Old Time Instruments


Old Time Instruments cigar boxes It was suggested to me to write about old time “Cigar Box Guitars”, and I said, “SAY WHAT”!  What is a cigar box guitar? You’re talking to a person that doesn’t know the difference between fret-boards to a banjo string. This subject matter of old-time instruments is a totally new topic for me, but maybe . . . that’s OK … I’ll learn. Research on Old Time Instruments material is the real fun part of blogging and the subject matter on cigar box guitars did get my Mo-Jo working.

“A poor man’s cigar box guitar…Eh”. I can do this!

I used to be an avid cigar smoker so I am familiar with the different styles and sizes of boxes. Hell, I used to collect them for a hobby. This topic could be right up my alley. I enjoy music, but … that’s as far as my talent goes with making instruments.

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Estate Auction Finds

    Auction time in the big smoke

Auction time in the big smoke and all the online information was intriguing enough that we planned on attending. The night before the auction I downloaded all the pictures/ information and did little research to get set for the next day. It does look to be a good auction. A few hours to go before I hit the sack and I picked up my favorite book to read, Killer Stuff and Tons of Money.  Very interesting read on flea markets and antiquing. through the eyes of one main character and the author.Excellent Book on Antiques

In this one chapter, he talks about this old hard to find 6 board blanket chest/box. I’m reading this article like it was my last will and testament. We live in an old order Mennonite community and it is possible I will run into one of these boxes and as the story goes, the ordinary settlers had all their belongings in one of these chests as they immigrated to the new world, it’s (not mistaken for steamer trunks) These chests were crude, and probably not very stylish, but, did the job.

The old Wooden chest just like in the book

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