Didn’t make the US Open then golf just for the collecting of it.


The Least you Should Know logoIf you find yourself not making the cut for PGA golf tournament or the US Open then you can always go to planUS OPEN GOLF TOURNAMENT B. the fun of Collecting golfing memorabilia or golf related novelties.

There will be a slight difference in pay but you’re “somewhat” still in the golfing scene. So stop chasing that little white ball around and consider collecting golf memorabilia or golf novelties instead.

Here is a Little History on Golfing

According to GolfEurope.com golfing originated in Scotland around the 15 century, some, say it was traced back to the Sung Dynasty 960 BC in China. Whatever you believe or not, golfing “anything” is BIG business. Whether you’re into pro golfing with the PGA or you do the 9 hole golf course in an old abandoned stone quarry, “which by the way is a cheaper way to go”.

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Old Time Instruments


Old Time Instruments cigar boxes CanadianDWIt was suggested to me to write about old time “Cigar Box Guitars”, and I said, “SAY WHAT”!  What is a cigar box guitar? You’re talking to a person that doesn’t know the difference between fret-boards to a banjo string. This subject matter of old-time instruments is a totally new topic for me, but maybe . . . that’s OK … I’ll learn. Research on Old Time Instruments material is the real fun part of blogging and the subject matter on cigar box guitars did get my Mo-Jo working.

“A poor man’s cigar box guitar…Eh”. I can do this!

I used to be an avid cigar smoker so I am familiar with the different styles and sizes of boxes. Hell, I used to collect them for a hobby. This topic could be right up my alley. I enjoy music, but … that’s as far as my talent goes with making instruments.

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4 Things You Should Know On Collecting Marbles

The Least you Should Know logo∞ ∞  The most asked question would be, what are good things to collect? Well, you’re in luck. In my series of 50 “The Least You Should Know”  is about “Collecting”, anything. And this edition is about collecting little old Marbles.

The wonderful world of marbles and why should I collect them you say? The answer is, it’s a fun colorful hobby and they don’t take up a lot of room. To most folks, it brings back fond memories from childhood. They’re cheap or reasonable to buy at flea markets and auctions. When you get real good at identifying the scarce ones from the ordinary ones, they could become a good investment. Continue reading

Do you Collect Dolls

doll collecting and repair

Doll Collecting Changes and Trends

By: Jayne Cremasco

The past 25 years have seen tremendous changes in the collectible doll industry. Until that time, collectors only had antique dolls, or newer children’s dolls to add to their collections. As there were relatively few “new collectibles” to purchase, the market on these “played with dolls” and antiques was vibrant and exciting.

There were many doll shows scattered all over the country, and a visit to one would find three types of dolls available, antique dolls, rescued discarded play dolls, and booths featuring doll makers wares. Doll makers were many, with their work ranging from dreadful to stunning.

Flea markets also found doll sellers, usually of the “discarded child doll type”, and many collectors searched regularly for collectible dolls. At the time, dolls being grabbed up were from the Chatty Cathy family, Chrissie and Velvet family, Patti Playpal types , Vogue, and of course Barbie.

With the emergence of the “Ashton Drake Gallery” dolls, followed by many mass produced porcelain dolls by many other companies, all offering limited editions, artist renderings and much media advertising,  many collectors changed direction and began to purchase these new dolls.

This new collector market was huge for a number of years. People scrambled to complete sets of dolls and to find dolls by certain doll artists. The market on older vinyl “designed for play dolls” softened considerably during this period.

Home based porcelain doll studios, where you could take classes teaching you how to make your own dolls, also became very popular during this time.

A quarter of a century later, many dolls that were so popular, have now come onto the secondary market. Due to the market being so flooded at the time of production, and so many collectors jumping onto the bandwagon, the secondary market is now flooded with these dolls. The value on many has plummeted as a result, particularly Ashton Drake Dolls.

Other collectible porcelain dolls that were mass produced are for the most part worth only a fraction of what was paid for them initially. The biggest reason for this is the fact that these dolls are still being produced, the quality has improved a great deal, and the prices have gone down. What reason would anyone have for purchasing an older one!

Marvel Avenger RC Helicopters

The market on genuine antique dolls continues to be strong, and investments made seem to be sound. As the years pass, it is harder and harder to find antique dolls unless they are coming directly from another collector’s private collection. This keeps the prices high. Unlike modern dolls, there are only so many antiques to go around!

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Author Bio

For more useful information on doll collecting and antique dolls, visit (linkwww.eloradollhouse.com. Jayne Cremasco has been a doll retailer and appraiser for over 25 years.

Collecting Antique Dolls was written by Jayne Cremasco

As a Vintage and Antique  Doll Collector I have seen tremendous amount of changes in the past 25 years  by Jayne Cremasco from Elora Ontario Canada

This posting Doll Collecting complements my articles on  (link)

“The Least You Should Know”  Series. of 50

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