Legionary land of Atlantis

World Map of Atlantis

Was the Legionary land of Atlantis real, you ask? Well, it has not been a proven fact. However, according to my research, some believe the continent and its people existed around 90,000 years ago and the continent was a big part of the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, there are other skeptics that think it was situated more around the Mediterranean Sea.

Is the whole story a myth? Well again, people are making money on writing books, publications, fiction, and some even go as far as to say it is non-fiction, which means they believe it’s true.

But, without down and out proof, it is pure speculation, which brings us back to … fiction.

author with a coronavirus on maskNever the less it’s fun and exciting reading no matter where the stories come from.

To believe giants were living among us, people or entities with superpowers and abilities, just thinking that it was possible thousands of years back can be an exciting thought.

But you have to ask yourself, then what happened?

If the story was true and after all those years gone by, we should be far more advanced than we are today. So?

The land of Atlantis

Here is the off the beaten track thinking, and it goes something like this:

The original Atlantians were from another planetary system far more advanced than our own. Some had the honor to live amongst the people of the newly created mother earth.  As they were the most knowledgeable entities, as shown in Greek Mythology writings and drawings, it was documented that there were giants roaming the earth.

Could that have been them?

The first entities of Atlantis were highly developed in technological advancement, mentality and morality. They were in tune with the creator. They came from a planet far more advanced than the earth, and that’s why they were chosen to help seed the third rock from the sun. Bring love and respect to all, show these heathens the way to the mighty creator and the light.

They had power over the simple civilization that dwelled on earth. They moved and built on thought and a whim. The simple people of our planet thought and treated them like gods sent from the heavens.

(Which they were in reality.)

And why would they not think of these super-intelligent people, just because they could move mountains with a thought, as Gods?

The plan was to spread their beliefs and knowledge to the rest of the known world. They traded with different civilizations around the globe, taught them superior farming, and educated the simple.

After many years of mingling with the earthly population, they had off-spring. And they had off-spring. As the years went by, the original “planetary visitors” were now gone, and their offspring are now showing the people the way.

So you have to ask yourself, what went wrong? They had it all!

Well, most of that is right, so what did happen?

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Some say the creator of all things that originally sent them to earth, was displeased by the way they were or maybe heading. They became too earthbound and lost their spiritual practices. Instead of worshipping the creator, they turned to Idols and other entities other than their father.

It was decided to cleanse the earth. But some scientist believes the continental drift shifted creating landmasses to move.  That caused major tidal waves around the globe. Some areas moved up and some continents fell beneath the sea. All know the existence of the continent of Atlantis was gone forever.

Was the creator doing some house cleaning of all the wicket and non-believers of this world? He gave Noah 100 years’ notice. Did he give notice to the Atlantis population that the end was near?

Could that have happened around the same time as the great flood and Noah’s Ark? The time period says it’s possible.


Some say yes, and those who believed, sailed to the four corners of the earth from the inevitable disaster.

It was believed long after Atlantis was gone, what went wrong with this perfect society. Some of the higher beings, the wise men, or some believe the elders, thought it had something to do with the atmosphere on earth, the gravitational pull or, a few thousand years of the original beings being treated like gods, and the descendants of the original people just,  lost their way.

With their wicked ways, they fell out of favour with the creator.

What happened next is pure speculation. Again, did the God almighty, the creator of the universe, cause catastrophic events to happen, wiping out Atlantis’s existence and the evil people that dwelled there? They just lost their purpose! Maybe!

Some may say there was a war of Good vs Evil. In the end, the planet was wiped clean, and Atlantis and its people were never to be seen again.

They were erased from history after 20,000 years of existence.


“Was there ever a Continent of Atlantis?” I would like to think there was because I see many similarities between today’s events and in a person’s thinking, Greed, Wealth and Power are still relevant and noticeable today. Technology exceeds man’s ability to comprehend good from bad.