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Hardest Thing to do is Talk about Oneself

About me.    With little education I learned at an early age if an opportunity comes my way, this guy was going to take it. I had a chance to be in the transportation industry and for the next many years, that was my trade, truck, heavy equipment, bus, boat and everything mechanical in-between. Some people are naturals at what they do, and that for sure comes in handy. I did not come from a line of mechanics, just hard working people trying to make a living and I was not a natural, I persevered and learned as much as I could and in my opinion became one of the best at my trade.

But If I had to describe our family tree it would go like this, my mother was from a quiet place in Nova Scotia, my dad was a bit like a newer version of a gipsy, was always looking, searching for something, we moved a lot and as a young person, well that was ok, but it played hell with friends and school.  We saw more country at age 10 than most people in their life. But everything in your life, happens for a reason. My Dad believed he was either born too early or too late for his way of thinking,   “Interesting thought”.

(So the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree)

I like photography and being creative in Photoshop.

  • I fix things and am not a throwaway person.
  • I’m totally aware of my surrounding, people.
  • I used to believe hard work was noticed and always paid off…..

  “I don’t anymore.”

  • I believe if I find it comfortable than its right for me.
  • I learned to take everything at my own pace, not somebody else’s.
  • Maybe I’ll share some of my award-winning photos and some yet to be taking.

You know what they say about people that keep moving,

“No grass grows under their feet” and that’s me.  “I promise not to bore you too badly”

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