Supercomputer called the Beast PART 1

Part 1  … After asking this very question myself, “Is there a Supercomputer called the Beast.” A reader wrote in as a comment saying that he went to Brussels where it’s supposedly located. He said he has actually seen the building where the supercomputer is situated. Proof, by a person so intrigued with the story, he had to see it for himself. So, there you have it folks, evidence … “Well Kinda and, a big MAYBE”

computer called the beast

Super Computer called the Beast, Its sole purpose is to collect information?

Can we still assume that if this fella found the building, that in the 1970s they had computer technology to store everybody’s personal data, and, from “Around the World no less?” According to, the first primitive programmable computer was made in 1936.

Well Then! The computer thing is possible. Eh

author of with a coronavirus face maskThe story goes this way. In the 1970’s it was revealed a supercomputer called the “Beast,” stored everybody’s private information. Today supposedly your private information is stored with the bank you deal with it, the stockbroker you have your money tied up with has other information, the government has different information about you and stored in their ”vaults” and it goes on and on all different locations.

But what if … all your secret identity information, all your passwords were stored in one spot? … Total Fiction Right!

Now it looks like I’m changing gears, but not! There are some similarities of today events

The Covid-19 in 2020

Reading about past pandemics, one way the authorities figured out how to rid the disease is by wearing some kind of face mask of sorts There were no skeptics around to disillusion their fellow man, “Everybody could see people dropping over” “DEAD.” That was proof enough that it was a serious situation.

Something had to be done!

There were no conspiracy theories spreading real or misinformation throughout social media. At the height of the Bubonic Plaque of 1917, it was made law to wear face masks to prevent the spread of the disease. Sure there were skeptics that refused to wear them, but for different reasons than today. Some say then, it wasn’t in style, that’s as good a stupid reason as any.

Old photos from the archives show that face masks have been used throughout all known pandemics.

In 2020 instead of the people abiding by the mandatory face mask ruling, some are refusing to wear them on grounds that their rights are being violated, they should decide what is good, not the government telling them what’s good for them.

But I have to wonder if a person always and naturally distanced themselves from sick people with a cold and an ordinary flu bug, why is it so different today with COVID-19 flu? and, wearing a face mask (Being told what to do is the answer)

If this super-spy computer is true then we have one more thing to worry about other than the Coronavirus flu.

The Super Spy Computer story starts with a question, and then we can see some parallels of today’s conspiracy thinking,

Conspiracies warning sign

Do you believe all these conspiracies theories? Is the government trying to control you and your EVERY move? A person has to give that a little thought, given the present conditions and misconception of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and, let’s not forget, as we speak, we are “being forced to wear a face mask.” The skeptics of the Covid-19 virus believe it’s a hoax and not even real.

Some of these none believers may have even have read the book called “The Beast.” Indeed, after reading that it … that would start the conspiracy movement on its own.

Do you believe conspiracies theories that your freedom is slowly being taking away? They believe so.

The social media sites are filled with real and lots of false information, designer drugs that help the sick recover quicker and some designer viruses designed to kill old people,” One young person would say” the old guy had health problems already! and that’s excitable?  “WHY IS THAT, ACCEPTABLE to kill old people?”

Forced into wearing a mask, being told what to do, Covid-19 is a big hoax brought on by all world governments to regulate their societies or, “Maybe it’s population control.” or just direct control like the information in the book warns.

Remember a cardinal rule that everybody went by, “This is the basis of this whole article.”

RUMORS, if you haven’t heard a conspiracy rumor by 10 in the morning, then,    “START ONE.”

So there is no doubt corporations are taking full advantage of a bad situation. Governments are doing the same, building roads with no opposition, building border fences when nobody’s around to dispute the claim, pipelines laid in the ground with no resistance from environmental groups, and the list goes on.

For example, food chains are making mega dollars in their stores because more people are cooking at home rather than going to a restaurant. The price of food has skyrocketed, prices of hand sanitizers that were .95 cents before the COVID-19 is now $3.95. Price gouging at its finest. Could that be part of the upset and the conspires stories?

But that’s no reason to dispute the authorities that this deadly Covid-19 isn’t real, up to date 35 MILLION cases of the flu have been recorded.

There is no doubt; Coronavirus today will bring a different tomorrow. This pandemic, real or not, is changing many things that we see that were normal and things we don’t see.

But the best rumor I have read is more like a prediction or warning from the year 1975. Beware of the computer called “The Beast,”

Put the Covid-19 pandemic aside and think along what the heavy conspirators think. The entire world governments are taking your rights away and what a better time to do it, and orchestrated shutdown of all industry, people stay home, do not mingle and “wear a mask!” Eh! “

But I want to party, go for a beer, how dare them to shut restraints down!

Do you believe in conspiracy theories being spread on the web and social media?

It almost sounds like agree with the Covid-19 none believers … But maybe, I don’t!  Eh!

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