Warning Or Prediction about the “The Beast” PART 2

warning sign for conspiracies

Part two … The nonbelievers of the Covid-19 say, ‘It has nothing to do with wearing a protective face mask,” It has all to do with losing control of your way of living, your rights. Being told to wear a protective cover is the silver bullet that starts people thinking and balking the system.

The shutdown bothers some of the general public so much; they are protesting, demonstrating against the wearing of mask policy. Right or wrong, it’s “Being told what to do.” Violating their civil rights, they want to decide for themselves to wear or not wear the protective garments, not told.

That’s the issue that keeps coming up? Our civil rights are slowly fading away.

Me, I’m a believer in wearing a face mask just in case the Coronavirus is not a hoax. It’s just a mere inconvenience at best, everybody is wearing one, designer ones, colorful ones, patriotic ones, so, I’m not standing out in the crowd with my geeky-looking black one. There in style!

When something smells funny, a RED FLAG goes up. I always worry about a smokescreen. (Sixth Sense) what you see coming in the front door is not necessarily what’s sneaking in the back. Indirectly are these conspiracy theorists somewhat right.

The expression “Smoke Screen” is used in this article has a slang meaning “to conceal, designed to disguise someone’s real intentions or activities.”

Beware of the computer called The Beast keeps coming up and the privacy concerns.

The $1000 you paid for your cell phone has a GPS “for your convenience,” and you never get lost again. Or maybe, “You can be found easier!”

But what about that back door? Now somebody can keep track of you and your traveling habits. The computer in your new car can keep track of your bad driving habits. In case of an accident, “can your car squeal on you?.” yeah

A driver told the officer, “I wasn’t speeding” but the cop says, your car computer just said you were doing 40 miles over the speed limit. “Your #^%&.” Adding insult to injury, that camera to ketch speeder … caught-cha.

Is that possible? Your pride and joy car just turned on you, “squealed on you.” Eh!

Social media keeps track of your friends and relatives and your bad habits. Cookies on your computer keep track of your buying habits, everything online is Cloud-based, which means somebody is storing your information, your pictures even your data. (For your convenience)

Free online ancestor programs that tell you where you’re originally from, aren’t that great.  Now some corporations/or government agencies have a good idea where you and your nutty family come from.  DNA testing would be another scary venture and a big privacy concern.

Warning; up till date everybody assumes your personals are stored in different places, that’s good security on its own, but what if, “all your personals are stored in one spot” like the one Computer called “The Beast”

Is there a Supercomputer called the Beast? Or is all this information adding to the conspiracies theories?

Going back to the original intent of this article, “Super Computer Called The Beast”  The Information from the storyline of the 1975 Novel “The Beast.” also warns “Beware of a cashless subsidy.”

I’m trying to cross the TTTT’s and dot the eyes.

I did notice throughout the first part of this Covid-19 2020 pandemic, plastic credit cards or a swipe card was the only currency accepted buying any commodities. Whether you’re purchasing a Big Mac at Mac Donald’s or home groceries at a food chain. Nobody wanted to touch paperback currency called money or even touch your matter of fact!

Only “swipe plastic” would work.

Could this be a test on how the public would react to a no paper currency system? The conspiracy theorist would think yes. Maybe that’s the RED FLAG!

Conspiracy theorists are not getting me down, I’m complying with the face mask ruling, but, “That’s not a bad idea” Rid the world of paper and the heavy jingle in your pocket, use a card, or better yet, bury a coded chip under your skin. I’m in!

Swipe your hand across the “picker-upper” code reader thingy, and you’re good to go. Good idea, Eh!


But this goes back to the original thought of the mask issue, and the gun registry. It’s not necessarily about the mask or even the guns, it all has to do with some government agency or some other entity keeping track of your every move.

Could, everybody’s Information be stored in “one” Super Computer?

If the swipe thingy is implemented, they now have dotted the eyes and crossed the tees. Someone is now keeping track of you!

All that Information gathered is called “PROFILING.” Which in today’s society, is illegal.

Do these none believers of the Coronavirus have anything to worry about? Is this pandemic scare brought on for a HIGHER REASON?

Back to the reader about keeping track of you and the supercomputer printed in the 1970s, “Is that even possible today.”

We have nothing to worry about; upon till now everybody has  already given your passwords, private anything away a long time ago, and the funny part is, “We did it willingly.”

Check out the next chapter, “Theory or a Prediction” maybe the conspiracies theories are right. The computer called “The Beast” sole purpose is Gathering all worldly Information.

Old And New Computer Technology

Supercomputer called The Beast, “Soul Purpose” is to store everybody’s private information, NA!

This guy is Smoking too many Canadian Dobbie’s eh!

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