Haunted Railroad Date Nails

You just never know what you will find at Automotive Swap Meets and Car Shows. The number one rule for a vendor is, only bring automotive-related items. That makes sense, but sometimes they sneak in other interesting things for sale.

The story starts Here

Take for example what I picked up at this vendor’s table. It was the interesting history that went along with my picked-up treasure.

On this one occasion, I met a vendor with a wooden box filled with well, I don’t know what they were. The vendor spotted me looking at these odd nails and came over and said, “do you know what they are?” .. Nope. But they do look like they’re associated with Rail Roads.

“I once found a pill bottle at an automobile swap meet filled with $250.  worth of gold dust, tucked in among some old tools.”

daves-post-time photoHe told me the story of when the Great Western Rail Company pulled up all the ties behind his house. He had his son remove all these Date Nails (he called them) from discarded railroad ties. I did happen to notice all these odd nails had numbers imposed on the head and, it wasn’t like 1905, it was just 05.

He said that was the year that the railroad maintenance crew kept track of when that tie was installed or serviced on the line.

Well, that made total sense, so I bought the whole box with all these different dates on them, thinking they would be a good seller in my Antique Market Booth in the city.

Just so I know what I’m talking about, I thought I should do a little research on these nails. The vendor was right, the railroad company has been long gone from these parts but, he forgot to tell me where they came from…exactly. You know one computer link takes you to another, then another, but here is a story of the nails I didn’t expect.

Getting off “Track” a little with the date nails, but not really Eh!

Weblink tells of a story of this railroad engineer, working on a roof of a caboose …on a moving train no less. He forgot to duck with the underpass coming up and was swept off to his death.

But the story doesn’t end there.

haunted rail line photoThis other link tells the story of this same railroad worker and some of his shadowy dead buddies still walking the line today. In our part of the country, most abandoned RR lines are turned into walking trails. People walking along this trail have reported twinkling lights and abnormal things happening as they start running instead of a normally leisurely walk.

On this very location, is where the date nails came from “The vendor forgot to tell me that part, Eh!”

Now, I don’t know why ghosts appear or roam the earth at any particular place but maybe it has something to do with  this poor soul’s “unexpected demise” “Maybe!”

This article is about a fun afternoon at an automotive swap meet and “You never know what you will find” These Rail Road date nails with history is only one of the unusual things I personally find.

Anyway, this old Rail Road line is documented by the Paranormal Society as being haunted by abnormal activity.  Check out their U-tube video. These date nails are a piece of history and maybe a little on the spooky side to boot.

“Anyone want to buy some cheap date nails with a haunting good history?” I purchased them at a spring Ancestor Automotive Swap Meet, where you might find …anything.

(Note)… Old Date Nails, like most other unusual things, are collectibles. However, these collectors are in short supply unless you have a very crazy story behind those nails like, from the railway line of the famous (1900 “Dalton Gang” train robbery with Butch Cassidy) or haunted ones like this story, other than that, they are just unusual looking nails with a number imposed on them.

You might even find some gold at an Automotive Swap Meet & Car Show, put on by RoadRunners Car club. I found some Gold at a Swap Meet; go to this link to read the story!

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