President Donald Trump’s new America

President Donald Trump making history


U.S. President Donald Trump has been in power a very short period of time and has already sent ripples, I mean (shivers) around the world, his personal (New America) is now making history, I THINK?

∞ President Donald Trump’s New America ∞

Watching all the news that comes down the pipe I see many changes that have happened and many more to come. Siphoning through all the bull, the hype, and the threats, I see a man with a very powerful position that is changing the course of history. He sneezes and everybody catches a cold, and the worst part is, he knows it.

The Americans themselves made many a “movie” about a world dominant power. Did these people have some psychic power and can they predict the future? And if so, not one of their movies ended up on a positive note.

World Governments all set themselves up.

The world governments all set themselves up for this kind of events. I remember reading this rule on business sense, “NEVER PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET”.

I’m somewhat peeved at our Canadian prime ministers. For all these years, they didn’t try to be more self-sufficient and more reliant as a nation,  instead of … well, the US for example. We always sold out. Who do you think owns the right to the slogan “I AM CANADIAN” Hint … not Canadians? Eh.

Who do you think runs and operates all our Canadian Government Surplus Auctions….not Canadians and that’s only to mention a few! Hell, you may as well consider Canada the 51st. state of the “United States.”

In essence, we have depended too much on other countries. We sell off our housing to the highest bidder,  foreign or not. We let the Americans, the Chinese, and others buy up our technology. Our own homegrown educated citizens get “strong-armed” enticed into leaving their homeland to work and pay taxes to other countries. Our country, like a lot of other countries, has been dissected bit by bit, over a long period of time in the name of progress.

We elect officials to oversee these future events and keep Canada’s future and welfare in our best interest but, most were born in other countries, so I have to wonder?

∞ So, back to the American president. ∞

Yes, we have been brothers forever and we have fought and died for the same values, freedom and at one time to fight off communism. How many US allies’ soldiers have fought and died for that very reason.

As I hear, the US President is making a complete mockery of everything the Americans, Canadians, and all the other allies preserved and valued for all these years. It’s appalling that all these soldiers, American included, died for nothing.

So while the US president slanders its allies, and now is slandering his own country, he is sucking up to

Korea-Kim Jong Un Russian-Vladimir Putin.

Two countries that we fought in past wars to uphold our democratic way of life. I believe in change and maybe closer ties to all nations (Communist or otherwise) would be a good thing.

(Keep your friends close, and keep your enemies…closer)

But it shouldn’t be at the expense of its friends.

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The worst part I see is, weeding out all the bull and madness,  he is starting to win over the American public. The American people actually believe that all their friends and allies for all these years, have been taking advantage of the US and we are  “the enemy”.


American people are the flag-waving type. President Trump is a salesman. He knows exactly how and what to say to rally the people. The US invented propaganda and now it’s being used on their own citizens.

Just a reminder,  there have been many leaders that had the charisma to start many wars and try to make many world changes, and they all were,  just “GOOD SALESMEN”.

I hope for a good outcome with Russia and North Korea. It will add a little less tension around the world but … “history will be the judge”.

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