Garage Sale Shopping


Tips on Garage Sale Hunting

This is what we do.

Check local ads for your personal interests/preferences and those garage sales you go to first.

Draw out a map/area and mark them #1, #2, #3 etc. on the map. [save time & money   (Driving around]

Start early {the early bird gets the worm}

Always have small bills, change.

Group all your interested items together and ask if you can get a better deal. Chances are you will, and save $$

Never be afraid to ask if they have other items of your interest that they maybe they forgot.

( O ya…SORRY, I forgot to bring one of those  out)

And for you killer garage sale coinsures … Bring boxes, newspaper to wrap your treasures.

Dress appropriately. Eh

Tip, older established section of town we find are less toys and more antiques.

[Injoy the hunt]

To help you with your Townwide Garage sale hunting, here is a website for around our area.

If my posting is not correct, please go to this link.