Is it illegal to turn back a speedometer?

car speedometer Is it possible to have a car speedometer ( actually the proper term is Odometer)  turned back to a lower number, but, why would you want to tamper with it anyway? We all know years ago it was common practice for shady corner car lots to turn the speedometers (odometer) back, you know, show a lower mileage on the car so they could get more money for the low miler.

Actually, it’s the “Odometer” they play with and not a car speedometer

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The story has it if you had over 100, 000 miles on your car it was considered, well not desirable for resale. So no matter how beautiful and well kept your vehicle was or is, the higher number on the odometer was the killer. In most cases, the used car salesman used that number to their advantage “we can’t pay that price for a high mile car.”  So in the end, the car lot got this well maintained and beautiful looking car with high miles for near nothing.  The salesman says what to do with this car, so spinning the car odometer back on this beautiful high miler was common practice. Continue reading