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It’s not easy to be a Taxi driver, but it can be a fun and rewarding trade, well in another sense. Take for example a true story of a famous Photographer, taxi Driver from New York City, US.

Ryan Weideman was an ordinary typical young guy, unsure of how he’d pay the rent. His cab driver neighbor took Ryan with him on an exciting night of “Seeing New York City” through the eyes of a taxi driver.

As the story goes, Ryan was instantly hooked and quickly started working the night-shift.

His niche was taking as many photos of the colourful night lights of New Your City as he could. The night crawlers come out every night, and these groups of interesting people seem to thrive way past 4 AM, “Noting that, they are a different breed of people, but I … like um.”

As per photos in his gallery, the nightlife was more than helpful in his passion for photography. They would happily pose for him for his pictures and dynamically tell their unique stories of their rough lifestyle or …, no lifestyle adventures.

His famous photos are exhibited and shown around the world.

With one eye on the road and a camera in his hand, every passenger became a story; every trip … was a wild ride.

This NYC Cabby driver Spend 30 Years Photographing city lights, his Passengers, and telling their stories.

Check here for a web link to his gallery.

But it’s not all fame a glory for taxi drivers. There are as many bad as there are good stories.

Take another example of a Taxi Driver in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; I refer to that area as Canadas’ “BlackBerry Country.”

But this retired “Waterloo Taxi Driver “Dave Ebbage story goes like this.

I’m an experienced cab driver of 20 years, but it never ceases to amaze me why I’m still doing this for a living and why I’m still alive.

Here is one of my stories

I’m getting ready to do my stint on another exciting night on a night shift.

In most cases, the nightlife for a taxi driver could be quiet and peaceful, but that’s only after the bars close, and everybody goes to bed.

But somehow, I just knew this night was going to be different.

My first call came in after a few moments of signing in. The order was to rush right down and pick up this guy at the bus terminal. After eyeballing everybody that resembled my fairs’ description,  and where he was among the people, trying to find me.

He got in the car with no niceties “very to the point.” He proceeded to tell me he wanted to go to Toronto at this specific address.

It’s not all fame and glory being a taxi driver.

I Like fairs like that, 3 hour round trip, and a quiet highway, “He didn’t want to talk much,” but that’s ok, … life is good.

On delivering this guy to his destination, he paid with a credit card that I swiped with my hand to the antique slide copier, only to find out later when I got back to the office, it was a stolen card that he gave me.

 I should have known … all the signs were there.

After being somewhat surprised by the events that just went down, I‘m now looking for my laptop, and somehow he managed to steal my laptop computer without me noticing… adding insult to injury.

I immediately phoned the police and told them what had happened. I must have done an excellent job describing this guy, for the cops knew exactly who I was talking about.

They were shocked he was even out of jail. The cop says “that no gooder makes his living,” ripping off taxi drivers.

This bandit just stole my laptop worth $600. 00, and  3 hours of lost and needed revenue plus burning at least $40.00 worth of gas going from here to there.

I never did get my computer back.

Needless to say, my night was a bust and the rest of the night … wasn’t much better.

Check back for more good or lousy Taxi Driver stories.

It’s not all fame and glory being a taxi driver like New York City, Ryan Weideman.

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