t be seen, it’s just there.

 2018 Olympics have come and gone and what a show!

Couldn’t help but notice,  at the top of the ski runs, the skiers lining themselves up to give it their all, and overcame a coach or a friend, giving them a big hug, bunting of the fists, wishing them good luck. The 2 and 4 man bobsleighing teams, all hands touched, wishing themselves good luck… All the way through the games, well-wishers were sharing their energy. They gave that person an edge, a little extra of your energy that they needed to pull it off. You can’t measure it with a blood test; you can’t test it through chemical analysis. It’s just there.

Can Olympic Athletes be on a Natural Adrenalin High that can’t be measured?

2 athletes wishing good luck gesture


That athlete just got a little extra adrenalin fix from a well-wisher, but then,  you have to wonder, we all give each other handshakes, big hugs, and a pat on the back. Do we all do it for a deep-down unknown reason? Is it just a tradition or is there more to it. The sharing of good energy could be a power booster. The athletes are already pumped; they trained long and dedicated hours to just qualify to be at the Olympics. I’m not just talking about our Canadian Olympians, but all the hard-working athletes from around the world.  These dedicated people are already on a natural high and that extra bit of positive energy from a well-wisher might just have been enough to win that gold.

And that’s all they needed is an adrenalin fix.

two fist butting

Good Luck

The pure energy that is produced in a stadium full of well-wishers can’t be measured, it’s just there.  Whether it’s our home countries’ team or not, we all feel sadness for an athlete that just didn’t make it or worst-case scenario, getting hurt.  We might yell a little louder for our own homegrown team but overall, we root for all other teams as well. So the energy you can’t measure, it’s just there, passed on from one to the other.

These athletes dedicated their young lives to be the best and more importantly, they brought the world together for one short period of time. You made us all proud.

That’s what the Olympics is all about.  Eh!

For those athletes that don’t play fair, then, they should not be amongst the real hard-working Athletes that do.

See you at the Olympic in 2020

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