Job Hunting, Help Wanted No Experience.

My name is Jon` and this will be another fun day job hunting! I’m trying to stay positive but nobody wants to hire a person with no experience.

As I opened up the want-ad section in the local newspaper! “Wanted … Experience Person, go back to school, and we will hire you on the spot” another … do not reply unless you have this qualification, and another and then … another.

How can a guy get experience if nobody hires me?

authors photoWell, as I’m looking down the list, an ad caught my eye, “Help Wanted” no experience needed. Phone this number “7532734357” if interested!

That’s an odd number I’m saying to myself, almost sounds like some telemarketer’s phone number by way of the East Orient. Or, a direct phone number to the Twilight Zone as I snickered to myself.

But no experience, well that’s me, got my name written all over that one. And, it’s only a phone call away; what could they possibly say that would affect my life any worse at this point?

Did you know 7532734357 numbers in real letters mean PleaseHelp, “Isn’t that interesting? Eh”

I punched the number up on my Blackberry cellphone, and this pleasant, enchanting voice comes on the other end. As I inquired about the job offer, the person says right up front; we only expect people with a kind heart and only a desire to help. Can you do that? Do you have these qualifications? Because if you do, you have the job!

I’ve never had a job interview quite like this before; it was such a compounding, interesting and simple request. But even then, I had to think fast and long and hard. This job sounds like it has widespread and UNKNOWN implications.

I like helping people when I can, but I’ve never had money to help; the advice I seem to come by it naturally.

I asked this friendly voice, what are the expectations of me?

I say to the person on the other end, I’m always there to help anyone when needed, but I was never in a position to help anybody monetarily. She quickly answers that money has no value in this job, its kindness and willingness to listen and help as much as necessary.

“Can you do that she asked me again?

She says that sometimes all you have to do is, say the right thing at the right time, to the right person. That could change everything.

Can you do this?

You will, if you accept this honorary position, have a home base that you will work out of, that we will simply call “Home” There, you will pick up an assignment and go and assist a direr situation out by whatever means at your disposal.

All your accommodation will be arranged beforehand; you will not have to worry about any materialistic items other than you at the right place and the right time for your chosen assignment.

BUT, there is only one major RULE you must not break! “Do not interfere with their choices” you cannot interfere with man’s choices … ever. It is theirs to make and only theirs; you are only there to assist, help when you can.

YOU CAN’T INTERFERE” is the cosmic rule of the universe that we all have to abide by.

When arriving and settling in at the “Home” then, you will have to pick your assignment.  You will also notice when you leave the building a fine thin colorful line coming off your body and it’s going back to the “home” resident.

As you travel, this imaginary line will also travel with you.

The reason is twofold when you finished your assignment and did all you can do that your obligation requires, just think of home, and there you will find yourself in that comfortable chair at the “Home” base.

We call it an umbilical cord to life itself, and it also has a secondary purpose. If you feel this assignment, this honorable position to help people, is not what you expected, then all you have to do is cut the cord, and we will be finished, no more assignments, no more ties, and in the end;

We only wish you well being in your life journey.

Her answer was simple enough.

After giving it some thought, her answer was simple enough, almost too simple. After filling out forms, being turned down at least a thousand times on job applications, I end up getting hired over the phone. What are the chances of that ever happening!

I’m doing some fast pondering how I, or could I do what is expected of me. On the other end of this phone, the unknown person assured me I could, and, she doesn’t even know me.

As I give this a moment, I said … “I could do this!”

The friendly-sounding voice is now sure I’m the right person for the job and then gave me an address to go to. The address is given just happens to be on the other side of town and not far from where I’m standing. This is where you’ll do your magic, she said, and then, dead air on the receiver.

I had no trouble finding the address, but I should have. Turn right, turn left, down a quiet but totally out of the way area.

Taxi driver waiting for fare

As I walk up the laneway towards the specified address, the front door opens with a loud creaking sound; this older lady appears in the doorway with open arms, “We’ve been expecting you!” She says.

As I entered the house, the door lady says, look around, and make yourself at home. My home … is your home, and then she walks away and disappears into another room.

The old house was just that, old-looking, uneven floors, wainscoting trim halfway up the wall that just dated the place, something out of the early turn of the century… But it was clean, tidy, and it had that comfortable, welcoming feel.

As I walk through the one doorway that somewhat looked like a rec room or living area of sorts, I notice this young lady sitting there by herself. At first glance, she looked Indigenous, native Indian; she had this tired aura look that’s surrounding her.

Hell, I don’t even know what I’m saying, AURA!

As she looked up at me with those tired brown eyes, she commented, “you’re new here,” and then she proceeded to introduce herself as Sally.

We exchanged niceties, and then she continued to tell me that she just came back from a very troubled, troubled community up in the North Part of the Country. She mentioned that her appointment never worked out as well as it should have, and now she is back home to regain her strength, bring back her energy level, and maybe retry the assignment.

That’s too bad, I say to her as I’m trying to fathom what her objective is or was, but in reality, I had no idea what she’s talking about.

After doing a fast scan of her physically and the room was standing in, she was right; she did look tired a little under the weather.

But as I’m still getting familiar with my surroundings, she continued talking about the adventurous assignment that didn’t go well, almost like she trying to talk me out of this newfound job that I desperately need.

Was this a test on how I would react? Was somebody checking me out how I would contemplate in a small way towards her problems, that in the end, a problem I could face, maybe?

To me, Sally genuinely looked like she needed a friend to talk to, and I believe this is what I signed up for … I think?

But she really needed someone to listen and I was the only one there and test or not; I’m not going anywhere!

Sally proceeded to tell me that her assignment looked ordinary enough. Go to this Indigenous community in the far north. There you will find a society, a community that’s troubled spiritually and mentally.

The plan was to make my presents known, have an open heart and mind, and just listen. They of coerce at first glanced welcomed me with open arms as they knew and were already expected me. I was a fresh new face, with new ideas a different perspective on their way of thinking.

Maybe it was just a new face that they welcomed!

Help the young people growing up that, just don’t understand the ways. These young people are torn between two different worlds and cultures. The ways of their people and what their “future” holds for the people.

Your mission is to show them hope and that things will get better, try and pull them out of the dark pit they were in.

They like listening to Sally; they just need a positive person to talk with, vent their problems, the place they were in mentally. They notice that Sally was a helper, a guide to bring people from a dark home and bring them into the light per-se.

Just take them out of where they were stuck mentally.

Sally is in that spot. We are all only human, and should we watch out for everybody around us, we are “perfectly” flawed that way; our minds could bring us light as well as darkness.

And in a brief period of time.

That’s where Sally is today, and fate brought me here if nothing else for her.

But her story continued that the elders in the community have listened and tried their best with wisdom and ancient advice handed down to them, but today is a different world. Another place out there past our town boundaries!

As Sally talked endlessly, it was apparent that she was welcome by the community’s peers; however, the young generation was a little skeptical about her presents. All she intended to show them was love and respect and that there was a future for them beyond this community.

We all have a purpose in life, most people just haven’t found their place yet, but we have to believe it to be true.

And this is my purpose, to help others the best way your know-how.

Like most people around the globe, these young people cannot see the forest from the trees. We are not a suitable species to see in the future. The purpose for you and me, she says, is to show them hope with a positive, friendly, loving, and trusting voice.

Can you do that? Was that a question? (Almost as if she was the person on the other end of the phone)   Now, after listening and being engrossed in her story, she blind-sided me and dumped that question on me.

Sure I can do this!

It’s not as easy as it looks; many people worldwide are troubled and need not be. We are there to listen with an open mind and body. Do not be judgmental or critical. Only love and affection will work. And like now, it does not always work the way it was planned. But I tried my best and now I’m sitting drained of all my energy; I give it my all she said…but it just wasn’t enough as she Syed.

Sally And The New Guy are Off To The Troubled Community.

Sally is now fully energized and rested up with a little help from the new French guy called Jon`. They decide to partner up and go back to this troubled area where she once was. Show the new guy what’s expected of him. Maybe a fresh new face in the community will be beneficial all.

To be continued.

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