Who are the Star People Arcturians

Starship Athena above earth

Arcturians are Intercontinental travellers on a starship from the Constellation of Bootes. (ET) They proclaim to humankind that they come in peace.

Their purpose is simple. We Arcturians, have been sent to observe earth’s progress since the beginning of time and are here again to help humankind through the coming changes.

We come in peace, they stressed.

Fiction or Not, this book called “We, the Arcturians,” where some of my research comes from does have an interesting twist. Their keen sense of observation of the planet earth and the people residing seems to be a reasonable and accurate assessment of us.

Read below and you can be the judge.


They telepathically communicate through a person channelling in four or five dimensions as they refer to call it. Their elders at their home deal in the tenth dimension.

Putting that in earth perspective, we earthlings only deal in a three-dimension system. “Length, Width and Depth”

Athena Starship BridgeOf course, I always thought it was “Past Present and Future” silly me, but I have been wrong at least once in my life and this, is the second time!

Einstein famously revealed back in his day, that we can consider that time has an additional, fourth dimension. In Arcturians understanding, we have a long way to distinguish one dimension from another, but when we do, it will change everything as we know it today.

But they predict it won’t be anytime soon because of our “me, me” lifestyles.

They say the difference could be like walking in another room with an open mind; things start changing for the positive almost overnight.

Could it be that easy? Could our lives change that drastically and that fast.? And what does it matter anyway? Eh!

We like it just the way it is … “right.”

According to string theory, one of the leading physic models of the last half-century, the universe operates with ten dimensions, and that’s right, according to Arcturians. Even Einstein thought it could be more than 4.

This book was a gift from a particular relative that shares the same interest as I, and as luck would have it, he received this book from my father many years back. So for some strange reason, it comes back into the fold.


This exciting book on Arcturias perspective of earth and its sole purpose is to help the people on earth through the newer millennium. But only if you wish, the universal rule is, we make our own choices, free will. They, the Arcturians, are not allowed by their law and by their beliefs, to interfere with our decision-making, good or bad.

They can only offer assistance to a higher plain of life and thinking.

My thinking is.  We are a closed mind society, making changes is not liked by most people, New ideas are hard to implement, (Why one said, It works just fine the way it is) and that’s the mentality of “we the people”.

Our minds, in general, are a closed trap and that we have to change.

Some of Arturia’s observations of Planet Earth.

  1. Waste too much time competing with one another, rather than work together as one.
  2. We seem to have the wrong type of people doing the wrong jobs.
  3. Humans are too materialistic and attached.
  4. Your population don’t by nature like to take a chance, open the door to a new way of thinking, new adventures per-se
  5. Telepathy is what they use for communication; once learned saves many complicated miscommunication problems between two parties. (That would help for the hard of hearing, Eh!
  6. Love and peace are not part of our makeup and should be; we should and can learn other dimensions, frequencies for higher learning, and a higher purpose by loving more ourselves and our fellow man.
  7. They also observed that we do not respect the planet that has given us life. They say we observed that you have little care or vision for its welfare beyond your present existence. Arcturians wonder why this is, our sisters and brother of earth they call us.
  8. We rush around to the beat of an imaginary clock that measures our accomplishments against this timepiece, which perceives to be the judge.

Now, as a person living on this three-dimensional earth, how can you argue with their observation? Eh!

Read this excellent book “We, The Arcturians” from a local library or your favorite “local” book store.

WARNING the only requirement is you need an open mind, eh.


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