4 Things You Should Know On Collecting Marbles

The Least you Should Know logo∞ ∞  The most asked question would be, what are good things to collect? Well you’re in luck. In my series of 50 “The Least You Should Know”  is about “Collecting”, anything. And this edition is about collecting little old Marbles.

The wonderful world of marbles and why should I collect them you say? The answer is, it’s a fun colorful hobby and they don’t take up a lot of room. To most folks it brings back fond  memories from childhood. They’re cheap or reasonable to buy at flea markets and auctions. When you get real good at identifying the scarce ones from the ordinary ones, they could become a real good investment. Continue reading

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How to start collecting Model Trains

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Collecting Model trains is a wonderful hobby and good past time. The fun on model trains has been around for at least more than a century now. Since then miniature model trains are considered one of the most interesting collections, collectors could ever have. Did I say its a good stress reliever for you 9 to 5 people.

Although the concept of model-train sets sounds modern, they actually go back to at least 1910s

Not only are the model train collectors awed and amused by these items. Bystanders and observers are also particularly attracted to such collectibles, as seen in many train exhibits’ and collector events.

model train event

Because model trains are light in structure, they are considered miniature versions of real trains. Many kids and the general senses find the mistake of referring model trains, as toys.

However, serious model train collectors and fanatics firmly refuse to call and classify their collections as ‘TOYS’.

For these people, model trains are far from being considered mere toys for several clear and practical reasons. First, model trains are far too expensive to be considered toys. These items have real mini engines and operated by power or electricity coming from electric current sources, batteries and yes, even gasoline.

Being they have real engines; they are prone to rail accidents just as real trains are. When such trains are damaged, there are special knowledgeable people who are able to repair these tiny treasures should the need arise. Therefore, such items need special care and attention especially if the model train is extravagant and expensive.

Model trains collection is not just a simple hobby nowadays. People are starting to refer to the activity as a form of a sector. Model trains are collected not just for leisure or for fun. Some people collect model trains toronto model train show as a source of potential income source.

So, the question would be, what are the most valuable model trains.

The spectacular 1906 Marklin train set, with a locomotive that puffs real steam as it chugs round 220ft of track, it’s expected to attract bids of up to £100,000 at Christie’s in South Kensington England. And that was in December 2001.

Do your research, “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”

So, how do I Identify and start collecting Good Model Trains. the creater software book cover

Every collector surely aims to find and collect the best model trains sold on the market. Here are several simple guidelines that would help you find good model trains in the market.

– Go to as many train shows and events as possible; ask for advice or recommendations from your peers and from other (link) model train collectors/vendors. They would surely have tips and recommendations about the retailers or distributors that are selling good and durable model trains.

The LEAST YOU SHOULD KNOW we give helpful hints about Collecting, anything

If you are into buying and collecting model trains, the first concern you should face is how you could buy good items that are worth including in your collection. Good trains not only look good and attractive, they would bring extra valuable, both buying and selling. The trains and accessories are so durable, they logically are expected to last long time, if not forever. (Märklin, American Flyer, Dorfan, Lionel) are all well known train manufacturing companies.

Did you know, you can customize your train layout with buildings, scenery etc?  The sky is the absolute limit to what you can buy for you new hobby.

link to Montreal Train show

Always Check Your Pocket Book . . . Do Not Spend More Than Your Means.

As I said in all my other posting  on collecting “The Least You should Know” series of 50 I mention we are action junkies at heart, and what I have noticed threw out our travels that train related item go reasonably cheap and you know why….. Because, most people do not have enough knowledge on the subject of identifying wanted and vintage collectable train sets that are worth large.

Do your research, “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”

So, know that I got you interested.  Hopefully I arming you with  more knowledge on, what to look for and what not to do.  Now, you’re ready for your new found hobby or potential business. And remember; go to as many (link) shows as you can, get your feet wet as they say.

SO… “Let’s get cracking, O, THAT’S THE EGG COMMERCIAL”  Eh

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Do you Collect Dolls

doll collecting and repair

Doll Collecting Changes and Trends

By: Jayne Cremasco

The past 25 years have seen tremendous changes in the collectible doll industry. Until that time, collectors only had antique dolls, or newer children’s dolls to add to their collections. As there were relatively few “new collectibles” to purchase, the market on these “played with dolls” and antiques was vibrant and exciting.

There were many doll shows scattered all over the country, and a visit to one would find three types of dolls available, antique dolls, rescued discarded play dolls, and booths featuring doll makers wares. Doll makers were many, with their work ranging from dreadful to stunning.

Flea markets also found doll sellers, usually of the “discarded child doll type”, and many collectors searched regularly for collectible dolls. At the time, dolls being grabbed up were from the Chatty Cathy family, Chrissie and Velvet family, Patti Playpal types , Vogue, and of course Barbie.

With the emergence of the “Ashton Drake Gallery” dolls, followed by many mass produced porcelain dolls by many other companies, all offering limited editions, artist renderings and much media advertising,  many collectors changed direction and began to purchase these new dolls.

This new collector market was huge for a number of years. People scrambled to complete sets of dolls and to find dolls by certain doll artists. The market on older vinyl “designed for play dolls” softened considerably during this period.

Home based porcelain doll studios, where you could take classes teaching you how to make your own dolls, also became very popular during this time.

A quarter of a century later, many dolls that were so popular, have now come onto the secondary market. Due to the market being so flooded at the time of production, and so many collectors jumping onto the bandwagon, the secondary market is now flooded with these dolls. The value on many has plummeted as a result, particularly Ashton Drake Dolls.

Other collectible porcelain dolls that were mass produced are for the most part worth only a fraction of what was paid for them initially. The biggest reason for this is the fact that these dolls are still being produced, the quality has improved a great deal, and the prices have gone down. What reason would anyone have for purchasing an older one!

Marvel Avenger RC Helicopters

The market on genuine antique dolls continues to be strong, and investments made seem to be sound. As the years pass, it is harder and harder to find antique dolls unless they are coming directly from another collector’s private collection. This keeps the prices high. Unlike modern dolls, there are only so many antiques to go around!

Article Source: http://www.ArticleGeek.com – Free Website Content

Author Bio

For more useful information on doll collecting and antique dolls, visit (linkwww.eloradollhouse.com. Jayne Cremasco has been a doll retailer and appraiser for over 25 years.

Collecting Antique Dolls was written by Jayne Cremasco

As a Vintage and Antique  Doll Collector I have seen tremendous amount of changes in the past 25 years  by Jayne Cremasco from Elora Ontario Canada

This posting Doll Collecting complements my articles on  (link)

“The Least You Should Know”  Series. of 50

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The least you should Know

It’s Valentine’s Day again and it’s only appropriate to think of flowers. Myself, I think of my Anniversary, Valentine’s day and this is my next edition to THE LEAST YOU SHOULD KNOW SERIES of 50 articles.  This topic in the series is about Collecting Head Vases and in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, flowers and head vases go together, and in the same sentence.

Head Vases where first introduced in the 40s for the florist and boutique industry as give-always to complement  flowers with these stylish vases.  They were a drawing card to bring in new customers to  there brick and mortar store. Grouping beautiful bouquets of flowers together in a classy looking vase known as a Head Vase was a big success. Like today, it’s not uncommon to buy your darling flowers already put in a “plain” ordinary vase. But these weren’t just any vase, they had a look all of their own.

two head vases

two head vases one with flowers and one without

Head Vases and Flowers go together.

Here is a little history.                                                                                                                                                                      The term head vase was referred to a special style of ceramic vase. Most to all, these vases as I mentioned, had a distinct look about them. They generally featured the head or bust of a person, but they also came in an animal theme, babies, children, men and some had a religious tone to them. (Nothing ordinary about these vases). So the porcelain head vases where not strictly of just beautiful women but they were the most popular of all.  In the same category of head vases, they were sometimes known as head planters but in my estimation, there is no comparison.

The Americans introduced these gems to the market before WW2 in the early 40’s, but after the war, they were made by many off shore companies. (Mainly Japan)  By the mid 70’s the market was flooded with head vases and the fad peaked. Now they are just a neat, hard to find, collectable.

There were also many companies that produced HEAD VASES just to hang on the wall. There was a pocket in the back for the flowers and they were referred to as “WALL POCKETS” (still seen today).

Point of interest: like I said, many of the most desirable and collectable head vases were of FAMOUS WOMEN like Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford, Jackie Kennedy and the likes. They were featured with fancy hats, realistic facial features, and even pearl necklaces with matching dangling earrings. Some even had a shapely hand with painted nails delicately framing one side of the face. By looking straight at these facial art pieces, you don’t notice there is an opening in behind for the flowers. In the 60’s they were hot items sold at five and dime stores such as Woolworth’s and Kresge’s.  Some of the prices being $3.00 or less.

Did you know there are popular “HEAD VASE” CONVENTIONS around the country?

Here is a helpful tip.                                                                                                                                                              When on the hunt for theses unique gems, one way you know they are Head Vases is by putting your hand in behind the head and checking that opening for the flowers. Other than that, you could be fooled thinking it to be just another nice piece of Porcelain.

“One collector said they all have something in common. They are all someone’s fantasy of a beautiful woman”.

ON ANOTHER NOTE:                                                                                                                                                                 HERE IS A HAMILTON, ONTARIO COUPLE WHO COLLECT HEAD VASES — THEY ARE UP TO 1,200 AND collection of head vasesCOUNTING, and that was in 2012. Here is a (link) to their collection.


Now you’re all pumped up about your new found adventure, collecting Head Vases. Now what? You can find them at antique malls, flea markets, garage sales, and even at auction sales. The best part, most people don’t even know what they are or have never heard of them.

Does that make them collectable or just scarce?

When you’re looking, or hunting for these rarities, get in the habit when seeing a porcelain head or bust of some description sitting on a shelf with all those other pieces of glass ware, to place your hand behind the head to feel for that opening.                                                                                                                                                                                                      ∞ ∞ FROM THE FRONT IT IS HARD TO TELL. ∞ ∞

The most popular brands to look for are, Napco, Relpo, Rubens and Lefton. But beware there are a lot of reproductions out there.

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 *** Do your research, remember knowledge is power*** (LINK)


LET’S START COLLECTING “anything” and read my series of “THE LEAST YOU SHOULD KNOW” for other collectable information and, if you have any more than 3 items the same, you are already a collector. You just don’t know it!

Hope this site was helpful on this Valentine’s Day and I say to you, why settle with an ordinary vase when these collectable Head Vases have a little more …. Buzz.

I recommend this excellent book on “Head Vases Identification and values”. By Kathleen Cole

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