Twenty Five Most Read Short Stories

,25 Most Read Short Stories book cover These are Twenty Five of my most read short stories. Some chapters are entertaining, some are informative, and some are just downright good short reads for your work commute.

Some of my Stories might even have a Canadian theme and orientation to them.
I’m not a long book reader and very few times, a book will captivate me long enough to read the whole thing. That unconsciously inspired me to write short fun and to the point short stories for readers, just like you and me. For those people that are always on the go.
Short stories like in Readers Digest always seem to be the most popular to read. They, like mine, will hopefully spark your reading interest in the same way. The chapters are between 4-8 minute reads.
We’ll start with the very first article I wrote that must have got people thinking, and yeah, “that’s possible!” to the last chapter called “Extra.” It’s a glimpse into an Interesting fiction book that’s in the works and will be out shortly on Amazon.
I specifically formatted this “25 Most Read Short Stories” e-book for more effective reading on all your electronic devices.  And on the last page, I left a web address for your good, bad, or ugly comments. Please leave me a note. Enjoy!

Soft Cover Books and e-books Published by David Allan Wiles from Amazon

1. Untold Story of the Avro Arrow                     Published by Amazon
2. The Least you should Know                           Published by Amazon
3. Twenty Five Most Read Short Stories         Published by Amazon
4. Classic Car Manual                                           Published by Amazon 
5. Chronicles of a Taxi Driver.                            Due out in June 2021
6. Help Wanted, No Experience Needed.         Due out in August 2021
7. They Were Told to Never Go there                Due out 2021
8. Title Unknown as of today.                            “working process”  (copy and paste in your directory)

seven book covers by Amazon