Nothing Sexy About A Truck Mechanic

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It’s a dirty thankless but necessary trade, environment and, sexy does not come to mind as in this photo.

But having said that, if you look at any car, show and shine posters, they do portray that sexy appeal of being dirty. Looking at hot rod advertisements, magazines, you’d automatically think an auto mechanic of sorts is also sexy trade to be in.

Do Mechanics Today Have That Sexy Appeal?  maybe, “But More Than Likely A Big NOT.”

Many years ago, most high schools had a separate area called shop with car repair departments, carpenters and a bit on household plumbing! If you weren’t good in a sewing class, baking or office-type profession, maybe you could get into a hands-on trade-over-the-smarts.

And that area had my name written all over it.

The general automotive atmosphere back then was repairing cars, fixing something, anything. The top ten most-played songs on all radios were car-related, and girls loved the music and the hotrods.

Radio disk jockeys like the famous Wolf-Man-Jack and Halloween Martin made music sexy and interesting to listen to. Mushy songs of girls meeting sexy mechanics. “Well, that part is not totally correct.”

And that was my place of calling. An upcoming famous car mechanic, “that’s the ticket,” but that was way back then! Today, there’s nothing in our trade that indicates a truck mechanic as being sexy!

 Well, that’s not true either so read on!

I have hands that are the size of a pitcher’s gloves. I have scars over scars that look like I’ve just been through three tours in Vietnam. My left ear is held together by 50 stitches and the list of bionic limbs goes on.

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But today, the environment has changed slightly. Today, you have to be more talented than before.

A mechanic back then was just considered a necessary trade. One believed it was one step up from being a blacksmith. Back then we were regarded as a high school dropout and maybe for some, we got that handle honestly. We did fix things and we made things work. And yes, back then, most of us were hands-on-type people.

During our 5-year apprenticeship program, it was mandatory to take three sections of a college course. The trade schools did not glamorize the part of being a dirty mechanic. These tach schools accommodated many different hands-on trades and nowhere did I read it had a sexy tone to it.

sexy car photo from Pinterest Images

Sexy Hot Rod Photo From Pinterest Images

A Fun Observation From Our Automotive Instructor!

The apprentice industrial plumbers were one classroom over from the automotive tech department, which for some reason must have upset our classroom teacher.

I remember the instructor angrily commenting one day that mechanics had to learn so much compared to other trades.  He was caught commenting about the class next door, “all a plumber has to know is” “shit goes downhill”

Well, we all had to agree with his assumption, and they made twice-as-much money back then. So, sexy may not be correct, and a plumber’s trade for sure not.

Plumbers did make more money back then!

Today with this high-tech automobile environment, you have to be a part computer scientist, electrician, and a hands-on mechanic all wrapped up in one. Today’s atmosphere for the auto mechanic has changed; there is nothing sexy about our trade any longer if there ever were.

But unlike the myth of years ago, there’s undoubtedly no blacksmith-oriented work done with the new wave of “Mechanical Technicians.” And we should get this part out of the way. “Today Automotive Techs Are Certainly Not High School Dropouts.”

Here is an Interesting thought; If you ever decided to go into this trade, you will never be out of work. Automotive or Transportation Technicians are wanted and needed everywhere on this planet. I’m retired and I get 10 job offers a week. Just Saying!

Did I mention that more ladies are joining the once dominated club of mechanics and they, well, they “Make the trade look sexy!”

Interesting thought, if you ever decided to go into the automotive sector/trade, you will never be out of work. Automotive Technicians are wanted and needed everywhere on this planet. I’m retired and I get 10 job offers a week. Just Saying!

Hope you enjoyed my take on Sexy Truck Mechanics…”NOT”

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