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Here is the Best Self Help free Motivational Information out there, and it starts with you and you walking through that door.


Life becomes a little simpler when you accept that as we pursue our goals, there will inevitably be challenges and barriers along the way. This is why a few extra sources of inspiration, such as motivational books, never hurt anyone.

  • Change Your Life
  • Secrets of Being Productive
  • This book is sure to inspire and motivate
  • The Power Of Positive Thinking.

daves-post-time photoThat was an advertisement put on by a book publishing company on motivational books for sale. The power of positive think is a must no matter what your endeavors in life.

Did you know the self Help, the power of positive thinking books are a billion dollar industry. Sole purpose is to get a person motivated and hopefully point you in the right direction to prosperity.

But it doesn’t work unless you point yourself in the right direction.

Example; Are you the type of person that doesn’t venture too far away from your comfort zone? Are you one of those who are content right here … right  …where … you …stand! Open the door, what door you say.

There is an old saying, I can show you the door, but you have to walk through it. Walk the talk.

I once knew a fella that was quite content with his job and his whole surroundings; he once said that he travelled to a small northern community this day for an afternoon tour. Well, that took me back, that’s a one hour drive from where he lived, and he ultimately left his comfort zone. He never ventures to far! That was an exciting day for my buddy, and I had to say I was proud of him.

I smartly commented that you were one brave sole undertaking such a long drive.

Zoom- Zoooom right over his head. We were pals, and some silly comment like that would’ve offended him, even if he caught the sarcasm. He knew I was right.

Adventurists old me I could not see some people’s perspective does not see as much as the world as you could. And I have to add I am somewhat jealous of that person at the same time … “but only sometimes!”

So content with their hum-drum lives … there is nothing more acceptable, they say.

I buy storage lockers for a living, and that should tell the whole story of my way of thinking. There is nothing more adventurist of the unknown than buying abandon storage lockers with empty cardboard containers that … you thought was full of unfound treasures, maybe a 60 inch TV.

A person has no idea what’s in that locker, only what you see from the doorway and or low lighting, just like the sitcom Canadian Storage Wars.

So you just spent your life-saving on something you have no idea what you just bought. (Hope they’re not empty boxes like last time. Eh!”

So opening any door to the unknown is a walk in the park.

The online storage auctions are even more (stupid) I mean “Adventurist,” So If someone told you to walk through that door and It could “possibly “change your life ….Would you walk through that door to the unknown?

Like I said, “someone can show you the door, but you have to walk through it.”

In most cases, the average person unsure or to “scared” anxiety sets in or a better terms words of the unknown, but in my thinking, that holds a person back from possibly of more extraordinary things.

Would you move away from all your family, friends and memories for possibly a better future…..way ……over …..THERE.

Are you fearful of taking a chance?

Now, am I envious of people that are content with their surroundings, yes, but “only sometimes?”

I am somewhat going in another direction but not.

People read self-help books on the assumption of raising their self-esteem level, books to help change your thinking and supposedly point you in the right direction of fulfillment and riches. Some people need that reassurance and maybe a push in the right direction. …. But In The End …

But in the end, You Have To Do It.

“By the way, self-help books are a multimillion-dollar industry.”

As I said, someone can show you the door, but you have to walk through it. That thinking might not be for everybody, but don’t let that closed-door be your problem of more accomplishments in the world.

My Advice … Change Is Good, Learn New Things … But this is where it all starts. Maybe take some good advice from a mentor. But in the end, you have to “OPEN THAT DOOR”

The Best Self Help Motivational Information Starts With You.

Good Luck

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