What is a soft code?

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When your engine light comes on your dash and your buddy says, “not to worry” it’s only a soft code. You act like you know what he’s talking about, but … you really don’t.

What is a Soft Code

author with a coronavirus on maskSimply put, the engine light comes on in your vehicle and goes away next time you turn the key off and restart the engine. Maybe the engine light never returns. I call it a hick-up. “soft code.”

Older vehicles will be prone to soft codes because of loose, damp, worn out connections or wiring due to age or environment. You can also use your aftermarket code reader to remove the blinking light. If it goes out and stays out, that’s a (Soft code) #softcode

What is a hard code?

A hard code is an engine “light” code when reset comes back on over and over. The troubled engine code will come on as fast as you cancelled it. Hard codes could mean a significant problem in your system, whether it’s your ABS (Brakes) Engine Light or your Air Bags.

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A hard code you should take seriously and be repaired sooner than later, depending on the code it tells you that it could bring on a catastrophic failure in your vehicle. That’s what the industry calls, a (Hard Code) #hardcode

Things to remember for a Novus Auto mechanics are that the cheapy aftermarket code reader will only let you remove the irritating light and, might give you a troubled code. But most will only check engine problems codes and NOT —

  1. NOT-Transmission code,
  2. NOT-ABS code
  3. NOT-Air Bags.

Or any other add-on functions on your car. You need to dig deep into your pocket for a quality code reader that does everything you need it to do and in the end, it’s worth the money.

The Launch Engine Code Reader from Amazon is as good as it gets, with a lifetime upgrade,” that’s important” for the newer vehicles of tomorrow, and checks the most essential components of your vehicle today.

Take engine trouble codes and blinking lights seriously. “Those irritating light is there for a reason”

What is a soft code? What is a Hard code?

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