Harley Davidson Motorcycle Barn Find


Harley Davidson Motorcycle Barn Find

So, as you’re watching another episode of the American Pickers or if you’re a Canadian and watching the Canadian Pickers version, it must cross your mind at least once, where do Do they actually find these things in barns? Now don’t go beating yourself up over this, because through all likely hood, you do not have staff making phone calls like those dreaded telemarketers or people that their sole purpose in life is to follow up on leads, rumors of anything that’s just been remotely sitting around for a long time. Who knows, if you listen to some of those rumors you hear, you might be lucky enough to even find an old Harley Davidson Motorcycle hidden in a barn someplace. RUMORS.


That’s where the term “Barn finds“ come from.  (LINK TO WIKIPEDIA)

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Unexpected places to buy things and not a Barn Find

Barn Find Willys Coupe

Photo by Google images and Photoshop

We are called auction junkies, buyers, and sellers of antiques and collectibles, barn finds connoisseurs. I’m always looking, with my head turning this way and that.  My neck gets sore just thinking about it, but, “We all have seen that type of person,” these people never sit still. “THAT’S ME”. And being that type of a person, it sure comes in handy when you’re looking for things to …purchase. Trust me we find these “Barn find”  I call them in the most unexpected places.

Take for example —

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