WARNING; They Were Told, Never Go There

siting on porch over looking desert

I watched it crash by that old mine

In the Bad Lands of Alberta, Canada, white cap mountains stand on one side and white sandy desert on the other. Sitting smack in the middle is 5ooo acre cattle ranches, all divided by a mere interlocking and imaginary fence and a gate.

Seventy million years ago, dinosaurs walked the earth, and southern Alberta was a subtropical paradise of towering redwoods and lush vegetation. Today the once fertile plains suddenly drop away into a world of multi-hued canyons and wind-sculpted sand-doons.

authors photoThat same area of the Bad Lands of Alberta, Canada, is famously known for the Largest Deposits of Dinosaurs Bones in the World.

This beautiful part of Canada spans east to the Saskatchewan border, west to the Rocky Mountains, and the southern tip to the United States.

In this very historical area, dinosaurs walked the earth and as the stories go —- “Other things that live here, but just don’t belong here.”

So, that’s what makes this dessert and meadows different than just any other ordinary historical place. “It’s the dark secrets this place still holds today.”

WARNING; They Were Told, Never Go There

But some people didn’t heed the warning,

As we speak, there is an Archaeological dig happening in and around the dunes. The story has it that the biggest ever find of something can be discovered here? But that’s all the communique said! And nobody knows for sure what and where the rumors even come or ORIGINATED?

It must be from a credible coerce, or they wouldn’t go through this much trouble or money.

These Archaeologists (Paleontologists) armed with special Canadian permits to extend their stay are from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. They specialize in man’s history and the unusual.

They’re scouring parts of the desert in hopes of finding some ancient remains of years gone by, and if the rumors are true, it could be a find of a lifetime.

But most of the team of Archaeologists is under the assumption it has something to do with seventy million-year-old bones, but does it?

The one new guy onboard the newly formed team noticed something that didn’t teach at his university.

He noticed armed security guards that seem to be on high alert, looking over the peaceful desert for something, anything or maybe nothing! But he found that unusual, so he asked, how come the armed swat team, why is that necessary in a simple excavation site?

The senior team member said sharply as he gazed into the eyes of the new guy. “Rumors have it there are scarier things out here than finding dinosaur’s bones.”

Was that part of the rumor? Is the Archaeologist agenda something entirely different than what was initially thought?

It is a known fact the locals talk about unexplained phenomena’s in the sky, like unexplained flashing, strange noises coming from the desert.

They say things that are just unexplained, and well, they say they are … “Better left alone.” So heed the warning!

WARNING; “some things are better off left alone.”

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The original rumor started with a Canadian rancher and the warning that followed.

The night starts off like any other. We’re at the ranch, sitting comfortably on our moon-lit porch overlooking the peaceful and quiet desert surroundings.

At sundown, if you look hard enough in the distance, you can see a one-time bustling, but now just an abandoned old mining town.

Looking up at the clear sky away from the bright city lights, you can see the wondrous bright stars of nature. The blinking satellite passing overhead doing its regular flyby maybe, taking pictures of me sitting here choking down a cold brew.

As I’m looking up at the sky, something catches my eye … that’s somewhat — different! As I’m looking towards the heavens, you can see this bright light and it seems to be coming closer in my direction. Then a flash out of nowhere, and a lightning strike from a near-perfect cloudless night that seemed to hit that oncoming brighter one.

“Now that’s really odd” “There shouldn’t have been any lightning in the sky. There’s not a cloud anywhere.”

Suddenly, this thing speeds towards the earth; bam it hits the ground in the vicinity of that old deserted mine.

I’ll have to investigate it tomorrow after daybreak.


At first, light as I’m getting ready to inspect the grounds from this unusual occurrence, three local sheriffs come knocking on my door. They were wondering if I saw anything strange during the night.

“As a matter of fact, I did, and it was in that direction” as I pointed to the spot where I thought it landed or crashed or something, it made a lot of dust and noise though I told the cop.

The three sheriffs headed towards the old mining town.

Hours go by, and there is no sign of the law, so on to my chores I went, unconcerned. I’m looking down at all this loose straw between the stables, and I see a strange little guy walking around my barn — never seen the likes of him before.

As I’m in the process of relocating this little critter from my barn, I hear an odd noise. It sounds like my old uncle Joe at supper time smacking on his food. I never heard that sound before outside the supper table! This is one rare day to remember, and back to my chores, I went.

As I’m finishing up my duties in the barn, I never gave it any more thought about the strange happenings until the following day. I’m in town picking up some feed for my cattle, and I notice the town people acting kinda weird. Some of the folks huddled together in doorways or rambling at the corner variety store. “What’s going on I ask these guys that seem to be in a real tither.

The one said, “You heard about the three local policemen (sheriffs) going out in the desert to investigate that strange UFO happening, thingy yesterday?”  “Yeah so!”

While out in the desert, out of nowhere, an unusual sand storm whipped up, and apparently, the officers got separated. Two cops took refuge in the old abandoned building on the edge of the miner’s town.  One sheriff being separated from the other two made it back to town.

The escaped police sheriff was babbling about strange happenings around that old ghost town and he kept slurring his words saying “They got the other two cops, they got um.”

After hearing the unusual story and disappearance of the sheriffs, the town’s people formed a rescue party for the two missing officers. But this time, there were more than three going out. “Count me in,” I said to the organizers. “I’m just as interested in finding our GUYS as anybody.”

Something is going on out there, and we’re going to find out what!

About fifty town citizens are now scouring the desert for something, anything of the lost Police officers.

They looked everywhere, in and out of the old abandoned buildings, down mine shafts.

Where would they have gone?

All we ever noticed was unusual piles of something.

After an extensive search for the disappeared cops, the authorities finally called the hunt off.

Up to date, the officers were never found, and their horses were gone like they never existed.

We’ve never heard of seen from the officers ever again.

Years later, everything had quieted down. We all seemed to have buried our heads in the sand and tried to forget those days long ago.

The police officers, even some ranchers, stray dogs, and other animals that venture out in that direction of the mine….never return.

The strange noises that I hear today coming from the desert is a fresh reminder that it must be related to the disappearances somehow.  Anything that goes on or near that abandoned mine seems to be free game for whatever lurks out there.

So, yeah, we, the town’s people, started this story based on fact. “Do not venture anywhere near that abandoned town.”

To this day, the beautiful Bad Lands of Alberta, Canada, and the once serene desert have a different meaning. The mysterious surroundings of the desert are not willing or ready to divulge their secrets.

The old mining town was deemed to be haunted and or just labeled — no man’s land. We knew that area should be off-limits to “EVERYONE.”

WARNING; They Were Told to Never Go There

Did the archaeologist team heed the WARNING, or is that what they are really after?

To be Continued

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