Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” “Covid-19 and the Taxi Driver”

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You have to ask yourself, — how are the Taxi Drivers dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic? Some of these researched stories are downright disturbing.  Some taxi operators are falling on hard times, most company owners say, half of their taxi fleets are parked because of the shortage of customers.

Many cabbies are coming down with the COVID-19 virus through fares and infected people getting in and out of their cabs. Continue reading

Is Hollywood Glamorizing Taxi Drivers


Taxi Driver HeaderThis is another story from the “Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” series. So, You Still Want To Be A Taxi Driver, Eh.? There are many movies out there glamorizing the taxi driving industry. Some of these movies listed at the bottom have a hilarious theme like the weekly “ #TaxiSeries ” from the ’80s to my favorite space-age theme “ #TheFifthElement” with Bruce Willis.  Most have a funny and glamorous side to their stories.

One person asked, “Is it hard to be a Taxi Driver?” No, not really, but being a taxi driver is not all fame and glory.

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“Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” Series of Articles

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“Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” Series of Articles starts off with asking questions. Is the Taxi Industry being unfairly treated by the general public? Is it a trade with very little respect? Are cab drivers themselves being treated unfairly? Are cabbies portrayed like high school dropouts with no education?

 Questions, Questions, and More Questions!!

Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” articles and stories will show, unlike other trades, most taxi drivers, have no pension plan or … job security. They have oddball hours, fare evasion from a lot of passengers, and threats on their life. And let’s not forget my all-time favorite … health problems from lack of exercise due to their work environment.  And … most taxi drivers “Are well educatedContinue reading

Can Taxi Driving be a Rewarding Trade

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It’s not easy to be a Taxi driver, but it can be a fun and rewarding trade, well in another sense. Take for example a true story of a famous Photographer, taxi Driver from New York City, US.

Ryan Weideman was an ordinary typical young guy, unsure of how he’d pay the rent. His cab driver neighbor took Ryan with him on an exciting night of “Seeing New York City” through the eyes of a taxi driver.

As the story goes, Ryan was instantly hooked and quickly started working the night-shift.

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