This is a book summary of Canada’s Fallen Avro Arrow

Avro Arrow Reaching to the Sky

Canada’s Avro Arrow CF-105

This is a short description of Canada’s Avro Arrow CF-105 Program in an e-Book format and simply called “The Future Was Ours” Historical facts are verified through web research and the address posted below in the book. But the why part of the story is my opinion!

The story is based on the cancellation of the only Jet Fighter built in Canada called the Avro Arrow. It was sleek, it was fast and futuristic and to many thinkers, it was gone because of the advanced technology, cancelled by the powers at being.

There’s not much more that can be written or said about the Arrow than 200 other published books haven’t already mentioned. Except, I think I know why Prime Minister John Diefenbaker cancelled Canada’s future and ultimate Canada’s aerospace industry with a stroke of his pen.

That question “WHY” has haunted Canadian historians and Arrowhead buffs ever since.

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This e-book is priced right. It’s for people that are concerned, interested or just heard of the Avro Arrow CF 105 Jet Fighter Program and want to know more. The web researched address alone is worth the price of this book.

To start with it was manufactured in Malton, Ontario, Canada. (It was part of Pearson International Airport?) And through many hours of volunteer work from passionate and dedicated people, you can see a full-size replica at this museum near Stayner, Ontario Canada with the link posted HERE

In this book, you will see and read that Canada was a leader in such technology and it started shortly after the Second World War. (Learn More)

But Canada and all of its achievements were removed from the world stage by possibly political pressure, cost over-runs of the Arrow project or just not the will to carry forth the responsibility of being a world leader.

In the end, you can be the judge of why Canada is still not a leader in this technology in today’s world and should be.

But like all written historical material, it’s the author that puts the spin on what direction they want the story to take. American writers would tell the story differently than Canadian Writers. Take for example; “It never was any good, that’s why it was dumped.”

A Canadian writer would say,

“That was Canada’s pride and joy” “Made in Canada” and yes, by all worldly standards, it was the fastest and the most futuristic plane in the sky at the time.

So, after reading this eBook you can decide, was Diefenbaker right in cancelling the overpriced project? Or was it another bad choice made by people that can’t see the bigger picture?

Keep in mind that to my knowledge Canada has never built another Fighter Jet on Canadian soil. In my opinion, we have always been dependent on others for help in our homeland security.

But through all fairness, you will hear this term in my book. ‘Dump The Arrow ‘and “We Will Take Care Of You … good buddy!

Maybe, that’s why Donald Trump commented in one of his speeches and was directed at Canada, “Don’t expect us, (meaning the United States) to help you in case of ??”

Canada’s Armed Forces buy anything they need on the other side of our borders.

This part is important to the author of this book because of Canada’s Sovereignty, Independence, and future well-being as a nation. We have all it takes right here on Canadian soil to be a leader, except the will.

But that’s only my opinion and, I’ll try and keep my feelings to myself throughout the eBook.

At the bottom of the page, there will be references related to my ebook, a web address for you to do your own research and interesting comments from former Avro Arrow employees.

The Avro Arrow is gone and nobody is to blame other than Canada’s Prime Minister. He alone stroked his name on that cancellation document. But having said that, there is a renewed interest in ‘What really did happen to the Avro Arrow?

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Last note by a Facebook follower;

In October of 1957, Canada introduced the military jet and its state-of-the-art technology at an awe-inspiring performance. but the interceptor came with a hefty price tag, one the Canadian government was not prepared to accept.

The five produced and workable planes were eventually destroyed and melted down for scrap and believed to be no survivors. The Avro Arrow and other pieces of Canadian Aviation History will be part of the Canadian Air And Space Conservancy, a museum of aviation history.

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