Lights On a Car Need To Be Working, Its The Law.

Lights Working for road safety, Its The LawA few of my articles I wrote about Lights On a Car Need To Be Working, Its The Law. 

I tried to stress the importance of lights for road safety on your car and why you should keep them working properly at all times. The automotive manufacturing companies spend large amounts of money and research, just too strategically install all these colored lights in the proper spots, “So people can see YOU”.

That is the main purpose for lights around your automobile, exception being, both working headlights.  You as the driver don’t see these blinking irritating lights, but you hope everybody else sees them.

Lights On a Car Need To Be Working, Its The Law.

So writing about the importance of lights on all my articles, I also have to note, it is against the law and should be enforced more strongly. Police officers do have the right to pull over a vehicle that doesn’t comply with the rules and regulations of the highway traffic act.

And None Working Lights Fall Under That Rule.

But not to worry, in my estimation, the officers are far too busy finding real bad guys than, pull over cars with a “light problem” But they can.

So why not make them work?

We’re not even talking about how much “ROAD RAGE” is caused by somebody intending on doing the proper signaling thing, “BUT THE LIGHTS AREN’T WORKING.”

 Non-Working Car Lights on A Vehicle, is, Against the Law

Should the cops enforce the law that’s already there? Should they pull you over, “Over a stupid, burnt out light”?

Did you ever wonder why highway transport trucks (link) have so many of these pretty lights on them?


Did you know that Ontario had a Transport Minister a few years back that took blinking lights mean i'm turningburnt out lights on a vehicle very serious? If you had any more than 3 lights out, the ministry of transport would park your wheels until you got them repaired. “Park on the side of the highway” The only thing was, he didn’t go far enough. He only picked on-highway trucks and only on the major highways. If he believed that lights are part of road safety, why did he stop there on the major highways? Why not pull over vehicles on rural roads, cities or any of our other government highways.


So now I will go back to the Minister of Transport way of thinking, when and why they decided to pick on the trucking industry. As a rule, they NOT only found light infractions, the law enforcement officers found in most cases, major safety issues, and the lights could have been a legal way of inspecting the truck for those safety infractions.

But that’s my point with cars on the road.

Now a day’s unlike cars, The Ministry of Transport, does not need a reason. If they suspect your truck or load is unsafe for any reason, that’s good enough to pull you over and do an inspection on your equipment and up-to-date credentials.

But not to worry, the average police officers are far too busy finding real bad guys, then to pull over cars with a “light problem”. So, you don’t have to worry about cops.


Many years back there was an acquaintance of an acquaintance that came into my workplace. He said; do want to buy a radio for your shop?  NA, got two, but . . .  WHERE DID YOU GET ALL THIS STUFF, as I looked into his car . . . You know . . . “No, I don’t know”?

Lights burnt out, back seat full off???. Aren’t you worried about being pulled over with all these lights out on your car and, you’re driving around with property you can’t prove you own.        Not to worry, “he said”, “cops don’t pull over cars for a light out”.

Working lights out on a car the law, should law enforcement be a little more … vigilant?

So as the crime continues to climb in all the major cities, their mayors are worried, what can we do to curb the uphill climb of lawlessness in our cities?  They could be looking at a very simple solution, like pulling over vehicles with safety impairments, rather than turn the other cheek like they always seem to do.

Chances are that bad guys can’t be concerned about working lights on their car. Could that other bandit in this story be right? Cops don’t care!

What else do you find, other than lights out?

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So, I think yes, COPS should be more vigilant.

Did you know you can spot a headlight out 1 mile away, giving an officer time to finish eating his donuts and choke down their coffee and still . . .  have time to pull you over?

But this bandit is probably right, “The Cops can’t be bothered”

My belief is, what else do you find, other than light out? No insurance, No license, Stolen car, illegal … stuff in the trunk or maybe just … “Wanted Bad Guys” and if that was all that was wrong with his car, a light infraction, tell him—-

“GET THAT LIGHT FIXED”. Eh  . . . It’s against the law you know!

So, should law enforcement be a little more vigilant? “I think yes!”

Did I say  . . . I passed 15 vehicles, including trucks, cars and school buses with light infractions in ONE day!


Should law enforcement take light infractions more seriously, I think YES!!


There are specific colored lighting rules on for all highway vehicles on. What colors of lenses go where signal lights are that color, brake lights are this color. Colors lenses that one police officer wrote, was illegal to have on civilian vehicles and are deemed for Emergency Vehicles ONLY.

Interesting article about vehicle lights, written by a STATE TROOPER in COLORADO USA                PLEASE READ (LINK)                                                             

If you’re confused, there is only ONE simple rule. Whatever lights were equipped on your vehicle from new, do not alter them, do not change the colors, and most of all, WHAT I really stress in this post is– “Make sure that whatever lights were equipped on your car, from NEW . . .  THEY HAVE TO WORK.”

Are Non-Working Lights on a Vehicle is against the Law, yes.

I have many years of doing preventive maintenance on vehicles, and non-working Car lights are the worst overlooked safety problem. Eh

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Part 2 of Armored trucks in Canada, WHY

3 Armored Trucks in Canada

At the time of writing my first article, Armored Trucks in Canada. The post was written with pure observation and with very little research.  Now, with a request of some readers that maybe I should do a follow up from my first article.  So, I did a little more beating the bush and I couldn’t believe how accurate I was in that first posting.

In just Toronto “Canada” area alone (100-mile radius)  there are (up to 4) well known armored car, truck and personnel carrier companies and builders, “and that ’s just in this small area”.

Armored Trucks in Canada

These specialized companies rebuild anything with wheels and armor protects them. They do this for several good reasons, Military, civilian use, protecting the rich and famous, and now our Police forces.  Apparently, we Canadians have been doing this for many years and are quite respected around the world in the Armored Car Industry.

The original post was about armored personnel carriers and why do our police force need them in Canada

We are a reasonably peaceful nation. We have our bit of crime, but not compared to other countries. I personally think that all our law enforcement is out of control and have lost their sense of direction (Serve and protect) used to be their motto. I watched  6 police cars surround this poor guy for a traffic violation. I counted at least a dozen police officers “the same weekend” and their cars at any given charity walk-athon, directing traffic. I guess my point would be, what a misuse of public money, time and resources.  And all those departments cry poor every year and then they add a couple of armored personnel carriers to there arsenal, just to sit 99% of the time. At half a million dollars cost each.  The police departments cry poor that they’re understaffed, over budget and they need MORE money.

Don’t get me wrong, they have a dangerous job.

Don’t get me wrong, they do have a dangerous job and to keep our finest safe is a priority, but I think that good money could be allocated to different poorer departments in the force.

But it looks like I’m right again about the use of such vehicles. I would like to be a fly on the wall at one of these police seminars, yearly get together on exchanging crime information around our country. Their big grand scheme of things is not policing FOR the public but gearing up for something much bigger. Maybe they don’t even know themselves or maybe it’s the universal direction we are just going in.

Na, they know exactly what they’re buying and why they’re buying it.

Canada hosted the G20 a few years back. There were a few disorganized demonstrations and then, out came these armored vehicles. WHERE DID THEY COME FROM ON SUCH SHORT NOTICE? I think a lot of citizens were surprised at seeing these military trucks on our streets.  Looking at the 6 o’clock news, if someone would have said these were pictures were from a troubled spot in the world, I would have totally believed them, but “not in Canada”. The fully dressed, riot gear cops, with these intimidating armored vehicles, just made the situation worse. Ordinary police officers treated our citizens like they were trained to keep law and order under Marshall rule, armored cars and all. And that’s in Canada.

These intimidating pieces of iron are not needed for a family argument, dispute or domestic problem and there has been nothing in this city that would suggest that we would need such a piece of machinery.

Looks to be another disorganized rally “bring out the armor boys, it looks like there is some rowdiness on 5th Street”.

But police officials from Vancouver to New Glasgow, N.S., defended their acquisitions. Even if these heavy-duty vehicles are sitting in a garage most days of the week — some have not been deployed even once —”they are necessary for dealing with hostile and potentially life-threatening situations such as hostage-takings, incidents involving barricaded gunmen or active shooters and the execution of high-risk search warrants” officials said.

Just remember, this equipment is more intimidating than needed and could have more of a negative effect.

University of Ottawa criminologist Michael Kempa remains skeptical of the need for the military hardware and says the public ought to scrutinize these purchases.

“Nobody has presented the evidence that would suggest this is an essential part of local policing,” Kempa said. “How far are we going to go and for what purpose?”

I guess, he just doesn’t see the bigger picture. Eh!

Do other police services have armored vehicles like this?

Cost of these Troop Carriers.

Quite a few in Ontario do. Police departments in all our major cities have armored vehicles tucked away.

By comparison of the price, Sault Ste. Marie Police Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport vehicle cost $255,000, while the OPP armored rescue vehicles cost over $400,000. Montreal polices’ armored vehicles cost $360,000.

General Dynamic Land Systems, donated a Tactical Rescue Vehicle to a local Police department, and a portion of the cost for the Sault Ste. Marie vehicle was donated by Essar Steel Algoma.

New Glasgow police in Nova Scotia, Canada acquired a decommissioned Cougar armored vehicle free of charge (nothing is free) from the Canadian Forces. All armaments had been removed but still, have to modify for their use and maintained to be ready for the next attack on Canadian soil. …. What attack?

Did I say?  Population 10,000 people, and, never mind about the full-time firefighters … “We need one of these babies, just in case!”

One officer said to the other,

What you don’t have one of these.

What you don’t have one of these.


 Don’t you have one of these?

They must be seeing a bigger, gloomier, future than me.

Note.  Some of my bits of wisdom were borrowed from, National Post,

If my posting is not correct, please go to this link.

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Is your car Safe for the road?

Did you circle check your car for the work commute?

Is your car even safe to drive?

The Major corridor shut down for another 10 hours and they figure another 5 million dollars in lost revenue, the traffic is backed up for 20 miles. People are phoning in,” I’ll be late again.”  Lost time, money, gas from all those polluting, idling cars. Another major accident on the” Highway to Hell” in Ontario.

car pile up

Car pile-up on the highway

Then you hear the real bad news of fatalities. That’s the worst thing you want to here. All those people and their families! My heart goes out to these people. The anguish these folks are going through. Nobody gives it a second thought, but all accidents happen in the blink of an eye.

This article is sad on its own, but with all the measuring and calculating that the officers do, they have to answer the WHY question. Someone will get blamed, but whom?   Road conditions, human factor mechanical problems, that always plays into the equation.

The vehicle that started this set of catastrophic events, maybe, just couldn’t see through his windshield, (out of washer fluid), or wiper blades, ” I never saw this fellas’  brake lights.

Could it be that that simple?

In Canada, we have the best-maintained highways in the world, but we can’t control the weather conditions. But as a car owner, we can control the safety and roadworthy conditions of our vehicles and that’s where it all STARTS.

It would be impossible to prove, after the carnage of a 10 car pileup, that it was due to lights. Or, my wiper blades should have been changed.  ha … next time. They’re still good for another day.”

I have never heard that an accident was blamed on poor wiper blades, out of washer fluid. but its possible something so simple? How would you prove that “accident” was caused by ignorance, or something so stupid?

Could it be THAT SIMPLE

car lights burnt out

Unsafe cars with lights out

Poor tires, washer fluid, wiper blades, defroster not working, dirty glass, tail lights dirty and a list of other badly maintained sections of a vehicle, and it list goes on. …. All Preventable.

But you can’t fix stupid.  I had a friend that explained himself this way,”I’m naturally a lazy person” so his lights would be the last thing he would look at. Reason being,  …. “I’ll have to fix them If I knew they were out! “ … You can’t fix stupid.

The car manufacturers produce 165,000 new cars a day.  Only a fraction of these cars ends up at a boneyard. So it’s scary to see all these extra cars on the road daily with uncaring people in them for drivers.

Today I only spotted 5 cars with lights out, 1 transit bus, 1 small commuter bus with seniors in them, 1 big truck, and cars. It’s not hard to spot a vehicle with lights out unless you’re blind. Could all these poorly maintained cars/trucks have anything to do with all the major accidents? Can it all be blamed on stupid, lazy, ignorant people?  (Am I being too harsh on the words?)  MAYBE, But what a waste of human life over possible a set of wiper blades! Can’t see the car mirror

There was a Police Officer following me the other day when there was an epidemic of lights out.  He passed all these cars as I did and he did not turn around and check these cars out for infractions. He wasn’t going on a call, he had no reason to pull me over, and didn’t. For all that time that he followed me, he didn’t stop anybody.

He was just too busy going someplace, I guess. Or maybe it’s just not their job anymore, but it is on a public highway. Eh!  These are not “ACCIDENTS! “ They are criminal acts.

Where do we start looking for the cause of these accidents, does it start with poorly maintained vehicles? ….

I think YES.

Truck drivers/ commercial vehicle have to do a circle check every 24 hours, (pre-trip inspection) they look for major or minor infractions. The minor they report to their superiors and the major they park the vehicle.

Cars and light trucks do not have a mandatory circle check but should have. But you are in Luck because I have made up a pre-inspection sheet for cars.

And it won’t take you long and it might save yours or somebody else’s life by doing so.

“Just my opinion”.

Truckers vs Car drivers


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