U.S. Flood Damaged Vehicles go to Canada?

flood damaged vehicles

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Is the U.S. dumping their flood-damaged cars into Canada

The United States has had some bad weather in the past and all the videos show

flood-damaged vehicles bobbing up and down in the water. Are these waterlogged vehicles heading North to Canada?.

Many of these vehicles from hurricane states have been written off by insurance companies, too unsafe for the road and too expensive to repair. BUT, are they still destined to our country as workable vehicles?

As the story goes, some of these vehicles come across legally into Canada providing they are sold as scrap. “Not fit for the road”.

 So now, you just purchased your dream car, cheap, what a deal you tell your friends.

But there’s one problem, it never made it off the car lot. The mechanic comes out, checks the no start and he says. “must have some electrical problem”. 

Two things would worry me, it’s from the United States with no history, and it has electrical problems that would raise a BIG RED flag.

Beware of those good deals.

We, in Ontario, have to purchase a “USED VEHICLE INSPECTION PACKAGE” before buying a used car. I always thought it was a government money grab, but it does somewhat protect the consumer.

The complete car history is in this package and it divulges all the previous owners, accident reports, etc. The problem stems from when a vehicle crosses the border, there is no information, no accident report, or any information of being written off by a US insurance company due to water damage (Cars being submerged in SALT water) “that would worry me”.

So that’s where the problem lies. Water on its own might not be that bad. Dry the vehicle out, it starts, it runs, and it has no miles on it. What’s not to like. CHEAP.


We in Canada see our fair share of what salt can do to a car. It rots out the metal, the structure of your car, making it over time, unsafe for the road. Try submerging your vehicle in THE OCEAN. The salt water would discolor your interior, it would work its way into the very fabric and metal of your car. The engine could have been submerged in the salt water doing major damage to internal components and that, might not show up right away, but it will!

Salt is a form of acid and is a real killer for anything metal / cars etc.

 And let’s not forget the sensitive wiring on your car. Most automotive computer sensors and systems on new cars work on very low voltage and any disruption of bad connections, or water in the plugs, will have a major effect on the performance of your vehicle. In worst case scenarios, the car just won’t run at all and all problems in-between.

Dealerships charge major shop rates for tracing electrical problems in cars.

If you’re really hot after that car, knowing that it comes from the U.S, at least do your due diligence and check its history.

The United States insurance companies wrote these vehicles off for a good reason.

Always “try” and get a “used vehicle inspection package” history from the state that the car came from.

( in case you don’t know ) All vehicles from the U.S.have

“MILES PER HOUR” on their SPEEDOMETERS instead of kilometers per hour.


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Self-Taught Computer Chess Game


1980 Electronic Chess Set by Radio Shack

1980 Electronic Chess Set by Radio Shack

Can a computer be self-taught or self-learning? Can it learn simulation of human intelligence? Can your Computer Chess Game learn my bad habits, my famous chess moves and then, cheat me out of the glory of winning?

Yeah it can.

In purchased a “State of the Art” Radio Shack electronic chess set, the salesman forgot to tell me one crucial issue “it cheats” And know where did I read it in the instructions, nobody at the store warned me, they should have said, “You will never beat that Machine.”


Can my Computer Chess Game Cheat on me?

At the store, the chess game intrigued with the advanced technology, you can play with a person, or if there’s no one around, you can play the computer as your opponent. You move your man, and then the computer tells you where you have to put its “computer chessman.”

How hard could it be? A warm-blooded person programmed the chess set so it would be the same as having an ordinary 2-hour chess game with a good buddy of yours.

There were 1 to 10 levels. 1st level, piece of cake and as it goes up, the levels from there. The higher up, the more thought you have to put in the game, “Just Like the Real Deal” But there is something wrong with this game!

 I noticed when I was close to winning; funny things start to happen.

When I got lucky enough to get it in check, the game would turn off. “BUT I HAD IT IN CHECK!”  I’m thinking … did I hit the wrong button? Did somebody disconnect the power?

I had that stupid chess game in check! “and dumb me,” it’s still didn’t dawn on me!

The few times I had my electronic opponent in check, I noticed that it was the computerized chess game going tilt, shutting down. “This game board computer it’s cheating”  “It didn’t like to lose.”

I’d almost go so far as to say, “It was learning my moves, my habits,” it was on to me like a wet blanket.

That couldn’t be right; it’s only a stupid computerized chess game. Eh!

Can my Computer Chess Game Cheat on me?

But fast forward to today, the new computers are programmed to learn your habits, “making things better for the consumer,” they say.

It’s got a real name attached like … “Artificial Intelligence.”

Go online (www) and look up Artificial Intelligence, and you will find it in its infancy stage, but it’s out there. Some computers, and probably yours, is watching you, telling all those marketers what your bad habits are!

Squealing on you, telling everybody in the world, this is what I have been looking up, and the next time you go on the web, (funny how it happens), up comes everything you’ve been inquiring about for the last week.” The industry calls them COOKIES”  Is that a good thing or bad thing,  you be the judge.

My point would be if you use that same technology in different applications, you could get entirely different results, as I wrote in my post “The Other Room.”

It’ll be a scary time when these “machines” get smarter than you, and they will keep on learning.  And our brains will get more and more pickled from not being used.

This Self-Taught Computer Chess Game Cheats

Read this  article  on  … Truck mechanic vs Computer Guru 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. The term may also be applied to any device that exhibits traits associated with a human mind, such as learning and problem-solving.

For example, speech recognition, problem-solving, learning and planning. The computer will assist us in finding information, getting directions, sending messages and make voice calls. It will open applications and add events to the calendar. This is all standard stuff today.


Siri uses machine-learning technology to get smarter and capable-to-understand natural language questions and requests. It is undoubtedly one of the most iconic examples of machine learning abilities of gadgets.


Tesla The car has not only been able to achieve many accolades goals but also features like self-driving, predictive capabilities, and absolute technological innovation, all computer-oriented. The car is getting smarter day by day through over the air updates. Tesla is one you need in your garage.


Netflix Is a widely popular content-on-demand service uses predictive technology to offer recommendations based on consumers’ reactions, interests, choices, and behavior. The technology examines several records to recommend movies based on your previous liking and responses.

And the list goes on and on. Computers learn your habits, and adjust their thinking to yours, learn more at this LINK.

Can this Computer Chess Game Cheat ?? Yeah!

Check out my four part series on a super computer call “The Beast”

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Finding gold at a Automotive Swap Meet

Automotive Swap Meet

Finding Gold At An Automotive Swap Meet Is Not Impossible.

You never know what you’ll find at an automotive swap meet. Buying and selling at the Lancaster Automotive Swap Meet, I found some gold tucked away in an unsuspecting place and it was right under my nose all along.

This gold story started at this twice a year Automotive Swap Meet event. It is put on by Car Clubs to collect money for their local charities.

I was venturing out this fine day, “and a vendor’s number two rule is,” be there real early to get a prime spot. If you’re lucky enough to get your booth up and organized before the gates open, you have a chance to scout around and check out all the other vendors’ tables for a little swap meet, “bartering.”

All the vendors have this practice. It’s the norm, but only if they have time.

Some so-called vendors bring a few items to put on a “one” table. The purpose is not to really sell anything, just to spend the whole day wandering around. They hope to score a few cheap items, like service station signs or the odd antique for their brick and mortar stores at home.  And let’s not forget, enjoying the commodity and car show atmosphere.

But I’m really not so different.  I go to the same tables to buy a few extra things over there, bring it back to my table, a slight markup and … you’re good, right.

But if you wonder where the gold comes from, you have to understand where these Auto vendors get their items to sell.

Most vendors buy their produce at auctions, abandoned storage lockers, deadstock at a car dealer, swaps meet like this one … one vendor would buy from the other.

I classify all of us as modern-day gypsies. Some of these guys at the swap meet, camp out in their pick-up trucks or tents for the two days or for as long as the swap meet event lasts.

Finding gold at an Automotive Swap Meet, well, it’s not impossible, Kinda.

At some of the more significant events, the guys will bring their whole families, camp out for the weekend with their kids, and they love it.

Here is an interesting Swap Meet Story

I had four electric drills on my table for sale. A husband and wife came over, and he looked over the one drill. I should have that. His wife leans over his shoulder and quietly says “you already have two.” Oh yeah, but I should have another one. Her eyes roll back in her head. I would have sold him all four if he wanted them, I understand!  “You never know when you need another drill,” he said as he walked away. It’s a man thing. “More is better”

Now finding the gold part comes into play at my very own booth, and I didn’t even realize it. 

Most of my product that day was bought from an estate auction a few days before, but was mostly  NOT auto-related.

This poor fellow that passed away was into old radios and electronics and was a technician of sorts. I bought plastic tray containers (cheap) with small nuts and bolts, springs out of old watches, exciting things for some people.

But as I came up at the gate, I told the car club dude taking my money, what I had, and that it wasn’t exactly auto-related. “Well, don’t bring that stuff again” … Right.  He had to say it in front of all the people standing there. “It is an automobile swap meet.”

At my booth, I wrapped these plastic containers with a shrink-wrap material so the drawers didn’t slide open and put $5.00 per box on each of 20 drawers.

12 o’clock noon came along and after no lookers or buyers, not even for a lousy five bucks, I thought I had to be creative if I wanted to dump, I mean to sell this product. “I’ll remove all these dinky pieces of hardware from the drawers and put them into baggies and sell the items that way.”

After pulling all the drawers apart, separating them into clear plastic bags, I finally got to the last container out of 5 bundles. I pulled the one last drawer out, and said “WHAT THIS IS!”

Gold dust found in hardware storage trays

A “pill bottle filled with something yellow!” After getting it evaluated, it turned out to be $250. worth of gold!

$5 .00 was all I was asking for the whole container.

You never know what you’ll find at Automotive Swap Meet. Eh!

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Truck Mechanic VS Computer Guru

Truck Mechanic VS Computer Guru

Making a blog site does not come easy, it’s not like my family are computer gurus and just maybe, some of the smarts rubbed off or could at very least helped me when I need to understand something. ..,. Nope, nobody. So I will learn to make a website on my own.

Sure I could PAY somebody but there’s no fun in that. Anyway, how does a person learn if somebody does it for you?

As a seasoned mechanic, our way of thinking is to the opposite end of the scale of the people that designed the web.

We mechanical technicians believed that when an engineer designed a car they installed the engine first and then they jammed the body over top, giving no or little thought to the fellow that had to work in that small hole.

In problem-solving, unless I’m familiar with the issue, I find it very helpful to try and think outside the box; try to understand how the makers/designers think and I find in most cases that’s all I needed. Rearrange my thinking.

The people that thought up this wondrous thing the web, well, must have been smoking some bad stuff.

The thinking then and now they seem to go out of their way to make things more difficult. The KISS rule is a thing of the past. “Keep It Simple, Stupid”

Making this site is taking a lot of energy out of me that I was saving for doing other things, but I will persevere and figure it out.

Once I understand the lingo, decipher that entire web (information overload and sometimes very useless information) I will build it and they will come. …. And where did I read that, anyway.

So the advertisement states

“Make your website in 20 easy minutes”……  Riiight!!

I will give these people one thing, My training, a way of thought is so much different, SO, I’ll have to think like them, smoke some Jamaican Gold and it will all come to me.  …. I will get it.

“No pain no gain”

But in our family the hand me downs, traits of my parents, will hopefully do me justice, making this site is one thing, but having something to say, well that  WILL come naturally.

So stay with me, I will beat this thing and there will be growing pains, changes as I go and with all the help of with the

10 million Plug-ins, how can I go wrong. Eh

A plug-in for this, a plug-in for that, and my all-time favorite is a plug-in (computer program) that will grade my content so it would be good enough for a (human) to read. Let’s see if I got this, A computer will grade your content to see if it’s (good bad or ugly) enough for humans to read or other computers to rate it and that s on their computer rating system or something like that.

You have to ask yourself…. Who is running Who?

Told ya….. I have a long way to go.

I will share this example of thinking differently,

I took flying lessons in a Cessna 150, and the instructor told me to go higher, (more fuel). I pulled the throttle out and down we went, instead of up we went down.

Working on old trucks, equipment, to speed the engine up you pull the throttle out, the opposite way in a small airplane.

Thanks for asking … I’m still here and ready for a new adventure.

I hope making a website is not as dangerous.

Watch for a part two, How I’m making out with my website.

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