Is the Air We Breathe Polluted?

As a truck and heavy equipment mechanic turned blogger, I have to approach this article from a mechanical point of view. There is some misconception with us humans, we believe there is a lot of water and air to pollute.

So, polluting our whole planet will never happen. Some might even say something really stupid like, “at least not in my lifetime.”

author with a coronavirus on maskHaving said that when we finally realize that something has changed in either of those categories, then it’s already too late.

This article is about the polluted air we breathe.

And its start this way:

Do you believe that the air you breathe is polluted? There are many things you can point your finger at that contributes to global warmings, like climate change. But I believe this area is the most overlooked and in my estimation, could be the biggest of all culprits concerning the air quality we breathe.

Climate change has the biggest negative footprint of all. And … it’s “never spoken about.”

Because everybody is brainwashed believing, bigger … is better!

So going back to the theme is the air we breathe polluted, and if so, why and what can we do about it? However, to cure any problem, you have to go to the root of the tree, as the saying goes. In a long list of culprits that affect our air, this I believe is number one.

And this is why!

This article is about our (surprise) shipping industry, BIG cargo ships, small ships, and their relationship to Climate Change. Could they be part of the polluted air we breathe equation?

Ocean-going ships burn a lot of fuel, but only in my way of thinking! They burn a lot of what you need to survive on this planet, and … spits it out in toxins.

So I think yes this is a much-overlooked problem, because, they are BUILDING BIGGER ONES with the same old engine technology.

waterkeeper for for a clean environment  ad

We all know the air we breathe is polluted to some extent, that’s no surprise. Some parties will put a figure on it like 9 out of ten people in the world breathe contaminated air.

Now, remember contaminated air is not only bad for your lungs and breathing, but that, in turn, becomes major health problems and diseases.

A person can breathe high levels of pollutants caused by your backyard barbeque or, from major industries, construction material, pesticides, gas and diesel engines, and coal-fired generators. Just about everything!

An estimated 7 million people die from exposure to fine particles floating in our atmosphere. But the research I have doesn’t mention over what period of time though.

 But you have to ask yourself, how bad is it really as you are coughing and gasping for clean air?

We all know the air we breathe is not as clean as it was ten years ago, that’s a no-brainer. Today, people are coming down with strange lung-related ailments.

New strains of viruses, strokes, heart attacks, lung cancer, obstructions, pulmonary diseases, and respiratory infections, including pneumonia and asthma. And let’s not forget … COVID-19 of 2020.

The Coronavirus could be a real contestant and somewhat related to the air quality and “the air we breathe” because it’s a lung-related problem.

The crap air you breathe is all due to many years of human abuse.

But I ask myself, governments and climate activist groups are quickly blaming the auto industry for poor air quality, but are they the sole contender? They say the auto industry is the worst culprit causing all our weather and air problems … but are they or are they the easiest to pick on and/or blame?

Well, there is a common denominator with the auto industry and the air we breathe story.

My point would be, the auto industry is only a small part. How about the overlooked ocean-going shipping industry?

Here is my Mechanical point of view.

As a Heavy Truck Mechanic by trade, I have rebuilt many engines in my life. They are all the same, big ones and small ones. They are all the same by nature! “Internal Combustion  Engine.” That’s what the industry calls it.

I’m Swaying From The Story A Little, But Not Really.

 2020 started with a nasty” happy new year” present for everybody, the covid-19 pandemic. And with the pandemic came the slowing down of the water transportation industry across the oceans. Whether it’s cargo ships, freighters, or luxury ocean liners, it all came to a near stop.

Areas have not been seen for many years.

Satellite images show land, where you couldn’t see the land before. Why?  Because of smog and poor dirty air. But with the shipping lanes virtually stopped,  there is a lot less air pollution.

After seeing these well-advertised images, you have to give the shipping industry another look for what they are. Some deep thought went into this article on our shipping traffic and how they are contributing to the environmental problem we’re facing.

As I believe that the enormous ships on our oceans are a significant contributor to climate change, I can’t find any documents accusing that industry of any wrong-doings.

All these mechanical steel islands on the oceans and their industry, websites boast the efficiency of these monsters and the large cargo they can carry at one time. “Even passenger cruise ships are getting more efficient” and getting BIGGER they say!

“They are a feat of engineering,” one said and if their information is correct, they plan on building BIGGER ships, with BIGGER ENGINES.

A program on the history channel was boasting about how big a new cargo ship engine will be, three stories high compared to that measly engine in your car.

I’m fascinated with big is better ”it’s a guy thing” but maybe not in the same sentence as Global Warming and Climate Change or the contaminated air your breathing.

A floating island engine burns a lot of fuel, and here is the PUNCH-LINE TO MY ARTICLE.

They BURN LOTS OF … OXYGEN/air. That same substance you need to breathe and stay healthy.

Could that power unit pushing their ships through the water be the culprit to global warming? Again I say a big YES.

Because now they’re using perfectly good air you and I breathe and turning it into contaminated air we “CANNOT BREATHE.”   And lots of it!

It’s not the ships, that floating island,  I’m picking on it’s the power unit pushing it through the water.

So what do you think? Is the air we breathe polluted?

Watch for my Three-Part Series on, “Why we might have left it too late.”