Relationship Between Climate Change and Covid-19

Relationship between Climate Change and Covid-19 of 2020 pandemic, you have to wonder, are they related somehow? The unprecedented shut down of economies, curfews, work from home policies, “Could there be an up-side?”  The Coronavirus brought on some drastic change and probably more than one.

But many people around the world happen to notice an unusual phenomenon happening. Something you have never seen in modern-day and, probably could not have happened any other way. Continue reading

Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” “Covid-19 and the Taxi Driver”

Taxi Driver Header

You have to ask yourself, — how are the Taxi Drivers dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic? Some of these researched stories are downright disturbing.  Some taxi operators are falling on hard times, most company owners say, half of their taxi fleets are parked because of the shortage of customers.

Many cabbies are coming down with the COVID-19 virus through fares and infected people getting in and out of their cabs. Continue reading

Do you believe in Coronavirus Conspiracies?

Could Coronavirus  Covid-19 be just a nasty flu bug like Trump says?  Or maybe a person sway’s towards conspiracies theories? (link)  With the latest on the Coronavirus, there’s lots of information misinformation out there. Some to most are misleading, but who do you believe? Does your government have a secret agenda or is it, just a nasty flu that goes around every year?

 Is China being upfront with the Covid-19?

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Man at Work

These same people that are starting these conspiracies (rumors) are pretty scrupulous; they’re getting wealthy on everybody hitting on these made-up stories “There never was a pandemic.” They say, it’s a diversion from the real problems or it’s only designed to kill old people. Now, that’s the best one I read.

But reading those conspiracies theory’s ─ you, do have to wonder, why Covid19,  is only killing the #oldpeople. “85 % affected and dying are from the older generation group.” (I can say old people because I am old)

Do you believe in conspiracies? Well, this pandemic has the makings of one. Some even believe that the all world governments are in on it.

Now, as these bogus stories are filling the social media sites — how true are they?

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George Floyd and the Flu Virus That Only Kills Old People.

demonstrations with masks

In 2020 Black Lives Matter and Covid-19 both more or less happened at the same time. The New Year started off unlike any other.

China Shutting down Wuhan China in late 2019 because of a nasty flu virus they called it. And within months, the World Health Organization (WHO) declares it as a world Pandemic.

The order of the day, stay at home and stop the spread.

author with a coronavirus on maskThe shut down doesn’t sit well with some of the population and they are gathering and protesting, it’s against their human rights.

In and amidst the kayos of the pandemic comes a black man being caught on camera being detained by a cop. The policeman was using a widely used neck choke-hold. The black man died of suffocation and that caused instantaneously more civil unrest.

Bad Timing, but it only kills old people.

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