Are Antique Picture Frames Highly Collectable

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Are Antique Picture Frames collectible or just, overrated? An old picture frame is one of those things that are sadly ignored by most of the general art collecting public, especially in North America.

2 people in a old frameYears ago, most older frames were recognized as pieces of art and, in their own right were priced accordingly. Now  in today’s market, they are generally a forgotten item. Which means, you can pick up these beautiful old frames for a very low dollar price.

Look past the farmer and his wife.

But remember, you have to look past the Portrait of the old farmer and his wife. Just look at the quality, handmade, and in some cases, hand-carved in an old picture frame

If you collect any type of masterpiece’s, whether it’s a lithograph, watercolor or oil paintings and proudly display them in galleries or in the foyer of your home or business. Then you should consider that time period of frame to complement your artwork.

Things to note on good old frames.

  • They could very well complement your old picture or the painstaking oil portrait that you just finished of your favorite Auntie.
  • The average public back then could not afford these handmade, hand-carved frames so most were bought by wealthy clients.
  • Also note: don’t be discouraged if they are a little rough around the edges. You can still buy products today to repair damaged old frames.

Some of these older frames are good examples of folk art. While others can be dated to a particular style (Art Deco, Faux Bois) or a time period. Frames are one of those items that don’t get moved around much from where they originally were hung. So in most cases, you will find these frames with minimal damage or wear.

Look at these frames through different eyes!

Now, next time you’re at your favorite antique auction house, try and look at those quality old pieces of art through different eyes. You will see the beauty and workmanship that went into every one of these exquisite looking frames.  While you’re at it, check out the old dated, rippled, not so perfect glass, you know the glass with the air bubbles still in them.

But of course, the industrial revolution changed all that around the (1850s)” where the “hand carving” was done by “machines” which, just looks hand carved.


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Auction Junky

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the least you should know SERIES OF 50

How many different types of auctions are there,  MANY.

Well, there are Dutch auctions, English auctions, online auctions, Weekly auctions,

storage auction

storage auction

live auctions, estate auctions, storage auctions, aaaah… and there’s more!  #####

∞ There are good and bad auctions for you auction junky

Open or English auctions are the most common. That’s where the auctioneer starts the bidding at a fictitious number, and anybody interested puts up their hand, and yells, ” yup”, or they just blurp out another number to their liking.  As long as the number isn’t too insulting, the auctioneer will go with that number.

Any bid is better than no bids, and that’s how they entice the peoples’ interest. It may start at $5, the next bidder $10 dollars until it stops at the highest number.

The man with the most gold does win.

∞ Tip # 1    Auctioneers are ordinary people and after saying that, I mean there are good ones and bad ones.

Some of these auction houses will honestly tell you if there is a defect in the item your bidding on and will price it accordingly. Some will not ….so “BUYER BEWARE” and check your auction houses wisely.

There are many auctions sites that are run by very knowledgeable staff and auctioneers. They mostly sell high-end items, maybe a few cheapies, but that’s all part of an estate. For the most part, good items.

Some auction will refuse lower-end items. So bring lots of … green stamps, mullah, Money to them.

∞ Tip # 2     Always help the auctioneer out by starting the bidding, most will remember you and will return the favor. Auctioneers like to keep items moving and getting a bid early, is better than later.

The general rule is,  they will go through at least 100 items an hour. Some auctions have their items tagged/numbered so you can get an idea when you’re watched furniture is coming up. …

But most do not tag the item.

∞ Tip # 3    Always, if you are the lucky buyer and think you scored big, remember that you have to add the Taxes on and of course, the auction house fees (15-20 %.).  We all forget that part of the heat of the moment. In our part of the country, it’s another 25% on top of the bargain price of your item.

During the weekly auctions, there seem to be 2 groups of people that go. Weekends they cater to family and working-class people (with real jobs). You will see some of the older groups; they may be out for the odd deal or just to stay active but that’s a good thing. Not all retired people go to the sunny south or even wants to.

There are buyers/dealers that take the buy-and-selling thing quite seriously and this is their motto,

“Buy low, sell high, “that’s a good thought.”

The fun for us is the chase, buying something Unique, going home, do a little research. We like to think that we have trained our eyes to look and find different things of interest, out of the norm, artifacts that you haven’t come across before, things you can’t even find it on E-bay. That could be a really good thing. Eh

After refining our research, and your lucky enough to find some information that maybe, just maybe it come over on the “Mayflower”, or with “COLUMBUS”  “ That’s a bonus!”

The Web is a wondrous thing.  It can consume your time or you can use it to your advantage.  It’s all there for the taking.

So, we don’t just buy to have things, we buy to sell. There is a name for people like us and we are called “Mercenaries” Colorful Label. It means we try not to get attached to anything.

∞ Tip # 4     Buy only things you can carry and move. Do not expect anyone to help you.

Example, to move that big safe you bought because it was cheap,


Most of these auction houses and I don’t know why they do not have people to help the patrons load their treasures. Some things just boggle the mind.

∞ Tip # 5   Buyer Beware.    Have Fun, look the items over well, especially the ones that you’re interested in.  You don’t need any surprises when you get it home. Bid and buy what you can afford. Set yourself a limit to what you want to spend, try not to go over that set amount. We all get caught up in the moment and sometimes pay far too much.


This Famous Storage Auctioneer from London Ont.  rule was,

“Should have, Could Have, BUT DIDN’T”   … Eh!

Have fun at the auctions and let’s make some “MONEY”.

Did I say we have many Antiques and Collectibles FOR SALE?

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Antique Furniture and Recycling

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# 50 of a Series of 50

∞∞∞ What does Antique Furniture and Recycling have in common?

Acres of tree cut down

Acres of tree cut down

When it comes to wood, well, up to the 20th Century trees where plentiful, but since then, we’ve been cutting them down faster than they can grow.

The industrial revolution changed the way we make furniture modernization, assembly lines machine-made products, faster, let’s use more.

Quantity and not quality was the thinking [and that’s not all a bad thing]

Recycling some of that old furniture,( heritage, history) makes a lot of sense in many ways.

Recycling old furniture makes a lot of sense.

Century-old furniture, in most cases, would still be good for another 100 years if they weren’t being discarded, thrown out and in some cases,  just because we need a change.

With a little imagination, you can save many destined pieces of furniture from an unworthy demise and you are doing your part with the carbon imprint problem and overfilling of the landfill.

Breathe new life into something that was built to last, from hard-working, caring people.

If you are a true blue recycler then consider what it takes to make new furniture, the imprint it makes … needlessly.

Take the survey and get paid for doing it, “Shoppers Voice”

Some companies just mash up a perfectly good piece of wood.

Just one furniture company and we’re only talking one, uses 1% of all the global wood a year, mashes the wood up just to make particle board, and that’s how they make their line of furniture.

[Real Wood vs. Particle Board] ??? Google. Particleboard for more info.

Trees aren’t getting big enough before they are harvested and the lumber is getting smaller, so they have to find creative ways to do the same with less.

trees cut down

trees cut down

This BLURP is not about the industrial revolution, but recycling items from the past with history & personality, and let’s not forget [in most cases quality]

Its not about modern furniture.

I’m not talking about furnishing your whole place of residence with the old/new refurbished furnishings but if everybody considered a few pieces, it would make a big difference.

With all the colors of the rainbow [paints, stains] at your disposal, with love, care, pride, and imagination, you will end up with a fine piece of furniture that you saved …. And that’s what they call–


Never forget the money factor…..check prices online for the item you’re looking for, ….  a small (student) secretary desk …. curio cabinets, etc and bonus,  you would pay a fraction of the cost compared to a newly made of press-board,

skids made into furniture

skids made into furniture

If you have never considered antiquing before, you might be pleasantly surprised how reasonably priced good old solid furniture is worth.

Please check Reno these sites … Refurbished Furniture … there’s truly a lot of good ideas how to decorate your home with some older furniture that are some cases pieces of  “ ARTWORK”

Let your imagination flow.

antiqur storeCheck out your local ..Antique Markets, Estate Auction, Downsizing Sales  Auctions, Garage Sales etc.

Remember antiques older furniture have History, Personality and some have good stories to tell V/S Machine-made, NO personality & NO history

I’m not an expert by any means, but we all are trying to do our part …Right.



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Storage Wars Locker Auction Warriors

 storage auction

A group of people at a storage auction

“The most gold does win” For you want-to-be storage locker auction Warriors/pickers there are a few things you should know “The man with the most gold DOES win,” but beyond that, the excitement of the unknown.  What’s behind that dresser/box … what’s in that tool case???. That big 52 In. TV BOX, could they have left the TV behind? … That gets my blood flowing faster than hang gliding or jumping out of a plane.



The excitement of the auctioneer blurping out the numbers like he was in overdrive, well some do, and some don’t.  In most cases, that doesn’t happen. It’s very dry and, in some cases, “borrrring” and, with all the reality TV programs, there has been an influx of people wanting to do the storage auction circuit, The gold, the old antiques, hopefully, maybe all the money you’re going to make right. ???

Storage Wars Locker Auction Warriors

Garbage left at a storage auction

Garbage left at a storage auction

But through all reality, some of these delinquent locker owners have fallen on bad times and might not have left you a lot of gold. Some, if any valuables might have been removed by the owner and left you the rest,  “if you know what I mean.”

There are many reasons why a storage locker is abandoned. Divorces, overcrowding at home downsizing, home to an apartment, death in the family, company closing, but the one that I like the best is the job relocation. (But you’re not supposed to know that) The person did expect to retrieve his goods and, in most cases, took utmost care in wrapping them. Those people always plan on coming back, but in some cases, didn’t find it feasible, so they just abandon the locker.

Those lockers you can spot, they are nicely wrapped with precision, carefully covered furniture, and then you notice, everything boxed in U-HAUL boxes. That would be a good sign. But everybody else sees it too, and if that’s the case, you will have to dig real deep into your pocket.

In the TV programs they cut the lock, you know, it’s all for the show, but in most cases, we do not … we unlock the door with utmost precision with no hype, no drum roll! “But I always wondered, where did they get the key?” Anyway.

Since the TV program American Storage Wars and the Canadian version Storage Wars Canada there have been a lot of newbie’s, new faces, most people being caught up in the hype, and in my opinion, paying far too much for those lockers, so what do I say ….“Buyer beware” it’s only a TV Program

The power of Television” Eh

Before the TV program about storage auctions, most locker companies had trouble finding buyers and had to dispose and clean out the units themselves at their expense. Now people are coming out of the woodwork to buy the delinquent lockers and paying good money … excellent for the storage companies, and of course, they have every right to try and recoup their losses.

Storage Locker Auction Warriors

But I have noticed that SOME of the unscrupulous self-storage locker companies have been taking advantage of a good situation. They’re using some of the auctioned lockers to get rid of their unwanted items, so again, buyer beware and buy wisely.

Me, I have a little Gipsy in me & buying and selling is in my blood. I enjoy the unknown; the hunt and, hopefully, I don’t go broke buying too many bad lockers.

Tip …. Set a price in mind, and what you want to pay, and that goes for any auction STORAGE, ONLINE, or OTHERWISE and be smart and don’t go over that price because things happen fast.

Remember, by walking away; you still have your money.

Don’t get caught up in all the TV shows… It’s just Good Entertainment.

If this tells you anything … “One Day, I had to take five trailer loads of whatever to the dump, from one locker.” Who would pay a reasonable storage fee to store garbage? The question is, “Who would buy it?”  Stupid ME

So, you still want to be Storage Locker Auction Warriors?

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