Is Smoking Marijuana Bad For You.

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The three most asked questions are on the web, one being, Is Smoking Marijuana Bad for You? And the second, Is Smoking Cigarettes bad for you? And the third, Is smoking Electronic Cigarettes, Vaping bad for you?  I think the keyword is “Smoking.” anything.

The Health Professionals’ sole belief is that the smoke from the cigarette and vaping are associated with 500 different chemicals that go into your lungs, clogs up all the blood vessels (small air sacs) with nicotine. Starving much-needed oxygen to the brain and body. This in turn, causes lung diseases such as respiratory and breathing problems. Sickness and generally poor quality of life. Well . . . you get the idea. And that makes total sense.

The question, Is Smoking Marijuana or Vaping Bad For You?

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