Sunbathing Photos from the South During Covid-19

Traveling Tourist at Airport

I received some holiday photos of our extended American family. They were, sunbathing and enjoying the Christmas break in the sunny south. One day after the photos were taken, Dec 25 Christmas Day Ontario Canada was in total Coronavirus, Covid-19 lockdown. With a mandatory of face masks being worn outside your home. All business are closed for 30 days and, do not go outside unless you absolutely have to. “Orders from our Premier of Ontario.”

Short of Marshal Law, we are in total lockdown mode to help rid this virus.

author with a coronavirus on maskSome family members commented on their photos as, “those luck buggers” enjoying the sun. I however looked at it differently. Is this bad timing on their part showing photos of them enjoying their lives when most of United States is in lock down because of the coronavirus pandemic?

The Ontario Governing Body believes we have to stop this spread of covid-19 and this is the only way to do it.

I don’t have to like it, but I agree.

So while most Canadians are taking this approach seriously with caution.  Three hundred deaths today due to covid-19, and  our American counterparts that are basking in the sun, they only 20, 000 dead the same day.

Not to worry though, it only kills old people, one said.

Now looking at those photos on one hand and hearing the news of the US tourists  on the other, something wrong with this picture. All the travelers were encouraged to stay home over the holidays? Most decided it was in THEIR best interest to ignore the “Covid-19 pandemic “ rules. and traveled anyway.

When we get back from holidays we will abide by the “procedures” maybe!

Do the Americans know something that us dumb Canadian don’t?  Is covid-19 virus real or is it a figment of some pot smoking persons imagination. Are all of us stupid Canadians falling under the spell of conspiracies and control by …something?

Me personally, I do not know anyone that has died, or any health worker on the front line that has been sick. But should I see proof before I’m forced to wear a mask?  Should I wait until someone close to me dies  with this virus before I believe it’s the real deal and then, start wearing a mask?

On the bigger grand scheme of things I have to wonder how divided we all are in the face of a crises. Any crises I believe would go down the same way. Believers this side and non- believers, that side.

Every man for themselves attitude.

We are one sorry ass divided species in this world.

There was an article a few years back that would affect a few more people in that early age group and it went like this;

There was a leaked document called the “Crises Preparedness Document”  In this case let’s say a nuclear attack or a “real” plague facing our distinction, There was a question asked  “Who would be considered essential and non-essential people to save in terms of survival of our species” “Who would we save and who would we not save.”

Now to get the drift of the whole story, a bomb shelter per-se would only accommodate so many people.

The leaked document disappeared from radar shortly after one radio broadcast and never to be published again. But it said in part, anybody over the age of 35 years old was in that category of being non-essential and would not be deemed savable to the new world order.

I was 36 years old. I still had lots to give to society. That brought me down a peg that I was deemed useless at the age of 35 years old.

Well that is almost the same thought people have today that it only kills old people.

Through all fairness, all government must have a game plan for the survival of our nation when it comes to any catastrophic event.

The exception to the rule was unless you showed proof of extra ordinary skills for the new world, you would be left behind to fight the elements, yourself.

So as the young believer, “It only the old people die and there’re expendable,”  In the grand scheme of things, that could happen to you in the face of a catastrophic disaster.

You are in the same category, so “How do you like me now.”

Through the pandemic of 2020 and it’s carrying into 2021. Those sunbathing photos shows the mentality of the generation at hand, no unity, no heritage and no respect for governing law. No respect for a virus that just kills real people,

We as a whole should worry that this Covid -19 could be a dry run for bigger things to come.

Unity will be the only way to beat any pandemic coming our way.

And as for the Human Race, “We Failed The Test Miserably” No unity, no one thought of the goodness for all, no collective thinking. We, as a society of humans have a long way to go of watching out for our brothers and sisters for the better of all.

Now getting back to the Sunbathing Photos

the frog in the potAs far as these lovely “wish you were here photos “that were sent as a Christmas Present to all in the family. I looked at these pictures … differently. It was almost like they were rubbing dirt in all Canadians and front line workers faces that believe this Virus is a serious situation. But that’s just my thinking!

I hope I am wrong and the photos were sent as good wishes … but lousy timing. Eh

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