Secret Societies and World Domination

Unlike the well-known “Secret” Societies like the Temple Society, Freemason or The Knights Templar. Little is known about the Opus- Supremacía Society of World Domination.

Secret Society

The once “Secret” Society called “Opus- Supremacía” was first thought to originate around the year 980 AD.

As the story goes, the originator, a wealthy businessman and trader of refined commodities from around  their known world.  He becomes increasingly obsessed with more power and control. I want more, he thought!

Who are the Star People Arcturians

author with a coronavirus on maskIt wasn’t bad enough he was wealthy or was influential over many of his trading partners. He was consumed with this thought more was better, but how could I do such a thing he asked himself, how can I fulfill this void that’s driving me to madness.

A person caught walking down their streets mumbling to themselves would not be a good thing in those early days.

Any visible fascination he had was dangerous for the general public to see and would likely consider him losing his mind or, worse … witchcraft. Either or, it was not worthy for this well-to-do businessman to show his obsession with the more is better muttering.

Even his thoughts had to be kept secret and only revealed to himself.

What was driving this man?

It was consuming him so much that it kept him up at night. His every waking moment was filed with the, how question? How do I get MORE?

It was almost like his destiny was calling to him to do something more significant.

One sleepless night he had a vision that an angel visited him. The entity told him to start a group that would have long-term implications; you will not see your toil’s end result. They said years down the road, way over that horizon and over the next one till the next, will be a day of change.

But knowing you could be part of a bigger movement of change that would last thousands of years, would that fulfill the bodily anguish that torments you inside.

They asked him, is this is what you were yearning for?

Could this be his calling? He didn’t know what it meant. How would he know the population of mother earth would turn from only a few thousand that he was used in his known world to Billions of people on this whole planet today.

In his dream state he was given explicit instruction. If followed, he was told the movement will never be abandoned. We will guide all your devotees as we will advise you. We will be beside your followers until that day arrives.

“The Day Of Changes That Will Come”

How could he even fathom the implications of this underground movement he was about to start. Organized properly would  have major world changes through the years to come. Part of the plan was to recruit as many influential people, statesmen into his associated fold .

His Secret Societies of “Opus- Supremacía”?

Wikipedia Meaning of Global Domination (LINK)

Just having that tormented feeling gone was reason enough for him to make this pact with the (angels or, in-today thinking we may entertain that they were entity from beyond our planet, ET)

So this is how a Secret Society Starts.

So this is how the Secret Societies of the “Opus- Supremacía” movement started, which still has implications today. The book of “We the Arcturians” state, they have been helping humanity since the beginning of time. Were they the ones coming to him in his dreams?

Around the globe conspiracies of Covid -19 of 2020 are running ramp-ed, rumors say that it’s World Government Manipulation?

Through their years of observation Arcturians believe that humankind does not work as one unit, and that’s… our problem.

Can you see behind the scenes that these “Secret” Societies at work for world dominance? What better times than these trouble times today with so much civil unrest amongst the people of the world.

Could 2020 be the time of change?

Extra Note

This Opus- Supremacía is a Fictional Group.

Could this fictional group, this Secret Societies I named “Opus- Supremacía,” been the start of world dominant power. Not really, because I made this fictional group up, but I didn’t make up, Temple Society, Freemasonry or the Templars

Could Societies like this have that very thought since the beginning of time? Will the Earth need major changing in the future to come?

The misuse by mankind resources, global warming and climate change is a good enough reason for change.

Could a one-world government be in humankind’s best interest? Maybe!

Scary thought, eh!

This is only fiction, the group Opus- Supremacía is fictional, but mankind does get too consumed with CONSPIRACIES AND RUMORS. And this is one could be another.  Maybe!

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