Chronicles of a Taxi Driver

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A Series Of Stories Of A TAXI DRIVER

Taxis – An Essential Part of Our Heritage  – By Mark A James 

Mark JamesTaxis are an important part of every town and city in the world. In fact, in many places, they provide the local color as well as an invaluable service. In America, the ubiquitous yellow cab appeared in the early part of the last century and became a symbol of the American dream; of a job that discriminated against no man (or woman) and service loved and hated in equal measures by the entire population! Continue reading

Is Uber taking over the Taxi Industry?

Forget your wheels at home, need a ride, easy, put up your hand and hale a taxi down . You’ll be picked up, taken to your destination. Life is good. It’s a commodity that was always needed in our busy lives and even more so with the changing of the times. But I wonder how the new guy on the block did it. How did Uber just take over the Taxi Industry, when these regular taxi companies had such deep roots in our community?yellow cab


Is Uber taking over the Taxi Industry?

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