Is the GARDEN OF EDEN on planet Earth?

Garden Of Eden And Earth

Around the world Archaeologists and Christian Scientists have spent many years and lots of Denaro’s looking for the biblical land called the GARDEN OF EDEN. They’re looking on top of Mount Sinai, also called the Mountain of Moses Egypt or the Andes Mountains in South America and the Himalayas Mountains in India. They are endlessly looking at the highest points on the globe for that special place mentioned in the bible.

But what if they’re looking in the wrong place?

But what if … what if we stood way back, let’s say from a vantage point of … let’s say deep space and looked at our earth. Some might say this beautiful blue planet 3rd rock from the sun could remind me of, the Garden of Eden.

Could it be that simple,  “We’ve been standing on this paradise all the time”

daves-post-time photoNow, most people believe since they loosened up the Marijuana smoking rules in Canada I have been partaking more than I should. Maybe, just maybe that’s where this warped way of thinking is coming from in this article.

But not really. I only smoke Cuban Cigars and as far as I know, short of a lot of chemicals in those stogies, cannabis oils are not one.

But if a person entertained the idea that earth is portrayed by the rest of the galaxy as the GARDEN OF EDEN. And I’m going one step further, and, (this is a long shot,) if they were more advanced entities out there than us, would they let humans destroy this paradise that we are deliberately wrecking?

Again here is that warped way of thinking again from this pot smoken Canadian, but I would bet not.

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The cosmic rule is not to interfere with choices. We as humans should not interfere with any man’s destiny. We can and should assist in any and all ways possible to help our fellow man. But it is the universal rule “Do Not Interfere with Their Choices”

Entities outside our planet must believe and abide by the same cosmic rule. That’s why for all intents and purposes ET is reported being seen but that’s all.

The keepers of the universe will sit back and wait, without interfering with man’s choices. They will observe us from a distance until we near destroy ourselves and chances are, we will. Then they’ll step in and save …. The Planet FROM US….

Now, that’s a scary thought. eh!

Extra Note;

Does the universal body consider humans a destructive race, well if they don’t, we are? We care very little about our fellow man and it looks like we care less for the planet we live on. We remove; replace natural resources and deliberately pollute the very elements we need to sustain life ……. Just my thought from a Canadian eh!

So is the Garden Of Eden And Mother Earth the same?

Global Warming and Climate change are real.

By David Allan Wiles

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