Model trains a hobby or considered a collection?

buildings used for model train setups

The advertisement reads,” Model train show in your area”. So if you are a hobbyist or collector, please consider attending and it’s only … 5 bucks. ($5.00 in normal language) What’s not to like on an afternoon of fun and entertainment for only 5 bucks!

Five bucks, 5 bucks, 5 bucks.

I’ve blogged about many different topics before; “and I always tried to make it clear”, vendors at all these trade shows, whether it’s antique, collectables or any other trade shows. These people are more than happy to share their knowledge and friendship to anyone that’s sincerely interested.

So, off I go to the train show, maybe pick some guys brain while I’m there, maybe learn few things on the latest generation of model trains.  Pick up a few pointers for my upcoming blog posting on model trains.

5 bucks to get you in the door and a door prize to boot. (which by the way I didn’t win).  A fun place to spend a couple hours for you and your family, and bonus…just be a kid again. “What’s not to like?”

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