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Open to all creative like-minded people that enjoy writing.
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Comments from This Writer;
I am a truck mechanic by trade turned blogger then story writer for Vocal Media. I, too participate in all challenges offered to the plus members. You never can tell who that $5000 dollar prize money will go to.
My motto is simple “Nothing Ventured — Nothing Gained.” If I can do it, so can you!
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Examples Of Stories.

• Short Stories
• Memoirs Of Your Childhood Adventures
• Your Holidays
• Your Quirky Family Members
• Fun At The Beach
• Do You Believe
• Extra Terrestrials
• Space
• Truth or fiction
• Conspiracies.
• Poems
• Wheels
• Cars Trucks
• Science
• Fashion

In your wildest dreams or horrible nightmares, you can write about anywhere your imagination will take you.
Good Writing and Good Grammar are the only qualities to make you succeed.
A professional blogger wrote in one of his articles, Everyone Has A Story,
“What’s Yours?”
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