Political Interference or Collateral Damage

Political Interference

The ongoing saga continues with government political interference, or will Canada be just considered Collateral Damage, China vs Canada, US vs China, Russia vs US. Political interference by foreign governments at its finest, but, its always been there.

Will Canada be Collateral damage over the China U.S dispute?

Doing the finishing touches on my new e-book “Untold Story of the Avro Arrow” Canada’s Own Supersonic Airplane, it was and still is a major topic today around the dinner table, well at least in Canada. In my book, I wrote about how Political interference by foreign governments played a major role in the demise of the Canadian famed Avro Arrow and our aerospace industry as we knew it.

So as of today, things have not changed in 60 years since the

Avro Arrow.

As Canada continues to sell off our industries, resources, our ideas, our land, our real-estate, even our identity like the icons, Tim Horton Coffee, or “I Am Canadian” slogan, it’s now American owned, “Gone to the highest bidder”.

Then we deserve to stay on this destructive path of being manipulated by foreign governments.

Take for example the Chinese Government on how they are NOT asking nicely; they are DEMANDING we release Huawei executive “Chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou”.  The arrest came after Canada got an arrest warrant from the United States Department of justice. It is a political maneuver by the Trumps administration; they are using Canada as a tool between the trade disputes over the US vs China. Although  (link) Meng Wanzhou is in house arrest in her 3 million dollar mansion, (did I say in beautiful British Columbia) this lady is not being mistreated by any means! …. I could think of worst places.

In this dispute, Canada will be considered collateral damage or at least a political target.

(link) China in retaliation are putting sanction, or downright cancelling billions of dollars worth of Canadian goods because of the WARRANT MADE BY THE US. … China, unlike Canada, is holding 2 Canadian citizens in their “JAIL”, not a house arrest like Wanzhou Meng .

We all know in Canada that the Americans are having a trade war with China and let’s make it clear, the US are the ones that put out the arrest warrant, not Canada. Canadians have a “treaty” with the US and we are upholding our end of the US-CANADA agreement. But we know that the United States is playing us as a tool with China.

Canada caught in the middlePresident Trump himself said on Dec 11 “that it would all go away” on the case against a Chinese telecommunications executive if it would help secure a trade deal with Beijing. So while the dispute is not settled between China and the US, China is taking their scorn out on Canada.

I say kick every dollar store out of Canada that will fix them! Eh

Canada is losing millions of dollars over trade, cancelled long term agreements with the Chinese just because of childish political Interference from the US and the Chinese trade war.

 Is Canada a target or collateral damage?

So, we still have not learned to pick our friends.

In the last year, The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia got irate with Canada and pulled all its students out of Canada, but before he totally decided to make that decision, he checked with US Donald Trump to see if it was OK. (I don’t care what you do to Canada he said). The Saudi Arabian government planned and executed to withdraw all of the Saudi students from Canadian universities, colleges, and other schools. They say it was in retaliation for Canada criticizing the Islamic Kingdoms on their human-rights record. Is that not a Political stunt or maybe, that was political interference by Canada.  Eh.

” All with the blessing of the United States – Our Brothers”

Not more than 6 months into the United States Donald Trump’s Presidency, he was quoted as saying, “I’ll bankrupt Canada. I’ll pull the whole auto industry out of Canada.”  So, he is keeping his promise. At the end of 2019, General Motors is shutting down, ( Few thousand workers) closing all the plants in Oshawa, Ontario after building cars for over100 years at that plant. Windsor just announced that they will be laying off 1500 personnel in their Chrysler division, but they are American owned. “AND THAT’S MY POINT”.

Political interference

As long as we manufacture “anything foreign-owned” we are at the mercy of foreign governments. We could lose jobs at a stroke of the pen. Canada’s future is in the hands of foreign-owned companies. So do we rely far too much on these foreign investors for our welfare, taxes and general health and welfare of all Canadians? . . . I think yes.

Political interference

Montreal based company “SNC-Lavalin” I always thought was Canadian. How did it come to be, that a construction company is  threatening Canada’s judicial system, subtly warning and  behind closed doors, if the company doesn’t get their way, 1000’s of job will be lost in Canada and possibly move right out of Canada to the U.S. To me, it sounds like they are threatening Canada to make the best deal in their favor and already have one foot out the door.

How did Canada get here that everybody is stepping on our toes?

Canada the 51st State of America

So as the Chinese Government is penalizing Canada for up-holding our agreements between the US and Canada, I’m wondering, are US Lawmakers chuckling to themselves how easy it was to set Canada up for the fall. I would guess …yes.

Point of Interest                                                                                             As long as The Chinese government keeps threatening Canada, it brings into play another scenario.  We as Canadian’s will not give in to China’s demands no matter what their (wrath) or consequences will be. They call it “Saving Face” and not only that, we are upholding our laws, not theirs.

But I do have to wonder, where do these foreign Governments and CEO’s of big corporations get the balls on blackmailing Canada? Is it because they have always gotten away with it?. . . . . Maybe.

Or is it, (link)  President Donald Trump is setting such a fine example to the world leaders, “If he can do it, so can I attitude”.

Did Canada? Did we set ourselves up for this bullying behavior by the world’s heads of state or abnormal threatening of company CEO’s?  I would think yes. And this is my reason, Whenever a major manufacturing company wants to upgrade, they all cry poor to our elected officials, They threaten, “we will just have to move”  The next thing you read is our fearless leaders are bailing some foreign corporation out, and some without conditions.

If small Canadian Companies need a government-assisted loan, our government charges 3 % over the going bank rate, and this is to a small struggling Canadian business. Would other companies get the same “deal“ or would they get an unforgiving loan?

I know circumstances dictate which way the pendulum swings but Canadians should be a priority.

There have been 12 prime ministers since the Political Interference with Avro Arrow affair in the 60s OR the bullying by a foreign government during the Cuban Crisis, and still today we find ourselves in the same scenario.

I believe our fearless leaders have been played for many a year by foreign investors.

So, as our newly elected provincial leaders are spending large dollars south of the border with Advertisements with the saying “Ontario is open for business”, that in my books is almost insulting to Canadian’s under the circumstances.

This is why Canada is still on this path of “DEPENDENCE” . . . .I say invest more in Canada.

I’m not underestimating the impact of foreign investment in Canada, but we should turn a new page and start looking inward instead of outward for investments. We supposedly elected well-educated people to run our country and not send Canada down the river without a paddle.

Government Auctions Seized & Surplus

So finally, “is Canada under attack by foreign investors”? Is there a culture of investors that threatens our government to have bailouts or maybe special treatment or “WE WALK?” “Myself, I would say keep walking!”

These are only my personal views on political interference, “it’s alive and doing well.”

 Please leave a comment if you agree or disagree on Political Interference or Collateral Damage.

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  3. don.chapman66@gmail.com
    A good read Dave, really can`t disagree with you, if we do start to
    divorce ourselves from the bigger power it will come at a cost.
    Our economy will tank but only for a while, let us not forget that our country has everthing that the world needs and we have know how to do it cheaper and cleaner.
    We don`t need to build pipe lines to the east coast at great expense, we need build oil refiners at source than ship it to Churchill on Hudson Bay than to the world. This is only one example, build our own war planes, roads to various parts of the north, our own cars well you get it.
    Look forward to more of your blogs.

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