Kids book Of Choices or Adults

person making choicesChoosing an educational book for young people in your family is not an easy task. But the one I highly recommend is “The Book Of Choices”.

I encouraged my kids to read these stories, and I also, at the same time, challenged them to get to the finish line unscathed. The book’s theme was making choices. I don’t remember the storylines or how long they were, but I remember that you had to choose after each chapter.

I thought it was like a real-life exercise in a book form, and down the road and in their lifetime, they too would have to make choices / choose. Some good, bad or ugly choices!

The book went like this:

You open up the storybook, and the story continued for a few pages, and then it stopped, and asked you, the reader, to choose to continue reading. If you choose right, go to page 3 and if you turn left, go to page 5. That’s how the book went all the way through to the end.

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If you didn’t choose as well as you should have, the twist is that the story ends soon after starting. Theoretically, you didn’t choose wisely. But how do you know what to choose? That is the whole exercise of this book, picking and seeing the result of the decisions you made.

Turning right, brought you a better outcome in the book than turning left. Choices you made. Eh! And sometimes you have to left instead of right, just like in real life.

If you choose wisely, it turned out to be a good long story. If not, it turned out to be a short story; you get the idea.

We all have to make them; there is not a day that doesn’t go by without choosing and making some decision.

What am I going to make for supper? Ah, Decisions, Decisions.

Some decisions are life-changing; other choices you make could be classified as a speed bump in the road of a life’s learning process.

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Get over it, learn by it, and move on.

I believe the whole exercise in these books is a learning curve for young people, and they should learn this lesson earlier than later.

And, it wouldn’t hurt for some adults to have a refresher course also. Eh!

Bit of Inspiration. 

Not sure if these books are still in print. If not, “They Should Be!”

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