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Make Money Join The Team Of Wanted Writers

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Professionals, novices and people that just want to voice their opinion to the world.

Open to all creative like-minded people that enjoy writing.
The rules are simple if you want to join the challenges to make money. You have to be a member of the Vocal + team.
Once you join and pay their small annual fees payable at one-time or monthly, you’re eligible to join in on these challenges and money-making ideas. CLICK HERE

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Hit That “LIKE” Button.

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Don’t Be Shy, Hit That “LIKE” Button.

There are a large number of writing platforms on the “World Wide Web” geared towards artistic people.   On these sites, creators, writers, bloggers, and authors can share their passion and talent. They can share tales of their adventures, life experiences, or maybe they just want to share their hobbies.  Share something, anything of good value for your reader’s experience. Continue reading

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