Proper Etiquette of Flying a Nation Flag Part two

multinational flagsDid you know there was a Proper Etiquette of Flying a National Flag? Flying any flag from home has been an embarrassing overlook problem with many people and it should also be noted there is proper Etiquette involved. Now if you’re the serious type and you want to go the extra mile, holding and folding a National flag is another overlooked thought.

Did you ever notice Canada’s Maple Leaf flying peacefully in the wind? How many people spot and comment on all the different flags that you see? From your hometown coat of arms to the Toronto Maple Leaf’s mascot flag, you had to have noticed it at least once.

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Driving down the highway on a beautiful Canada Day afternoon, I look over to the right and see a patriotic Canadian flying his flag proudly on his front porch. And then further down, I see a flag being flown with rips and tears and half wore out, flopping in the wind. How many notice that?

 Seeing this just causes something inside of me to turn to the dark side, but, maybe, just maybe nobody thought there was proper etiquette to fly a national flag.

When I see a Canadian Maple Leaf proportionately waving in the wind, lightly flapping to say “Here I am,” at that moment you almost want to stand there and proudly salute your home country’s flag, well almost. But it’s a proud moment no-less.

I have to mention, there is no prouder group of people that show respect to their flag than the Americans. They are a flag-waving subsidy, and as a Canadian, well, we are just as proud but, we don’t seem to be the flag-waving type for some reason.

But just as proud of our country no less.

So now that I’m waving my Canadian Flag in one hand and writing this article with the other, the flip side of the coin is, you notice things that aren’t quite right.

You might not really know, but something is not right.

Somebody flying your countries flag upside down in defiance, dishonoring your flag, by burning would be another, or flying a shredded worn-out flag, shows no respect for what the flag represents.

These same people show no respect for their country by letting their national flags fly in such a manner.

Now through all reality, if you watch the Americans remove a flag from a pole, they do it with almost musical precision, they fold the flag in such a way it would take the average person-hours to learn how to do it.


Delicately with honor and that’s the way it should be, with the utmost respect.

WE, from all nations, should show respect to our national country flag.

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Ok, You can skip the Family Coat of Arms

So now you know … there is a proper Etiquette of flying or handling a national flag. There is also a pecking order I call it, for how you display and honor your flag. First, at the top is the Countries National Flag and then there is a proto-call list going down the pole.

Here is a website showing the dos and don’ts to displaying the flag properly.

But now, watching your national flag being overshadowed by “other flags” on the same pole, is starting to be noticed around the country.

For example, the “Black Lives Matter “movement of 2020, made people think and realize, there are things that are just wrong and need to be righted.

Having their Black Lives Matter flag flying beside the Maple Leaf I would think is wrong, but that is a matter of time.

We like to think Canada has tolerance, and multiculturalism is what we pride ourselves in, but I think we are falling a little shy.

The flag issue is an important issue that has been overlooked and over-shadowed by “other groups” and I have to wonder why?

Respect and protocol should be placed in the right order.

Take for example the rainbow colors beside our national flag and on the same pole. That should never have happened. It looks wrong.

The gay pride movement deserves all the recognition as do other diverse cultures in this country. I find the multicolored flag is in the wrong place.


Underneath the Maple Leaf should be the Indigenous 1st nation’s flag. If I get my history right, “They Were Here First” and should be recognized a little more in Canada.

But every time you see the Canadian flag, up comes the multi-colored with all the sanctions of federal or provincial governments. WHY?

I have to wonder, that a prestigious spot only held for dignitaries, provinces, statesmen, but why the gay rights movement?  Why?

Even our prime minister let the Gay Pride Movement desecrate Canada’s proud flag to their liking, and that should not be acceptable.

I know Gay Pride members have a lot of voting power, and they bring in lots of revenue but, that can’t be the reason they get presidential treatment from all levels of governments, is it? Eh!

Even though the flag flying at city halls falls under the jurisdiction of that city, there still must be rules on flying a flag. A Swastika would not be permitted; Skull and Crossbones (my family colors) would not be acceptable.

There have to be rules to be followed and one should be by removing the Symbolic Gay Pride Flag from our poles and properly put up flags representing our “Indigenous People” That part is long overdue or maybe a Multicultural flag, that Canada  prides itself on, “And in that order”

Some things are just wrong and should be righted.

Stay tuned and watch for “Gay Pride Master Card” coming to a store near you.

City Mayor in Canada says,

One of the reasons I stopped issuing proclamations as mayor, probably about 15 years ago, was because I was approached by a good group, a European heritage front, turns out it was a racist group. So at that point, on legal advice, I stopped issuing proclamations, because if you issue one, “you must issue them all.”

Dear School Board Trustees from a parent,

I was alarmed to learn that Ontario’s Greater County District School Board voted to force all its public elementary schools to fly the gay pride flag  #gayprideflag for a minimum of one week, every June.


  • “The flag is not a symbol of someone’s protest, it’s a sign of patriotism and a symbol of our wonderful country.”

Another article on not paying tribute to our flag

Distress Or Dishonor. ANGERS RESIDENTS in the town of %$#^&^&&   There is a proper place for everything, “fly your flag with Dignity an Pride”   You can salute if you like.

There Is Proper Etiquette of Flying Canada’s  Nation Flag.

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