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Professionally paid Trolls are amongst us and they are disguised as ordinary legal law-abiding “protesters.” After they do what they’re good at, they slip out of a crowd unnoticed. But in my estimation, they are just paid, shit disturbers, bought and paid for by ????

What is a demonstrator?

A demonstrator is a person who legally marches or protests with a group of people to show that they disagree with or support something or someone. They make a public statement or gesture of objection.

What is a Troll?

Trolls are paid persons that deliberately cause chaos, riots, and unrest where there is none. They excite the population, create a division, or a diversion of some sort. You can also find Trolls on social media publishing untruths, rumours, and lies. Trolls could also be described in a mild sense of the word a person to engage interest. You can find them at political demonstrations holding up readymade, professionally printed signs. Trolls, in my estimation, are paid, professional Shit Disturbers with Intent!

This Example Was Made Public in British Columbia, Canada!

And it goes like this:  A few local actors were signed up to do a job by an agency. The job description was simple, hold up a sign, do a little yelling and screaming, and you’ll get paid for doing so. After a while, one actor noticed that they’d been duped into thinking it was a real job, and their real intent was to shake up the surroundings of the peaceful demonstrators. They went public with the story, and here I’m writing about it.

 Trolls Disguised as Law Biding citizens are professional Paid Shit disturbers with Intent!

In 2020 and 2021, the web, social media, even news outlets were swamped with misinformation by Trolls. They were spreading discontent information on the government and health department’s handling of the covid-19 pandemic. Most of what you read could be classified as miss information.

After heavy negotiations with Canada over the Nafta Deal a few years back. (North American Free Trade Agreement”) President Donald Trump quoted as saying, “I’ll bankrupt Canada after all this is said and done.” He was pissed! Those days hopefully have come and gone, have they?

Is Trump still holding a grudge against Canada and behind the scenes stirring the pot with these paid Trolls?

How would a person, even the president of the United States, pull off such a thing? But when a person thinks in terms of “bankrupt,” you automatically think about money.

Well, yes, that’s probably true, but are there other meanings to bankruptcy?

We all have dirty little secrets hidden someplace. A person could dig up the past to help conquer and demean a person or country’s credibility. I say yes!

Another Example

Today the demeaning news of Residential Schools in Canada comes to mind. Are there paid trolls deliberately stirring up the past for a specific plan?

That’s the thing about the information on the news and outlets;  nobody really knows where the data is coming from!

There is a saying; If There Isn’t a Rumor By Ten O’clock In The Morning, “Start One.”

Is that what happens here? Are paid trolls deliberately starting rumours, stirring up Canada’s past to make some person look good, and a government looks bad, perhaps? That’s what Trolls do, paid shit disturbing.

Are the Trolls intent to stir up unrest amongst the population, a division, or a diversion of sorts for the purpose of anarchy?

 Trolls Disguised as Law Biding citizens are professional Paid shit disturbers.

The residential school dilemma that comes to light is an unfortunate part of Canada’s past. That part will haunt Canada forever and a day. So I’m certainly not downplaying the severity of the claim, but this is not about the residential school—it’s the implications of half-truths, rumours, or maybe real stories that are circulating.

My sole purpose for this article is not the residential schools or Indigenous Peoples.  So, I have to ask, WHY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS? Why is this story now coming to life?

Canada has always had issues with the Indigenous Peoples on property claims. To some people and most of the native community, it looks like Canada’s dragging their feet, but to others, they might think somewhat differently.

Is this a distraction brought on by paid Trolls paid for by?

The residential schools in question have been closed for many years. Why does it come to light now by the Chiefs of the reserves that knew unmarked graves were there all this time?

Canada had about 150 residential schools back then, and an estimated 150,000 Indigenous children passed through the schools between their opening, around 1883, and their closing in 1996.

And as we speak, the doors are now opened to the 150 more residential schools under scrutiny in Canada. Someone is doing their due diligence in finding more atrocities done by Canada many years ago.

Today, this is a touchy subject, and I’m treading lightly. But it has not been established what they have died from or who they are. Chief Rosanne Casimir proclaimed he found evidence of the buried but will not divulge any more information.

He will not say who is paying for this high-tech sonar equipment and why now? These questions should be asked before any smear campaign against the Catholic Church or the Canadian government and its people and it has a distinct smell.

protesters with a green trolls


Having an unmarked gravesite in any community is not an unusual thing to have back 100 years ago. There has been talked amongst archeologists and historians of two unmarked cemeteries under an expressway in the city we live in.

For the people to have an uprising for half-truths and miss-information from an unknown source stinks. The whole story of residential schools should come out before it causes more harm than good.

So I’ll go back to “Are there paid trolls deliberately stirring up the past for a specific agenda?” I would think YES.

This post is not about Canada’s dark past, but it’s about people digging up dirt on someone else with the intent to create trouble.

The Troll term describes “Professional paid Shit Disturbers. with intent! Deliberately causing chaos, riots, unrest where there is none.

Excite the population, a division, or just a “DIVERSION.”

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