Readers Comment On The Beast

computer called the beast

Readers Comment on the Super Computer Called The Beast

I wrote a four part series on “The Super Computer Called The Beast” and what secrets it holds for mankind future. A reader wrote in and commented with this interesting thought on “Today’s Thinking”  “And I believe where all F$#^%%Ted”

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How Far Down The Rabbit Whole Does Conspiracies Go. Part 4

warning sign

Conspiracy Theorists must smell things that aren’t quite right. They must have a sixth sense about there could be “total government control over the horizon.”

Is there a supercomputer lurking someplace on this planet, storing all business and money transactions from around the globe? Is this the same computer compiling all your data? “Spying on You.”  Passwords, everything about you, your family history, your spending habits profiling every person on this globe in one central computer location called the “Beast” or in the case of this Manhattan building, built-in 1974. (Built shortly after the story of The Beast was exposed) Continue reading

Supercomputer called the Beast PART 1

Part 1  … After asking that question myself, “Is there a Supercomputer called the Beast” A reader wrote in as a comment saying that he went to Brussels where it’s supposedly located. He said he actually seen the building where the supercomputer is situated. Proof, by a person so intrigued with the story, he had to see it for himself. So, there you have it folks, evidence … “Well Kinda and, a big MAYBE”

computer called the beast

Super Computer called the Beast, Its sole purpose is to collect information?

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“Beware of the Computer Called The Beast” Part 3

super computer called the beast


Is the story of the “Beast” a Conspiracy, a WARNING or, maybe it’s just a prediction of this Super Spy Computer collecting your private data? The information for this article was printed back in the 1970s, and it does have some impressive views. Some of the thinking in this book I agree with but, but…mostly it’s way out there.  Zoom—Zoom!

Could this be a Warning Or Prediction?

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