Made in Canada Avro Arrow vs Trial & Error

Avro Arrow over -Niagara-Falls-

Avro Arrow over Niagara Falls going to Buffalo

This article has all to do with the demise of Canada’s Avro Arrow and yet, it has nothing to do with it. Proudly “Made In Canada” that’s the real STORY.

The old saying is, learn from your mistakes, a trial and error thingy. Now of course I’m referring to the demise of Canada’s Avro Arrow Interceptor. But there have been many Canadian Company casualties throughout the years. That first sentence, in short, means, if you don’t try you will never succeed.

Trial & Error Makes Perfect in my books.

author with a coronavirus on maskAt the time if the Avro needed tweaking, then we should have made adjustments and did the Trial & Error thing.  Canada’s pride and achievements, Canada’s ultimate aerospace future depended on it. It could have worked.

I asked a silly question on

The Question Was

After the demise of the Avro Arrow, there was rumbling that Canada signed an agreement with the US to never, ever, build a Jet fighter again. A competition Thing? Is this story true or false?

  • “ by the way is a question and answer website” Ask any question and get an answer from hopefully, qualified people.

Most that did answer said, “Let it Go!!!!”

Well, I can’t and the topic only seems to pick up speed as time goes on. Canada’s future aeronautical industry could have hinged on the development of the Arrow, good, bad, or ugly.

All the stories behind Canada’s Avro Arrow Interceptor of the 60s are interesting reads with a lot of pros and cons comments like, “let it go” one said or the best one…. “It was never that good anyway”

Well, that comment doesn’t work either!

Doing my research the only people that say such idiotic things are people from outside of Canada’s borders and with very little knowledge of Canada’s early achievement.

The renewed interest in the Avro Arrow shows that the Canadian public is aware that Canada’s technology today would have equaled any other nation.

  • Reading a morning news article there was a story about a 96-year young aeronautical engineering that worked at the Avro Arrow plant in Malton Ont. He remembers what happened like it was yesterday. He also believed then and now that it was stolen from us. Read his whole interesting story here at this link.

Avro story anything but straight as an arrow

But as an ordinary Canadian it’s hard to find information that has not been scrutinized by outsiders or within our own government to justify the end result of the Avro Arrow.

I’m a bit of a die-hard, I believe most people are missing the point with the canceling of Canada’s only jet fighter airplane, whether it would be obsolete today or not.

It is a “Made in Canada” story

Yes, it’s old news.  The glory days where Canada was noticed on the world stage, and yes, maybe we should let it go and let the Avro die a natural death.

But the Avro Arrow is only part of Canada’s lost history.

The plane was no longer strategically needed, but the high stakes technology from any research could only achieve greater and better things as time continued on.

The pride of all Canadians was at stake.

If the program would have stayed on the drawing board, instead of dismantling and dissecting it like you were doing an autopsy on a fly. Some were flyable, workable planes; all of its parts were removed and they went straight to a smelting plant under the watchful eyes of security.

Make sure you don’t miss anything boys.

After completely melting the planes down like they never existed and then shredding any and all related documents of the Avro Arrow project, some might say, let it go eh! But it stinks how history has portrayed Canada’s Avro Arrow achievement.

To the people of Canada, the story and reason had a bad smell to it back then, and as time goes by, with fresh up-to-date thinkers, it really stinks today.

But that’s the point of this article. It’s not whether the Avro Arrow was obsolete in its day but the learning and experiments, the Canadian pride that could have come from that “obsolete” aircraft. Made in Canada by Canadian’s. That has a nice ring to it.

 Canadian National Anthem

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Canada’s Prime Minister said, “get rid of it … all of it!”

At that point, Canada lost its identity, its purpose on the world stage, and in my estimation, we never recovered.

We are a dependent nation and always will be until the government mentality changes.

Everything was destroyed, never to build another military aircraft for our use again on Canadian soil.

So, I ask this question again. After the demise of the Avro Arrow did Canada sign an agreement with the US to never ever build a Jet Fighter again? I say, “The proof is in the Pudding” Because Canada has never built a Jet Fighter again. So, is this story true or false?

I’ll bet the answers will be the same, let it lie … but it still stinks.

The Avro Arrow was another casualty of political maneuvering and, it seems to me, it was worth more dead to our allies than a workable product.

Trial & Error makes perfect and, Made in Canada with pride by Canadians, for Canadian’s … has a nice ring to it.

I’m not sure about this statement, but I would bet the technology, engineering, and development of most things done in Canada today are foreign-owned, which means, all the trials and errors, the final product is sent out of our country. And, it would not be labeled “Made in Canada”

A Foreign CEO would say that the development of “OUR” product on Canadian soil means, “It employs Canadians.”

Sorry, That’s Not Good Enough. EH!

Extra Note on “Made in Canada”

Canada owned a major Pharmaceutical Company that always served Canadian interests and was sold off to an off-shore company. Canada was the first to order and pay for the Covid-19 vaccine and Canada, still had to stand in a pecking order to get Coronavirus vaccine to immunize Canadian citizens. It’s the Avro Arrow scenario all over again … just 60 years later. That same government mentality will never change.

But this article is only my opinion.

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