Photographer Taxi Driver Cabby

 Eye of a Photographer cartoon

Photography Taxi Driver Cabby says it’s in the eye of the beholder. Now even though the original saying is somewhat different, I will use it as a metaphor for this article.

My passion was always to be a better photographer, and, there were two ways to achieve my goal. Self-taught, or learn from the best, “New York Institution for Photography.”  I signed up and the rest was history. I never did accomplish professional status but there were many things I learned from that course. Continue reading

Can Taxi Driving be a Rewarding Trade

Taxi Driver Header

It’s not easy to be a Taxi driver, but it can be a fun and rewarding trade, well in another sense. Take for example a true story of a famous Photographer, taxi Driver from New York City, US.

Ryan Weideman was an ordinary typical young guy, unsure of how he’d pay the rent. His cab driver neighbor took Ryan with him on an exciting night of “Seeing New York City” through the eyes of a taxi driver.

As the story goes, Ryan was instantly hooked and quickly started working the night-shift.

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