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My name is Mike, and as fate would have it, cab driving was my destiny for 30 plus years of my life. It started out as a part-time job bringing some much needed extra cash as I was raising a young family and swimming in debt. Continue reading

Is Hollywood Glamorizing Taxi Drivers


Taxi Driver HeaderThis is another story from the “Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” series. So, You Still Want To Be A Taxi Driver, Eh.? There are many movies out there glamorizing the taxi driving industry. Some of these movies listed at the bottom have a hilarious theme like the weekly “ #TaxiSeries ” from the ’80s to my favorite space-age theme “ #TheFifthElement” with Bruce Willis.  Most have a funny and glamorous side to their stories.

One person asked, “Is it hard to be a Taxi Driver?” No, not really, but being a taxi driver is not all fame and glory.

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