Healing A Choice or is it All in the Mind

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Is Healing A Choice or is it All in the Mind

Have you ever heard the term “It’s all in your mind?” Where would that saying come from, and what does it mean?

Have you ever heard the term “It’s all in your mind?” Where would that saying come from, and what does it mean?

“It’s all in mind” The actual meaning is used to tell someone that they have imagined something that doesn’t exist. It’s all in mind or it’s all in your head. You imagined it!

Well, that says it all, eh!

When it is used (It’s all in the mind) the term usually has a negative tone attached to it, but could the actual saying and meaning be used in a different light?

Like, your illness is all in your head.  Now even that has a negative sound to it.

There was a young person that called himself “My Name Is Adam” He is an Energy Faith Healer from B.C., Canada.

His motto was,” sure I can do long-distance healing but, I would prefer to show you, the people, how you can to heal yourself and stay healthy.” Adam held workshops worldwide to show people the power of self-healing through INTENT; he called it.

It means you have to believe in part of the healing process.” It’s all in the mind.” Eh!

One Healer also wrote:

As part of the  healing process, whether you’re under a physician’s care or a swami-type faith healer, believing and helping yourself is the correct way of helping you “stay healthy.”

Now the term “It’s all in the mind” doesn’t sound too far-fetched anymore, Eh!

Medical professionals deal with the realities of science in the world. Each cure must be totally proven before the average physician uses it. And they will not admit openly on this theory, “It’s all in the mind.” But when they prescribe a mind-altering drug for your ailment or a simple sugar pill, you know they believe it’s all in your head.

Faith healers believe, “We Deal In Faith” and each patient has a different amount of faith. Some are cured. Some are not.

Again it goes back to “It’s All in the Mind.”

A Faith Healer From India Stated:

All healing is participatory, no matter what the modality.

Western medicine accepts the idea that patrons must be willing to improve their health in order to improve one’s health.

They also say that too many people have been encouraged to leave all the responsibility for their wellness in someone else’s hand, usually a medical authority like a Doctor.

Bits Of Wisdom Taken From The Book … Dreamhealer 2.

Healing Is A Choice  

But each of us must understand that we ultimately choose every aspect of our health care. Good or Bad.

“Our Wellness Is First And Foremost Our Responsibility.”

Dreamhealer, Adam McLeod, also says:

Working with a Doctor or Healer is a two-way street.

So Again, as mentioned, “It’s All in the Mind.”

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An Article from Strange and Miraculous Cures,

Even today, most modern techniques our doctors use are frequently baffled by the illness’s strange characteristics. There are no real easy answers to these questions because the human body is unique in its own right, and every one of us is built the same …but entirely different.

Testing of Modern Drugs

Take the testing of any modern drug.  Scientific methods indicate a new drug should be tested under controlled conditions.  That is the industry’s norm. In most cases, this means the research people divide their volunteers (patients) into two groups.

The first group of patients received the tested drug. The second group gets a placebo, a harmless sugar pill.

While researching a newly developed tranquilizer year ago, the medical research team for a large drug manufacturer was pleased with the first results of their freshly tested drug.

They concluded that the drug showed some miraculous changes in personality disorder. If our tests continue in this manner, we may have the perfect anesthetic.

The researchers were wholly disheartened to find the people with a mental health condition in the institution were divided into two sections, within the week that followed. However, the placebo pills group showed more positive personality changes than those that received the real medication.

So Again, They Mention “It’s All in the Mind.”

This is the explanation from a reputable Harvard Health Publication:

Your mind can be a powerful healing tool when given a chance. The idea that your brain can convince your body a fake treatment is the real thing — the so-called placebo effect — and thus stimulate healing has been around for millennia. Now science has found that a placebo can be just as effective as traditional treatments under the right circumstances.

In other words, all you’re doing is tricking the mind with no drugs or no treatment.

Why do modern drugs work on some people and not others? Why do viruses like the flu and the cold affect some more than others? Some professionals in health care believe that it could be a mental condition, mind over matter. Each patient has a different amount of belief. Some are cured … some are not.

Have you ever heard the term “It’s All in the Mind” … Could it be that simple?

 “The Magic Power of Belief”

An Episcopalian Minister believes the same but goes about it a little differently. He said he had healed many people through the theory of asking them one thing—the idea of forgiving others. Once an ill person practices forgiveness and accepts himself, we witnessed what might be called a miraculous cure. Loving others and accepting ourselves for what we are, our best points, and our weaknesses, seem to change many ill people mentally.

These mental changes are then, in turn, transformed into physical stability and in a positive light. Faith healers believe it starts in the mind of the person.

“We Deal In Faith,” and each patient has a different amount of faith. Some are cured … some are not.

Free Beings sway back to the idea “It’s All in the Mind.”

We are now getting back to the faith healer called Adam from Canada. He believes it’s up to us and only us to stay healthy. Our bodies have all the mechanisms to heal ourselves.

As I said earlier, western medicine accepts the idea that patrons must be willing to improve their health to improve one’s health.

So if you believe in faith healers or conventional North American medicine practitioners, the message is clear. You have to believe that  Intent is the key to good health.

Edgar Cayce

One of the world’s best-known psychics, Edgar Cayce, was quoted as saying that healing was not one-sided. You, the patient, have to believe. He also went one step further by saying; correct diet is a significant protector against illness, but that could be a different article for next time

Edgar Cayce was also world known as an extremely practical and useful Faith Healer.

And now we are back to “It’s All in the Mind.”

My Personal Take

So my personal take on my article is, we have to believe positively. This is not saying we will not get sick. It’s not saying that we will not need health care guidance and newer-style drugs for a faster recovery of vicious outside viruses and entities.

All this means is, you have to have a positive attitude. Faith healers show a person a different direction other than the conventional Western means, but all share the same message. Mental health is as vital as the air you breathe. The human brain is a complicated piece of machinery. Keep your mind healthy for it is the only way of good physical health.

And now, we are back To “It’s All In The Mind meme ” Eh!

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