Do cabbies have their own communication language?

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10-4 rubber duck was a famous trucker saying around the 80s. But were talking about taxi drivers (cabbies) and, their worldwide two-way radio communication system. The question is, do cabbies have their own communication language, YES or NO.?

In short, all the people using this two- way communication device should practice the 10-4 code of conduct, that includes cab drivers.  It was designed to save many words and confusion to the person listening on the other end. A person is trying to decipher the mumbled words coming through the airwaves, and it’s easier to use the 10-4 code. Continue reading

“Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” Series of Articles

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“Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” Series of Articles starts off with asking questions. Is the Taxi Industry being unfairly treated by the general public? Is it a trade with very little respect? Are cab drivers themselves being treated unfairly? Are cabbies portrayed like high school dropouts with no education?

 Questions, Questions, and More Questions!!

Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” articles and stories will show, unlike other trades, most taxi drivers, have no pension plan or … job security. They have oddball hours, fare evasion from a lot of passengers, and threats on their life. And let’s not forget my all-time favorite … health problems from lack of exercise due to their work environment.  And … most taxi drivers “Are well educatedContinue reading