Wear A Face Mask When Entering A Retail Store

facemask vs no face mask

Question; Do retail store owners have the right to refuse entry for people in their place of business with a face mask VS no face masks. World pandemic or not have they the right! Can the owners deny people access for not wearing a government mandatory face mask?

With the world outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, that seems to be a question most asked and quite a response topic on Facebook.

Is this overdoing it a little, or do they, the company or business owners  have the right to refuse a person in their building, and the kicker is, their government licensed as a “Public Place”

There was this story from many years back that somewhat falls in the line of this topic.

When tattoos were not the norm in yesterday’s world, this restaurant owner needed waitressing help. The want ad reads, “The only Requirement” if you have tattoos, please keep them concealed in HIS “Family Restaurant.”

And HIS is the keyword!

The new generation went nuts! After 20 years in business, the protesters got their way, and the restaurant owner had to close his doors because of all the negative publicity, loss of patrons, and much-needed help that he couldn’t find.

Remember, They were in business twenty years of serving the community, HE PAYS THE BILLS, HE PAYS HIS TAXES, AND HE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO HIRE WHO, WHAT, AND WHEN HE WANTS

The people that forced him to close his doors went about their business and forgot all about the fallout and anguish they caused. They never lost a dime in the process. The owner well lost everything.

These people took away his right to choose what was good and what was not good for his company.

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In that story, did the owner have the right to pick and choose who to hire? In the case of face masks, does publicly licensed by their city, business owners have the right to pick and choose patrons in their place of business even if they think their health and safety and their staff could be at risk?

 Masks vs no Masks?

This article is not ABOUT who is right or wrong pertaining to the covid-19 pandemic or face masks; it’s about the business owner’s rights and choice?

I’m FROM THE OLD SCHOOL thinking, and I live by the (KISS) rule, keep it simple …stupid. The person paying the bills should have every right to pick and choose what and whenever he wants. Masks vs no Masks? Especially in today’s world! I would like to think under the circumstances he would choose wisely, but their choice no-less.

Adding a twist;

Conspiracy theorists believe we are losing more of our rights and freedom to our governments. And yet the top Restaurant story shows, we the people are self’s choosing our own freedoms and the rights of our fellow neighbors, and “the people around us”

People demonstrating enough about something will or could make drastic changes.

But the story of the Restaurant owner shows we are our worst enemy, and it’s not the Government making change; we, the people, are making the change and losing our freedom, by our own doing! We are losing our rights by demonstrating the unfairness of business owners running their business the way they seem fit.

Remember, they pay the bills.

My old school thinking is, don’t like the Restaurant or the business forcing you into wearing a face mask, in THEIR place of business, easy, don’t stop there.

Wear A Face Mask When Entering a Store is mandatory by most retailers.

Restraint closed

Does a business owner have the right to pick and choose who comes into his store “with or without Covid-19 face mask?”

Another Question;

Does an Airline have the right to ask you to show proof of covid-19 shots before entering their airplane?


The covid-19 pandemic brought on many changes in our society and its thinking, anguish, and people disillusioned whether it was real or not. Maybe a hoax brought on by higher powers. Who knows? In the earlier months, the authorities only picked on single people not abiding by the strict face mask rules, and then, they left the three hundred people demonstrators, “ALONE” That desolation my thinking a little and, I was a firm believer in the covid-19 pandemic was real.

The power of numbers! Eh!

The Government states that if you have a physical or mental illness or impairment or a disability that means you cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering, you are exempt from the rules.  Other than that, it is mandatory in all States and Provinces to wear a face mask.

We also conclude after researching the subject, and this ruling is not based on race, sexual orientation, religion, or national origin. I believe it’s the right thing to do, especially under the circumstances.

One person commented on the subject and went as far as to say, if the store owner doesn’t force the mask policy in his store and someone comes down with the illness, “he should be charged.”

In the end, do I believe that the company owners have the right to run their business the way they see fit? I think Yes!  If you do not like the rules by the owner, you don’t have to shop there and you don’t have to go on that airplane. Respect everybody’s decision, it is a company owner’s right!

Comment by readers.

  1. While I don’t disagree with the basic premise, businesses don’t have an absolute right to refuse service, otherwise, we’d all be subject to all kinds of bigotry.
  2. Many stores, in my area at least still wouldn’t let you in but they’ll either shop for you or help you with delivery or pick up options. So even with a medical exemption, it’s not a 100% chance that someone will be allowed inside the store as the store has made reasonable accommodation as the disabilities act states.
  3. If any business these Coronavirus days gives notice that you may not enter their business without a mask do it. They do not need to cater to you wanting their business or medical services. Their security can ask you to leave and escort you out. You can be a rebel and challenge them if you truly have a wish to get into some kind of trouble or be banned from their office. Myself, I have to wear a mask to my Doc appointment tomorrow, and good thing I keep one in my car. If I forget it they will reschedule my appointment.
  4. Absolutely! Businesses have the right to require whatever attire they deem appropriate. Ever seen the signs that read “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service”  This sign has been seen around the world for many years. That sign was never contested!

Wearing A Face Mask When Entering A Retail Store is “Mandatory” in most U.S. States and Provinces.

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